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August 31, 2014

Action Cures Fear Golden Nuggets from The Magic of Thinking Big

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Action cures fear is another great golden nugget that I evacuated from “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz.  When you were a child and you were learning to ride a bike.  You would never learn to ride unless you get into motion.  The bicycle is build to ride, but until you get on the seat and pedal the bike is useless.

When we are learning something new we goes through a process where we have no clue until we do it without thinking.  For example, travelling on your way from work to home is done on autopilot.  This concept applies to learning to ride a bicycle,  but until you get on the bike and pedal nothing is accomplished.  When we initially start riding a bike we fell down a few times, because of the awkwardness of trying to keep our balance.  When we became more familiar with and accustom to riding and keeping our balance then riding a bike was easy.

When we get on a bike to go for a ride it is no longer necessary to think about it. We vaguely remember how difficult it was to learn originally.  The saying goes that once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget.  It all starting with action.  If you never got on that bike, then you would never have the opportunity to stay in shape, ride through the park and enjoy mother nature or just simply getting from point A to point B.   The fear of riding was overcome by applying action.  Inaction fertilize indecision and postponement.

If you postponed sitting on the bike and never attempted to learn how to ride.  You would miss out on one of the most gratifying experience in life.  When we are paralyzed with fear many experiences in our lives would be lacking.  “Truly fear is a powerful force” and succumbing to it on a regular basis could make for a difficult life.  Fear prevent most people from truly getting what they want in life.  Fear accounts for why many people achieve little and enjoy little.  You must get past the fear and go after your goals and dreams.

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