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November 18, 2014

Gold Nugget #2: Neglected Mind Will Bring Forth No Seed from As A Man Thinketh

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A neglected mind will bring forth no seed without a doubt. The saying goes that you reap what you sow. The biggest mistake you could make is thinking you are going to get something out of nothing. “A man’s mind may be likened to a garden which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild;” from “As a Man Thinketh“. When your lawn is full of weeds, the less weeds you pull the worse your lawn would look. You would never be able to keep your garden free of weeds and maintain a healthy soil that is conducive for a beautiful garden at that pace. It is extremely critical that you follow all the necessary guidelines to maintain your lawn.

Personal development is one of the best way to prepare your mind for whatever your goals or dreams that you are trying to achieve. It is who you become in the journey that matters. The lotto winner that wins millions , but is financially broke in a few short years. Who did that lotto winner become in picking the winning number?

The lotto winner goal every time he or she played they favorite lotto numbers was to win the lotto. The only requirement that necessary was to make sure that you had a ticket in each lottery drawing. If you missed a drawing you might have a little stress, but once the numbers were drawn the stress goes away. The only thing you would learn is to make sure you played your numbers in a timely manner. Once the person wins the lotto how did they changed in the journey. The answer is not much, so it is no surprise when the money is gone in a short time. When you are committed to accomplishing your goals and dreams, every setback is an opportunity for a learning experience.
The difference between when a lotto player misses a lotto drawing and when you make a misstep in your business is substantial. The lotto player learns nothing while you can learn, adjust and correct your journey in accomplishing your goals and dreams. The more your mind is cultivated in preparing for success the better. The lawn of an abandon home is not as well manicured as one that is getting proper water, fertilizer, mowing and weed control.

P.S.  Your personal development is key component in achieving your goals and dream if you couple it with a mastermind group the sky is the limit for your achievement.

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  1. Hi Mirella! I welcome the conmmet. I think we’re more on the same page than you may think. For this article, I didn’t want to get into the ‘how’ of how business, work and corporate structure should change, although I absolutely acknowledge that the way we think about work and go about doing work needs to change. It’s certainly not about accepting the status quo – in fact this article was intended to do just the opposite. That was more where I was trying to go with this.Somewhere along the line though we need to take personal responsibility. It’s easy to complain. It’s easy to talk about the frustrations of work with co-workers or talk about being chained to a cubicle or a wage slave. I’m not sure how responsible that is though. I mean, just the term wage ‘slave’ is a bit harsh. We can’t even begin to fathom what it truly must have been like to live as a slave, so to equate the working world with slavery is a bit disingenuous when each and every one of us has the freedom to walk out the door whenever we like. We need to take some responsibility in more wisely choosing the words we use.Some might say ‘well, no, I can’t leave my job because I have a family to feed, kids to take care of, bills to pay, etc.’ Absolutely valid, however, we can begin to take some responsibility for our situation and realize that it’s workable. We shouldn’t pigeonhole ourselves into a mindset where we come to believe we actually are slaves to our employer or that somehow we don’t have the personal freedom to let our full, true selves shine through in the work we do.I don’t think we should even imagine a future where we’re not limited to one role and where we can fully contribute and use our unique creativity and gifts to share with the world in our everyday work – we should make it happen. How? We have to begin with ourselves right here and now. We need to be honest with ourselves and first align our values, purpose and talents (many unfortunately don’t even know what these are) to the work that we actually do. Not taking personal responsibility would be to do the same thing and continue to complain about it. Each and every one of us should be asking ourselves ‘how can I make a difference?’ ‘How can I help?’ It’s certainly a bold step, but if each and every one of us approached our lives in this manner – as workable .and we each made every effort to bring our full selves to the work we do (in whatever job/field/entrepreneurial venture it may be) then it’s not a question of if a shift will happen, it’s just a matter of how soon it will happen.

    Comment by Lucas — December 10, 2015 @ 1:06 am

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