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July 29, 2009

6 Excuses People Use to Delay Their Personal Development

Your personal development is depending on how you deal with certain obstacles.  The major obstacles that you need to overcome to clear your brain are procrastination.   Procrastination renders your desire to succeed in your life and business ineffective. Procrastinating is the opposite of decision. When people procrastinate productivity becomes non-existent.  The pain of discipline weighs ounces while the pain of regret weight pounds. Overcoming procrastination is a much easier way to achieving success.   Excuses are monument of inadequacy; therefore you should not excel in them.  There are six main excuses why people procrastinate.

6 Excuses why people procrastinate:

1. You’re Bored.

When you life become routine and you just go through the motion. When the initial enthusiasm of investing in their personal development wears off, most people need a new challenge.  You must ask yourself these simple questions.  Am I bored with what I’m Doing?  Why am I bored?  What would give me more energy?  You must recognize that you are bored and be very aware of your feelings.  Successful people look for bigger and better opportunities to keep their juices flowing.  The appeal of routine personal development strategies is never something they will settle for.  Personal development requires that you read books, listen to CD etc. and the overall process is time consuming.

2. You are overwhelmed with work.

Personal development forces you to prioritize your commitments.  Too many irons in the fire may lead you to procrastinate.  When you let things pile up by putting it off to the next day. You become clueless on how to get your assignments completed.  Once you are inefficient, then procrastination becomes it twin.  There are simple steps that you may take to overcome being overwhelmed.  A decisive person moves from one task to other quickly because they do not want to leave anything for later.  You become more self-empowered when you are able to balance your life as well as your other endeavors.

3. Your confidence has slipped.

Procrastination leads to fear and doubt.  When you are not sure that you have the ability to do a job, inaction occurs.  Doubting yourself makes your confidence slip.  When your confidence lessen, then that old beliefs systems start to creep into your mind.   Your thoughts dictate your destiny.  If your thoughts are negative, then your future will be negative.

4. You have a low self-worth

Low self esteem is a fall out from your confidence slipping.  When you have low self-worth you sometimes sabotage your success the closer you get to it. You feel like you don’t deserve success which may be due to a negative beliefs system or a traumatic past. If you have a self fulfilling prophecy, then the words you give attention, desire and focus will come back to you. Success in your life and business is only for those who truly want it.

5. You are doing work you don’t really enjoy.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t do.  Your business sometimes requires that you do mundane tasks, such as paperwork.  These tasks are sometimes a necessary part of your business.  The best thing to do is focus on the things that you are great at and outsource the rest.  You will never enjoy everything that you do so you must find the right balance.

6. You are easily distracted, or just downright lazy!

This is the number one proponent for procrastination.  If you looking for an excuse not to do something, then you have no problem procrastinating.  Success takes consistent and persistent action and laziness has no rightful place in the equation.

Procrastination is a major killer to your personal development.  The previous 6 things discuss are the main reasons why people excel in procrastination.  When people become proficient in procrastinating, then they are guaranteed to fail in their life and business.  There are many ways to overcome procrastination, but the best way is to apply consistent and persistent actions without reservation.  Personal development is only as good as the effort that you put into it.

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