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November 18, 2014

Gold Nugget #2: Neglected Mind Will Bring Forth No Seed from As A Man Thinketh

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A neglected mind will bring forth no seed without a doubt. The saying goes that you reap what you sow. The biggest mistake you could make is thinking you are going to get something out of nothing. “A man’s mind may be likened to a garden which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild;” from “As a Man Thinketh“. When your lawn is full of weeds, the less weeds you pull the worse your lawn would look. You would never be able to keep your garden free of weeds and maintain a healthy soil that is conducive for a beautiful garden at that pace. It is extremely critical that you follow all the necessary guidelines to maintain your lawn.

Personal development is one of the best way to prepare your mind for whatever your goals or dreams that you are trying to achieve. It is who you become in the journey that matters. The lotto winner that wins millions , but is financially broke in a few short years. Who did that lotto winner become in picking the winning number?

The lotto winner goal every time he or she played they favorite lotto numbers was to win the lotto. The only requirement that necessary was to make sure that you had a ticket in each lottery drawing. If you missed a drawing you might have a little stress, but once the numbers were drawn the stress goes away. The only thing you would learn is to make sure you played your numbers in a timely manner. Once the person wins the lotto how did they changed in the journey. The answer is not much, so it is no surprise when the money is gone in a short time. When you are committed to accomplishing your goals and dreams, every setback is an opportunity for a learning experience.
The difference between when a lotto player misses a lotto drawing and when you make a misstep in your business is substantial. The lotto player learns nothing while you can learn, adjust and correct your journey in accomplishing your goals and dreams. The more your mind is cultivated in preparing for success the better. The lawn of an abandon home is not as well manicured as one that is getting proper water, fertilizer, mowing and weed control.

P.S.  Your personal development is key component in achieving your goals and dream if you couple it with a mastermind group the sky is the limit for your achievement.

November 9, 2013

Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Lesson #7: Self- Control is The Balance Wheel That Directs Your Action

Napoleon Hill writes in “Law of Success in Fifteen Lessons” Enthusiasm is a “vital moving force that impels action” and Self control is the “balance wheel that directs your action so that it will build up and not tear down.”  Self control is compared to a balance wheel which is a key component of mechanical watches.  It is very important that it returns to its original position.  When we are not in control of our action it is most likely that we will be lead astray.  Enthusiasm is contagious you may pass it on to the next person easily. Have you either watch a person who was so on fire that you found your self getting emotionally charged.  You were ready to do whatever the person wanted you to do  at the time.  When the person left how did you keep that enthused feeling up.  The odds are you did not, because it may have passed on without difficult.

Self control is the most important trait that you must possess when you are trying to stay on track.  The track is never cleared of obstacles, but  controlling one’s self allow your goals and dreams to come true.  When you continue to struggle daily in your business and your goals never come to fruition.  The desire to give up is a daily demon and it is very easy to give up.  the worse enemy that we face on a daily basis is the negativity between our ears.  The self defeating, self defecating and mental vomit that we feed ourselves on a regular basis.


The more control that you have over the space between the ears the greater the opportunity that you will succeed in your life, business and relationship.  It does not a strong belief in the Law of Attraction that “if you belief that you can’t that it is so”.  I have been in and around selling for most of my life and one thing I know is that if you believe that that person will not buy from you, it is no surprise when they don’t.  I am not saying that you will sell everyone that you present your product or services to, but if you don’t have self-control.  No sale. Self control is the key to continue your journey to become successful.

March 16, 2012

Law of Success- Lesson # 3: The Habit of Saving

The Habit of Saving may seem like the most simple lesson in Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success” fifteen lessons, yet it might be the most difficult. The fact that everything that is simple is not always easy. The current state of America dictates that the majority of the population does not even have $1000 in their savings account. The lesson is not about the amount that is saved, but in fact it gauges the discipline and character of the individual. When you are making less money it is easy to dream about what you would do when you have money. A wise man once said that it is not having money that gives you attitude, but in fact it is the attitude that allows you to acquire money.

A direct quote from the “Law of Success” states that “Expenses increased with every increase in my income, which is a habit,…”. This is not the habit that Napoleon wants readers to derive from this lesson. Many people live by this habit of being spendthrift to the fullest. The concept of keeping money for a rainy day is lost on deaf ears. I am reminded of a story that my mother told me as a child. The way I remember the story is that a man was waiting for a windfall. The time that he was waiting for the money to come he boasted about how much he would give to “charity”. The day came and he received his monies and the charity saw none of it. He was later heard saying that when he did not have the money he had the mind, but once he received the money he did not have the mind. The moral of the story is that you must always have the mind to save money.

I have read a number of different books told by storytellers far better than my mom. The knowledge gained from her has not been overshadowed by those of Og Mandingo and Napoleon Hill. Og Mandingo “The Richest Man in Babylon” discussed seven cures for a lean purse and it was very informative and enlightening. He told this story in the simplest narrative that you could not help, but learn his lessons. The one that stand out for me is the same concept that Napoleon Hill is highlighting in “Law of Success”.

Og Mandingo setting for his book was many hundred years ago. Napoleon Hill and Og Mandingo both believed that saving some of your earning is very important. Saving a percentage of your “salary” allowed you to be ready if any opportunity that required investing money. The opportunity to live your dreams comes unexpectedly. The saying is that when opportunity knocks many people are at the back door. The fact that you don’t have your investment ready could be detrimental to your success. The person with a saving is in a better position to invest than a person with no saving at all. The more disciplined you are in saving for the future the better you are view by others. The act of saving consistently is view as a very strong character trait. The people who do not save are view in a totally different light.

Napoleon Hill tells different stories about people who did not have the discipline to save money. The problem that plague many people is that the more they make the more they spend. This habit is sometimes very difficult to overcome. Napoleon Hill defines a habit as “any act indulged in a few times”. He further states that “the mind appears to be nothing more than a mass of motivating forces growing out of our daily habits.” I draw from this that if our habits are not controlled or directed to better acts, then your future may be ruin extensively. I am in concert with Og Mandingo, and Napoleon Hill, as we say save consistently no matter how small.

June 8, 2010

Fear of Old Age May Stop You From Being The True You

The Fear of Old Age is a fear that encompasses most of the six major fears. The fear of criticism, fear of ill health and fear of dying are all symptoms of the Fear of Old Age. The Fear of Old Age has nothing to do with the level of success that you can achieve in business. Napoleon Hill writes about the six major fears in “Think and Grow Rich”. The other minor fears are all a subset of the six major ones. It is never too late to be successful in business no matter the age. When people become older society dictates that they should be a certain way. When you get older in our society you are expected to retire and travel the world.

They are some people that no matter the age there are always in the right mindset and are still parachuting out of a plane and don’t miss a beat. I am not discussing those people in this article I am talking about people who allow “old age” to interfere with them being the person that were always meant to be. These people as they are entering the era of “old age” might feel a combination of the six major fears. Your confidence might falter a little due to the fact that you might not be as active as you were a few years ago.

The fear of criticism might start to rear it ugly head, because now you might hear people say “you look good for your age”. You might tend to feel more self conscious about your physical appearance, sexual prowess and mental faculty. You are more concern about being ill health or diseases possible deteriorating your body. The older you get the closer that you feel you are to dying, so therefore you might not take as much chances as you did when you were younger. If you control your mindset all of these fears may be overcome. The opportunity to achieve the level of success that you want in your business of choice will open up. When you enter retirement it should because you want not, because you are expected or forced to retire.

The Fear of Old Age can defeated easily be being careful with the thoughts that manifest in your mind. You may have success at any age and any time period of your life. Our thought become our destiny; if you spend time thinking about death then guess what you will be that much closer to death. My grandma is eighty-nine years old and she sometimes makes me nervous when she speaks like if death is upon her. I would love her to live to at least a century, but I am obviously biased. If my grandma was not truly inflicted with illness I would love to know that if she wanted to be semi-retire and with the right attitude she would be able to do it. This fear has nothing to do with you continuing being a vibrant, contributing and outstanding member of society. Forget about it and live your life the way that you choose.

May 7, 2010

A Pleasing Personality – Leadership Qualities That Are Critical to Be Successful in Business

Leadership qualities that Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” book discusses to get phenomenal results in life and business. I have discussed unwavering courage, self control, definiteness of decision, definiteness of plans and the habit of doing more than paid for in previous articles. We will discuss a pleasing personality where Napoleon Hill believes that “no slovenly, careless person can become a successful leader”. Napoleon Hill wrote about approximately twenty different factors to describe a pleasing personality. He believed that the main key to this leadership style is do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

The factors of a pleasing personality are listed below:

1. Positive mental attitude
2. Tolerance
3. Alertness
4. Common courtesy
5. A fondness of people
6. Flexibility
7. Tactfulness
8. Personal magnetism
9. A pleasant tone of voice
10. Control of facial expressions
11. Sportsmanship
12. Sincerity
13. Sense of humor
14. Humility of the heart
15. Smiling
16. Enthusiasm
17. Control of temper and emotions
18. Patience
19. Proper dress

You don’t have to make all these factors a part of you leadership style, but any combination of them will make a better leader. There is no perfect leader so you can never be disappointed but a leader continuously tries to improve them self is by far the leader that I will follow. When you are trying to be successful a willingness to learn and adapt to new ideas are very crucial. Your success is based on how much you work on your inner self as opposed to the knowledge that you have.

When you first hear about this concept you automatically think of a leader without a backbone. A leader with this trait actually has an unwavering courage that allows him or her to lead their followers. When you look at the above factors you realized that that is not the case. When your team consist of many different people with different personalities being able to be flexible is required. A successful leader is one who is able to take these personalities and draw the best out of them. A positive mental attitude draws on the fact controlling your mindset is very important in all aspect of running your business. When you have the right mindset you are able to make the correct decisions where appropriate. Common courtesy goes a long way in making a person feel that they are respected by the leader. You tend to get better from people when respect is shown and a genuine sincerity is detected in your interaction with your followers.

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May 4, 2010

Leadership Philosophy That is Critical To Be Successful – The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For

The gems of knowledge that you get from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” are endless. The previous articles we discussed Napoleon Hill’s leadership’s philosophies of unwavering courage, self control, definiteness of decision and definiteness of plans.  We will discuss of a leader who has a habit doing more than he or she is paid for. This leadership philosophy in correlation with his other ideas gives you different ways to achieving success in life and business. The question of who makes a great leader is an idea that is dependent on the person. Leadership means different things to different people. A person who you respect is a leader in your eyes might be a nuisance to others.

People are more prone to keep following a leader that goes above and beyond the call of duty. The ideal world is prone to perfect execution and flawless execution of all plans. We don’t live in the ideal world so a leader who can roll with punches and succeed no matter the obstacles is truly appreciated.  Successful leaders do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. When you have goals that are not on track someone has to do extra work. Leaders sometimes take it upon themselves to put the extra time necessary to get back on track.

Michael Jordan was always the first one at practice and the last one to leave. Michael wanted to make sure that he was prepared to win every game. Michael work ethics made many of his team mates improve their game. He did so much more than was required of him that he inspired many others to do the same. Michael Jordan’s commitment to excellence led to many NBA Championships and the respect of millions of people. Some followers believe that it is their job to pick up the slack and don’t like to see the leader do the extra lifting.

A leader has to able to get down in the trenches and do the “dirty” work sometimes. When your subordinates know that you have no problem rolling up your sleeves and getting to work they have no issues doing more than is expected of them. We are not talking about the people who do it to further their own agenda. The followers who truly believe in the ideals of the leader and are committed to helping him or her accomplish these goals are the one deserving of the praise. If the habit of doing more than is expected of you becomes viral, then your business may explode beyond belief. If you start applying this leadership philosophy and the others in the previous article that Napoleon Hill writes about you will see a change in your business in a relatively short time.

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P.S Read my previous blog post on self control and how it relates to your success.  If you have not read Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow Rich then you need to purchase it right away.


May 1, 2010

Leadership Attributes That Are Critical in Leadership Development to Be Successful – Self Control

Napoleon Hill believed that people who cannot control themselves can never control others. A leader is placed under a microscope by your followers, his or her actions or inaction may be magnified to the extreme. Self-control along with unwavering courage could dictate whether someone believe in you as a leader or perceive you as a “fake”. The governing of one’s self and actions are indications of whether or not you have the ability to lead.  A follower will emulate a leader who stands by his conviction instead of the one who loses control of himself on a regular basis. For example, if you are an advocate against smoking cigarettes, but yet every chance you light up a cigarette.  This conflicting message will force many people to look at you in differently.

Most people are looking to succeed with as little amount of effort as possible to generate phenomenon results. We live in a world with many roadblocks and distraction opposing our ultimate goals and objectives. We live in a society of instant coffee, instant tea and instant gratification. When you live in the now with no concrete plans for the future, then you will have to suffer the consequences. The something for nothing mentality must be erased from your being and be replaced some of the attributes that Napoleon Hill wrote about.

The people who restrain themselves and put the necessary sweat equity into their endeavor are far more successful, than those who feel society owes them something. For example, Joachim de Posada, speaker and motivational coach, talks about an experiment where they took 4-5 year old kids, and left them in a room for 30 minutes. The kids were instructed that if you don’t eat the marshmallow that was in front of you, you would get another one when we return. Many of the kids did everything, but stand on their head to avoid eating the marshmallow.

The scientists then re-visited the kids 13-15 years later and found that the kids that ate the marshmallow before time was not as successful as the one who did not eat it. This experiment was about self control where you had a choice between instant gratifications or delayed gratification with a bonus. A true leader with self control may make the decisions that could impact the lives of many people and be trusted until the results come to fruition. The successful leader makes decision quickly, but changes slowly. Leaders must have unwavering courage and self control to build a network of followers who will trust them implicitly.

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April 22, 2010

Leadership Attributes That Are Critical in Leadership to Be Successful – Definiteness of Decision

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” wrote about eleven attributes of leadership that are critical to be successful. The leadership attributes that I will discuss in this article is definiteness of decision.  Napoleon Hill believed that “people who waver in decisions show that they are not sure of themselves.  This author d id not list these attributes in any particular order of importance, but he felt that all or a combination of these attributes will make you a leader that your business partners will respect and appreciate.  Successful people make decision quickly and change them slowly, while unsuccessful people make decision slowly and change them rapidly.

We must be steadfast in the decisions that we make and not change them even when nothing is going right.  Steven Spielberg is an excellent example of this he made the decision to be movie director from a very early age.  Steven Spielberg kept focused on his endgame and he did whatever it took to make his dreams come true.  “Jaws”, his second film, released in 1975 broke box office and Steven Spielberg went on to phenomenal success. He did not give on his dreams and did something else when he was turned down.

The turtle outran the hare in that famous nursery rhyme because he had made a decision to finish the race no matter what.  The hare on the other hand felt that it was an easy win so he took a rest and when he decided to finish the race the turtle had already won the race.  When you make decision slowly and change them quickly, then you are destined to be an unsuccessful person.

These unsuccessful people do not have the intestinal fortitude to hold fast to their dreams.   The beautiful thing about personal development is that if you identify the obstacles in your path to success you can figure out a way to overcome them.  If you are a starter but not a finisher in your decision making processes. One way to get around that is get a finisher in your mastermind group.  The synergy of you as the starter and having a finisher would help you achieve your goals.  Napoleon listed the eleven attributes of leadership and he knew with desire you can become this successful leader.  You can become successful by mimicking the habits of successful people. You can become a person who has definiteness in the decisions that you make to become the successful person that you want to be.

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April 19, 2010

Specialized Knowledge The Fourth Step to Riches Per Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

The types of knowledge that you may acquire are General Knowledge and Specialized Knowledge. Napoleon Hill famous book “Think and Grow Rich” stated that Specialized Knowledge is the fourth step to riches. The key differences between these two types of knowledge are Specialized Knowledge will attract money with organized and intelligent plan of actions. The person with this specialized knowledge normally has the power.  General Knowledge is useless in the accumulation of money. Universities possess every type of general knowledge that is available, but they specialize in teaching knowledge. We go to these to institutions to learn new skills that give us power, but true power will never be gain there.

The saying goes that knowledge is power, but actually it is only potential power. The use of knowledge with definite plans of action and directed to a definite end is power. Henry Ford had little “schooling” but yet he was instrumental in developing his “Model T”. Henry Ford secret was that he hired people with the “schooling” to help him run his business. Henry Ford informal “schooling” led to riches beyond his imagination. Form Motor Company has been in business for over one hundred years. Henry Ford was an educated person in more way than his critics could ever understand.

A truly educated person is one who knows where to get knowledge when needed. He or she also knows how to organize this knowledge into definite plans of action. The personal with an education is normally the person who you expect to have an abundance of general and specialized knowledge. When you start your home internet business opportunity you are not expected to know everything. You would more than likely have a general idea about how you are supposed to run your home internet business opportunity. You will need specialized knowledge to succeed.

The lifeblood of most home businesses is lead generation. There are so many different ways to generate a lead. You must acquire specialized knowledge in mastering one method, then move on to the other. You want to master it till it produces results for you. When I went to school it was recommended that you become good in different subjects. You become a jack of all trade and a master of none.

This only leads to mediocrity because you become at expert at nothing, but have general knowledge about everything. It is better to determine the purpose for which you want to use the knowledge that you seek to gain more knowledge. You must then learn where you can obtain this knowledge. You would not go to someone who is not in your industry to learn about lead generation. You will go to the leaders in your industry to acquire that knowledge. Lead generation is a specialized art in itself.  It is a cycle of always getting specialized knowledge to help your home internet business opportunity grow.

Specialized knowledge with definite plans of action and definite purpose will help your home internet business opportunity become successful. They are a wealth of knowledge available that you may use to help your business grow. You must select the right source to gain this knowledge on an ongoing basis. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich” outlined specialized knowledge as the fourth step to riches. Your riches are dependent on what you want to accomplish in your life, relationship and business.

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April 17, 2010

Leadership Attributes That Are Critical in Development To Be Successful – Definitive Plans

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” wrote about 11 leadership attributes that are critical in leadership development to be successful. I have written previous articles on unwavering courage, self-control, a keen sense of justice and definiteness of decision. This article is about definiteness of plans where Napoleon Hill believed that a leader must plan the work and work the plan. He felt that if you do not have practical and definite plans, then you are lost.

The leader who makes decisions purely by guesswork is like a ship without a rudder. Leaders who are constantly flying blind will eventually crash and their followers will stop following them. As a leader you must not fail to plan otherwise you will plan to fail. One method that you may use to set your plans is the S.M.A.R.T method. S.M.A.R.T is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based.

Your plan must be specific meaning you know exactly what you want to achieve, for example a plan of losing forty pounds in two days. If you achieve this feat then it is measurable, because if you achieved it and the scale allows you to count the weight lost. If you are forty pound overweight and you want to lose that weight in two days, your plan must be attainable. The goal of losing 40 pounds in two days is not realistic, so make your plan based on reality. The time-based of two days is definitely not possible, therefore your mind reject the plan even before you embark on it.

When you make a plan that fails, then your followers start to critique and are very critical of your proposed plans. When a number of your plans fail then your ability to lead will be seriously hindered. When a leader makes a plan he has to have unwavering courage, self-control and definiteness of decisions to follow through all the way with his or her plans. These attributes becomes interdependent on each other. These attributes start to overlap once you start talking about more than three or more of them. You do not have to have all of these attributes to succeed, but you must master the majority of them.

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