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March 13, 2017

Be Careful With What You Plant in The Garden of Your Mind.

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When I was listening to Earl Nightingale the other day he stated one thing that was very prophetic and logical. I thought deep and long about what he stated so I decided to write this blog post. He said that the human mind may be liken to planting a garden. It does not matter what you plant or put in your mind, you would get back the same thing. If you plant an acorn seed, you can only get an Oak tree. If you planted an acorn and you grew a Pine tree you would be very surprise. The Laws of Nature is very specific and uncompromising. The DNA of the Acorn could never produce a Pine tree.

Earl Nightingale provided an example of a farmer planting in a field and the things that he would need to develop his crop. If he planted his seeds in a field that the weeds took over, he would be lucky to even see one of his seeds germinate. If you put negative into your mind, you would get back negative. If we continue to put nothing but negativity into our minds the results will never change. The Law of Attraction is also very specific and uncompromising. It never changes negative in, gives you negative out. The key to changing the audio tape that we run through our mind on a daily basis is to change the input. We must put positive thoughts and ideas into our mind on a second by second basis. The age old saying that you have to put something in to get something out is true.

If the farmer changed his tactics , could he generate a better outcome. Let say for instance he first pull the weeds, plow the field, pre-soak, planted and water the seeds. Has he now set himself up for better results? He still cannot control the weather and that is why we must control the things we can control and leave the rest outside the radar screen that we can’t see. If the farmer planted the seeds at the correct time of year he should get great results. He can not focus on the outcome, the seeds would become whatever they are destined to be. We can’t control the outcome of the seeds. Imagine if we did the same thing with our minds.

The new rule is that we control and monitor everything that we put into our mind. If a co-worker is talking bad about the economy, we would make the right choice by not engaging in the conversation. The scapegoat of a bad economy is blamed for many things. The fact that people uses this excuse does not mean that it has to be yours. Your mind is definitely liken to the planting of a garden, so only allow positive things to be embedded into your mind.

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