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December 30, 2011

15 Lessons of The Law of Success Napoleon Hill

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“Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill is currently the book that I am reading.  “Law of Success” details fifteen lessons that must be learned with an open mind to help lead you to success.  Success  is never guaranteed but the book will help steer your mind in the right direction.  The key thing that I will say so far is that the book goes into deeper detail than Think and Grow Rich.  The Master Mind is the ninth step to riches in “Think and grow Rich”.  The concept of the Master Mind is presented in the Introduction as well as throughout the part of the book that I have read so far.  The greatest Master Mind ever was that of Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison.  Henry Ford at some point in history was one of the most powerful man on earth.

The Master Mind that you develop might be on a smaller scale as Henry Ford’s , but your achievement could be just as great.  Your goals and dreams realized should never be taken for granted.  The Mastermind group is great place to develop your personal development.


I will be writing an article for each lesson from “The law of Success” by Napoleon Hill.  Please keep a  lookout and make comments,  Retweet if you like them..

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