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August 8, 2009

An Occasional Distraction is Good in Your Personal Development

Distraction is defined the dictionary as an interruption, confusion or madness. An obstacle is defined as an impediment, hindrance or barrier. Your path to personal and financial development may have different roadblocks.  You must determine whether you should run over, sidestep or jump over the roadblock. You must recognize a distraction for what it is, an interruption, and not let it become an obstacle.

A “Google slap” is an example of an obstacle. You did not have any control over what Google did with your ad. Google for some unknown reason decided that your ad violated their rules. You did not write the rules and probably can’t find a copy of the rules written anywhere on the internet. You may waste your time investigating reasons why or take it in stride and move on to the next task at hand. The degree to which an obstacle hinders your home business on line is determines by how you react to it.  Your available options are to either knock down, side step or climb over an obstacle. You must handle a distraction differently otherwise your personal development efforts will be for nothing.

An example of a distraction is the latest Harry Potter starts on Wednesday night at a special screening time. You are in charge of whether or not you go to this movie. This screening does not help you in your financial development.  This distraction will interrupt your personal development temporarily.  The combination of a few distractions could make it very difficult for you to succeed in your personal development. These activities are in direct correlation to your income.  The more your personal development increases the more your income will grow.  The less time you spend on your personal development activities the less your income will grow.  A distraction unlike the “Google Slap” is totally up to you on how you let it interfere with your financial development.  If you allow distractions to overrun you, then your failure will be imminent.

The way you tackle an obstacle or distraction is up to you. One distraction by itself might not hinder your success.  This mole might become a mountain if you don’t differentiate between a distraction and an obstacle.  Distractions not handle appropriately leads you to procrastinate.  When procrastination takes over, then your personal development income will be affected.  You are allowed some form of distractions in your personal and financial development, but you must not let it interfere with your destiny.

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