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July 1, 2009

11 Crucial Attributes of Leadership That Are Necessary to Succeed in Business

Leadership is defining as a person or thing that provides direction and guidance to others that follows. The dictionary is static so that definition is boring. People are more dynamic therefore the definition of leadership means different things to different people. I will be writing about leadership as defined by Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” over the next 10 Articles.

The  are 11 leadership attributes are listed below:

1. Unwavering Courage
2. Self-Control
3. A keen sense of justice
4. Definiteness of decision
5. Definiteness of plans
6. The habit of doing more than paid for
7. A pleasing personality
8. Sympathy and understanding
9. Mastery of detail
10. Willingness to assume full responsibility
11. Cooperation

When we were growing up people always commented that it was okay to be confident, but not cocky. The person who is strutting around like a peacock was not respected. The person who had a sense of reliance or certainty without throwing up on you with it garnered respect. The unwavering courage of a leader is more self evident in the time of crisis. Henry Ford had a reputation of being obstinate, yet without this characteristic the Model T would never have been developed. Henry Ford believes in making decisions quickly, but was slow to change them. He commanded his team to continue to develop his V-8 engine, even though year after year they failed.

He had an unwavering courage in the midst of countless failures, so finally his vision was accomplished. If you were in charge of making those decisions how would you react? The most successful people make decisions quickly, but are slow to change them. The unsuccessful people make decision slowly and change them quickly. If he had stopped the gold might have been within three feet and he would never have known it. Henry Ford was a well respected individual in his time and still respected to this day. I will be discussing the other 10 attributes in upcoming posts on this blog.

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