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November 23, 2009

#1 Reason That People Don’t Partner With You In Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

The main reason why people don’t partner up with you in your home internet business opportunity is trust.  Logic opens the mind and emotions close the sale, but no sale occurs without trust.  I want you to think of a time when you made a purchase that you felt great about.  Now think of one where the pit of your stomach was screaming at you not to do it.  What was the underlying factor between these two transactions?   Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength of a person or thing. When you first meet someone whether you trust that person is determined immediately or may develop over time.  As an internet marketer for your home internet business opportunity you have no real control over instant trust.

Consumers are inundated with many sales propositions on a daily basis.  I was speaking to a merchant at a Uniform store the other day and the first thing he stated was “Why should I change my current vendor to save a few pennies when the services provided are great”  The fly by night high pressure salesman who come in with his smooth talking and empty promises are becoming extinct.  Trust is the determining factor of why people purchased your products or partner up with you in your home internet business opportunity. Personal branding is a great alternative to company branding in growing your home internet business opportunity in the right way.

Your marketing list is one of the most effective ways that you may develop trust over time.  The infamous marketing list of many of the top producers in the Internet Marketing Arena is a critical component.  A marketing list where great content is provided to the subscriber may be an invaluable resource for a very long time.  The subscriber may purchase at any time that they are ready without pressure.  The point at which a particular subscriber will trust you more than be skeptical of you is unknown.  You must continue to provide powerful and consistent content so you don’t need to know.  When you have faith in the process and the outcome will take care of itself.

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