It is Time to be Uncomfortable With Your Life After Being Comfortable For so Many Years

I read somewhere about an experiment about a frog and boiling water.  If the frog jumped into hot boiling water he would automatically jump out.  If he is in the water and you slowly raise the temperature he would never notice and would be cooked alive.  He died because he got more comfortable as the temperature became warmer.  I think this  is the equivalent of living your life without taking chances.  When we are young we are told to get a job at a company until we retire.

When you first start working most of the time you don’t have many responsibilities. We have the ability to make changes without as much discomfort.  The older we get the more responsibilties we accumulate and it is more difficult to make major shift in our life, business and relationships.  You must become accustomed to feeling uncomfortable to make significant changes in your life. If you are comfortable in your life, then you are not trying anything different.   A place of uncertainty is normally when we are doing, learning or achieving something that we have never done previously.  What is your level of comfort?

If your level of comfort makes you smile and you are contented, then no change is necessary.  If you are on the other spectrum like me, then you must make a decision to be uncomfortable in striving to make your life better.  Just because you have had your job for many years does not mean that you have to stay there until you die. It is never too late to make changes that will make you happier.  The law of attraction works better when you are in a better frame of mind.  The universe move mountains to help you achieve your goals when you send positive vibration.  Make the decision to be uncomfortable and watch how your life will change for the better.  I am talking about being the best you that you can ever be.  The only time that we coast is downhill, going up the hill takes a little work.


P.S.:  You don’t have to make major changes in your path to being uncomfortable.  All you need to make is a 1 degree adjustment in your life, business and relationship not big changes.


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Why do We Only Hear What We Want To Hear When We Want to Hear It?

I was doing my daily reading of  “Ask and It Is Given Learning to Manifest Your Desires” by Esther and Jerry Hicks and I came across this quote  “you only hear what you are ready to hear.”  It got me to thinking about this statement in depth.  It reminds me that you might think you know what is best for someone.  How many people in your life dish out advice to you?  How much of that advice do you actually follow?  The truth is that only if it relates to you.

We only hear what we want when we are ready for it.  When you read a book in its entirety for the first time, you gain a certain perspective.  The amazing thing is if you put that book down and read it again six months later.  You will pickup different ideas and another perspective in the second reading.  The book had the same amount of pages and the version was not revised.  The book did not change, it was the reader of the book that changed.  You are the one that changed.

We change with every “book” we read and everyone that we interact with.  Books includes media, music we listen to,  video that we watch or any interactive.  When we take in these different forms of “books” into your psyche our personality is formed.  The key is that your personality changes on a daily basis.  You have no idea how a book will impact you at the time of reading a book.

You are not going accept or make changes in your life unless you are ready to do it.  You might have good intention family members who always tell you how to live your life.  These family members could talk until they are blue in the face. You would not make changes until you are ready.  The pressure to make decision about your life might be strong and overbearing.  We only hear what we what to hear when we want to hear it and accept it.  Change is good when it is based on what is better for you.



P.S . When you decide to make the changes necessary to improve your life or business.  The main thing is not to make big changes all at once.  We charge you that one degree adjustment is what it takes to be successful in your life and business.



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One Degree Adjustment is What it Takes to be Successful in Your Business

One degree adjustment is all it takes to be successful in your business.  When you are struggling in your business.  The best way to move your business in a positive direction is all about small changes.   Most of the races in a horse race is won be a nose. The winner gets about ten times the prize money of the second place horse.  The combination of the horse and jockey enjoyed the benefits of the small margin of victory.  This is synonymous   with making slight adjustments in your daily mode of operation in your business.

When you are doing a function in your business dont focus on the big picture.  If you send out ten mailing daily increase it to eleven daily mailing.  The one extra mailing might seem insignificant, but that works out to be 260 extra mailings.  If your open rate is ten percent, then you would have twenty-six more chances to make a sale.  The best way to turn everything in your favor is to change the way you do thing one step at a time.  Most people are paralyzed in fear when they make changes to every aspect of their business at the same time.

It is all about the action and adjusting accordingly.  When you make the move you will learn more about whether you are moving in the right direction or not.   If you are making the incorrect decision, then you make different choices. The beautiful thing about this time of year is that everyone are filled with New Year Resolutions.  The problem is that most resolutions only last about as long as a snowflake in the wind. Your long distance journey will never be completed until you make the first step.  You may put off the first step, but nothing happens until you do something.



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Gold Nugget #2: Neglected Mind Will Bring Forth No Seed from As A Man Thinketh

A neglected mind will bring forth no seed without a doubt. The saying goes that you reap what you sow. The biggest mistake you could make is thinking you are going to get something out of nothing. “A man’s mind may be likened to a garden which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild;” from “As a Man Thinketh“. When your lawn is full of weeds, the less weeds you pull the worse your lawn would look. You would never be able to keep your garden free of weeds and maintain a healthy soil that is conducive for a beautiful garden at that pace. It is extremely critical that you follow all the necessary guidelines to maintain your lawn.

Personal development is one of the best way to prepare your mind for whatever your goals or dreams that you are trying to achieve. It is who you become in the journey that matters. The lotto winner that wins millions , but is financially broke in a few short years. Who did that lotto winner become in picking the winning number?

The lotto winner goal every time he or she played they favorite lotto numbers was to win the lotto. The only requirement that necessary was to make sure that you had a ticket in each lottery drawing. If you missed a drawing you might have a little stress, but once the numbers were drawn the stress goes away. The only thing you would learn is to make sure you played your numbers in a timely manner. Once the person wins the lotto how did they changed in the journey. The answer is not much, so it is no surprise when the money is gone in a short time. When you are committed to accomplishing your goals and dreams, every setback is an opportunity for a learning experience.
The difference between when a lotto player misses a lotto drawing and when you make a misstep in your business is substantial. The lotto player learns nothing while you can learn, adjust and correct your journey in accomplishing your goals and dreams. The more your mind is cultivated in preparing for success the better. The lawn of an abandon home is not as well manicured as one that is getting proper water, fertilizer, mowing and weed control.

P.S.  Your personal development is key component in achieving your goals and dream if you couple it with a mastermind group the sky is the limit for your achievement.

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Offline Marketing:The Biggest Bandit Sign Fail of The Year

Offline marketing is one of the best way to grow your business.  Offline marketing is all about advertising your online business while you are living your life.  You might not think about it but going to a restaurant, pumping, going on a road trip etc.  is great opportunity to advertise your business.  Imagine taking a vacation and by the time you return home your vacation is wholly or partly paid for because of your offline marketing.  The goal of the bandit sign is to bring offline people that might not see your ad online and therefore giving you an opportunity to increase your sales.  The thing that sucks is when your offline goes awry.  My bandit sign mishap is the biggest fail of the year.  I was out living my life and I decided I would put out my sign.  A bandit sign is an ad that you may place on poles, side of the road, on trees etc.  There is a whole strategy in the inner working of the bandit sign. I was rushing to put up the sign and I put it up up sided down. Hello you can see that I have a nice red color lettering and a decent size canvas, but how is a passing motorist going to read my phone number.  The phone number normally leads to a recording that is designed to inform the caller about your opportunity.  Call my number to see what is on mine.  The lesson learned here is never put your sign up in a hurry unless you verify that it is right side up.  There are many cheap offline marketing tactics but bandit signs is not one of them.  it is very important that whether you use offline or online marketing that you get a return on your money.  Am I getting a good return on my money?So never, never, never put up your sign in rush without first making sure that it is correct. Click here to  learn how to use blogging generate free leads for your home internet business opportunity   P.S To learn more about the online business that I am promoting offline click here Blog Marketing is also a great wat

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Why Did I Move up to the Monopoly Level in D$Domination?

Why did I move up to the Monopoly level in D$Domination?  When I joined D$Domination in November of 2013,  I had no idea that it would grows so rapidly.  I started with the Pro level and I followed the program as directed in the training videos.  The program is simple cut, paste, list and ship.  I made me twenty dollars investment back within the first month easily.  Click on the link to learn more about D$Domination.  I kept listing as many products that I could daily. The more you list on Ebay the better chance you have to sell more items. I also kept calling Ebay to get my limits raised.  I decided to become an affiliate and moving up to the Elite level.  I was able to make a profit and more each month.

The key to success has always been following the training as it was dictated in the training video.  I was also a regular on the weekly Wednesday calls at 8 and 10 P.m without fail.  It was all about learning and applying what I learned. The introduction of Ebay Global shipping program added about 20% to 30% more sales on a monthly basis.  Cash back is a beautiful thing so imagine selling a $16.99 product and making $14.63 profit.  The knowledge that you get from these different levels makes your pricing more competitive.

When it was time I move up to Unleashed to made even more money.  We always want to make more money and provide even better for our family.  The saying is that knowledge is power, but actually it is the application of knowledge that is power.  The knowledge that I acquired and applied at that point got me to the point that I am now.  This is the first time in my six year internet marketing career that I am making profits on a consistent basis.   It is time to scale my business up now that i know what I am doing.  I decided last weekend to upgrade to Monopoly.

Monopoly is by far the best program that I have used in D$Domination.  The first day that I watch the videos in Monopoly I realized that it ties everything together and will take my business to another level.  I am now able to add the gigantic sales haven that is Amazon to my arsenal.   The possibility of multiply sales of the same item is to difficult to not pursuit. I will make a video series of my progress in the coming weeks.



P.S.  Watch my progress  on D$Domination from November in Pro on Youtube here.

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Gold Nuggets The Key Traits You Must Have To Be Successful from The Go Getter

“Go Getter” by Peter B. Kyne is by far the shortest personal development book that I have ever read. You can still get some great gold nuggets from this book. The main points of this book is narrated throughout the entire forty five pages of the book. The point is simply that you should never, never give up on your goals and dreams. The “blue vase” that the Bill Peck searched for is the equivalent to the hopes and dreams that we want to achieve and realize in our lives.

Bill Peck was determined to find that “blue vase” no matter what obstacles came his way. You must be determine to achieve your goals no matter what kind of torpedoes oppose you on the way. If you stop following your dreams, then you will become just like the 95% of the people who fail. The people who fail are the ones that let life go by without attempting anything. The “Bill Peck” of the world keep going and going and moving towards his goals and dreams.

Bill Peck kept relying on his principles and will to keep on going and never giving up. He does not know what the “gold” he will get at the end of the rainbow. He only focused achieving it. Bill Peck with his “disabilities” represent the small percentage of people who become successful. It is amazing that what we may consider his short comings is actual his strength. He had the “disability” to never quit while the “normal” people quit and move on to the next shiny object. The normal people with their “ability” are the ones who are lacking in every aspect of their lives and are doomed to fail. Bill PecK did not let any thing deter him from achieving his objective. The name change of the store from Cohen to Cohn would have stop a many people in their tracks. He acknowledged that the name was different he just made more phone calls. Bill Peck kept going even though he faced obstacles after obstacles. At what point would you have quit or are you a “go-getter”?


The decision is in you hands the question is Which wolf do you feed?

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Action Cures Fear Golden Nuggets from The Magic of Thinking Big

Action cures fear is another great golden nugget that I evacuated from “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz.  When you were a child and you were learning to ride a bike.  You would never learn to ride unless you get into motion.  The bicycle is build to ride, but until you get on the seat and pedal the bike is useless.

When we are learning something new we goes through a process where we have no clue until we do it without thinking.  For example, travelling on your way from work to home is done on autopilot.  This concept applies to learning to ride a bicycle,  but until you get on the bike and pedal nothing is accomplished.  When we initially start riding a bike we fell down a few times, because of the awkwardness of trying to keep our balance.  When we became more familiar with and accustom to riding and keeping our balance then riding a bike was easy.

When we get on a bike to go for a ride it is no longer necessary to think about it. We vaguely remember how difficult it was to learn originally.  The saying goes that once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget.  It all starting with action.  If you never got on that bike, then you would never have the opportunity to stay in shape, ride through the park and enjoy mother nature or just simply getting from point A to point B.   The fear of riding was overcome by applying action.  Inaction fertilize indecision and postponement.

If you postponed sitting on the bike and never attempted to learn how to ride.  You would miss out on one of the most gratifying experience in life.  When we are paralyzed with fear many experiences in our lives would be lacking.  “Truly fear is a powerful force” and succumbing to it on a regular basis could make for a difficult life.  Fear prevent most people from truly getting what they want in life.  Fear accounts for why many people achieve little and enjoy little.  You must get past the fear and go after your goals and dreams.

Why is desire the first step to riches in your home internet business opportunity?


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Think Success, Don’t Think Failure Golden Nuggets from The Magic of Thinking Big

I am currently reading The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.  This book is no different than all the motivational books that I have read. I am always getting Golden Nuggets from these books.  Think success and don’t think failure is the one that stick out to me in the first few pages of this book.  It is amazing that when think we will excel in something we do.  It is also equally amazing that when we think we will fail, we do.  The story of the little engine who thought he could and did.  The little engine did not have negative thoughts as it tried to go up the hill.  When you look at your life think of possible accomplishments that you sabotaged within the first minute of utterance from your mouth.

When you are faced with a challenge you automatically formulate in our mind whether you will succeed or not.  When your boss at work say to you I want you to run your Division next week in a split second your mind accept or reject that you will or will not be a success. When we continuously have a self defeating and lack of confidence in ourselves,  we should not be surprise about the outcome.  The sad part is that soon failure becomes our mantra and everyday life.  It is better to have an “I can” attitude over an “I can’t” attitude any day of the week.  When you mind is not right and is filled with weed there is no way you will get the healthy soil of positive thoughts to grow there.  The weeds will overtake the positive thoughts every time.   When you think failure guess what kind of results occur on a regular basis.  “Let the master thought of I will succeed dominate your thinking process.” and you will win every time.

Zig Ziglar in “See You at The Top” calls it “stinking thinking” and they is no doubt what he is trying to get across to the reader.  Zig Ziglar believed “you cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself“.You might think that thinking positive might not give you the ability to be Micheal Jordan one on one in Basketball, but at least thinking positively you would definitely score more points against him.  A journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step so starting today start using positive words such as “I can”,  “I will”, “I can do it” and “I am equal to the best”.

P.s Please comment below and leave more positive words to live by.  To find out more about my personal business visit to learn more.



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Success Large and Small is Proof That You Can Achieve More

“Every success be it large or small, is proof that you are capable of achieving more successes”.  Napoleon Hill made that previous statement in “Think and Grow Rich”.  I understood this to mean exacting as it is quoted from “Think and Grow Rich”.  You must take the time to appreciate the smaller things in life so that when times are rough you would look back at those small successes.

Success is defined as “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.”  The “prosperous termination of attempts”, it does not state how many attempts were made just that you achieved your goals.  When you are trying to make that first dollar online and you achieve that goal why did you not celebrate it.  Sam Cooke sang that “change is gonna come” and one thing that you can be sure is that you can never have highs without lows.

I think that most people focus on the big picture of success so when the little successes arrives that person tends to ignore them.  “You can recall it when you begin to lose faith in yourself”Napoleon Hill’s “think and Grow Rich”.  One thing you know is that when the small successes is few and far between you will want to quit.  I remember many years ago when a new business was opened the owner use to keep the first dollar that he or she made.  The owner would tape it to the wall as a reminder that the journey was started.

I have learn that it is better to celebrate the small accomplishment so that the large successes will be appreciated even more.  This might be the difference between quitting or continue towards your goals.  Celebrating small successes is sometimes very difficult for people that are not accustom to being successful.


P.S Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can, and finish what you start

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