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March 18, 2016

Are You The POP in Your Business or Just The Fizzle That Brings It Down?

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The P.O.P is a critical element in your developing your business from a hobby to a full blown success.  If you are not a P.O.P, then the people you sponsor in your business will do the same thing you do.  The P.O.P or product of your product is truly about being committed  to your business endeavor wholeheartedly.  Being a product of your product is not the same as buying every single level of business opportunity that your company sells.  It is truly about leading by example,  if you are thoroughly engrossed in your business guess what type of people that you are going to attract.  If you are a person with “lukewarm enthusiasm” that you would truly attract people of the same mind.

The wishy washy person is never right for your business.  I have been in sales for many years and customers making decisions are very important.  I have always been able to live with a yes or no.  The most difficult answer to live with  is a maybe.  When a potential customer tells you that they would “maybe” buy your product it is very difficult to take that “maybe” money down to the bank.  The indecisive person who come into the business will maybe list that item for sale later today.  The crazy part is that later today never comes.  Obviously a “yes” makes it possible to make an eventful trip to the bank.  The finality of a “no” is music to your ears, because now you may move on to the next prospect without feeling like that previous customer will maybe call.  You may also look at other opportunities that may arise from the decision of “no” being made.  The person that is not a P.O.P like you would end up wasting you time and close the door for the right person to enter.

When you are the product of your product, then you would be able to be a true success in your business.  The added pleasure of having a mastermind of people that are just like you are an even greater reward.  The power of the mastermind is stronger when all involved are of like mind and goals.  Remember to always strive to be the best product of your product that you can be.


P.S  To learn more about the mastering with a mastermind group will help your home business .


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