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September 6, 2014

Why Did I Move up to the Monopoly Level in D$Domination?

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Why did I move up to the Monopoly level in D$Domination?  When I joined D$Domination in November of 2013,  I had no idea that it would grows so rapidly.  I started with the Pro level and I followed the program as directed in the training videos.  The program is simple cut, paste, list and ship.  I made me twenty dollars investment back within the first month easily.  Click on the link to learn more about D$Domination.  I kept listing as many products that I could daily. The more you list on Ebay the better chance you have to sell more items. I also kept calling Ebay to get my limits raised.  I decided to become an affiliate and moving up to the Elite level.  I was able to make a profit and more each month.

The key to success has always been following the training as it was dictated in the training video.  I was also a regular on the weekly Wednesday calls at 8 and 10 P.m without fail.  It was all about learning and applying what I learned. The introduction of Ebay Global shipping program added about 20% to 30% more sales on a monthly basis.  Cash back is a beautiful thing so imagine selling a $16.99 product and making $14.63 profit.  The knowledge that you get from these different levels makes your pricing more competitive.

When it was time I move up to Unleashed to made even more money.  We always want to make more money and provide even better for our family.  The saying is that knowledge is power, but actually it is the application of knowledge that is power.  The knowledge that I acquired and applied at that point got me to the point that I am now.  This is the first time in my six year internet marketing career that I am making profits on a consistent basis.   It is time to scale my business up now that i know what I am doing.  I decided last weekend to upgrade to Monopoly.

Monopoly is by far the best program that I have used in D$Domination.  The first day that I watch the videos in Monopoly I realized that it ties everything together and will take my business to another level.  I am now able to add the gigantic sales haven that is Amazon to my arsenal.   The possibility of multiply sales of the same item is to difficult to not pursuit. I will make a video series of my progress in the coming weeks.



P.S.  Watch my progress  on D$Domination from November in Pro on Youtube here.

December 15, 2013

DS Domination Today Was a Good Day

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D.S Domination has it where you never know what to expect I was just finishing up my Modus of Operandi last night when I received a cha ching.  A cash register is normally not a good thing, because it usually meant that you were buying something.  This case someone was buying something from me.  I looked into to shipping last night I was tired so I went to sleep.  The next day I went to work at my current job for right now.  I got another cha ching about 11 AM,  this time I got on the computer and signed into my yahoo account.  It did not dawn on me at first,  but something was different.

12/13 11:51 Am Item #161171515239 Instant payment received from _

12/12  9:02 pmItem #161150036062 Instant payment received ……….

The headline I received for my sale on 12/11/13 @ 1:04 PM is listed below:

You received a payment from your buyer – Ship now

I noticed that it stated something different.  When I went into my PAYPAL I realized what it was as of last night my sales are instantly accessible to me.  I don’t have to wait up to 21 days to received payment anymore. The longest time frame that I have waited for payment was 10 days.  The shipment took a while to get there.This instant access to my money will help me grow my business even faster.  This is a big relief that my 90 days getting to know me period came 40 days earlier.  This will truly allow me to dominate even more with DS Domination.  I did received another sale about one ‘clock with the same instant money clause.  Three times a charm, so Paypal did not make a mistake.

The gloves are official off and it is a big relief for me, because now as long as I priced correctly and do the other stuff I will be able to make a profit on at least 95% of my listings.   If you want to travel with me on this journey then watch video here  and follow the directions to join our team.  D.S Domination has no complicated hoops to jump through and four months in existence this business is exploding.  I already have about $2500 in sales with a decent profit.  My Elite, Pro and Affiliate are all paid for the month, no need to pray that the money is there for the auto debit.  I have been in other programs that I had to worry about that.



December 12, 2013

DS Domination An Excellent Business For The Average Person And Not So Average

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I have been doing DS Domination and all I have to say is that if you put in the work you will get the results.  DS Domination at the Pro level uses EBAY and Amazon,two big juggernauts, to  put massive income in its members pocket.  The concept is very easy Research,List, and Ship.  the key is before you ship the money is already in your PAYPAL account.

Results is not atypical but it is entirely up to you.  I started this business to fund my other opportunities , but this fast is becoming my primary business.  I have made back my investment and more in the short thirty five day plus that i have been doing this business.  The key to any business is to make back your investment and then some I have.  This is finally the opportunity that you have been looking for.  You may start at the Pro level and make $5.00 or more profit per sale.  There are other level or packages  that you may purchase when you are ready.  The choice to be all in is up to you.  DS Domination is truly a real business where you have the ability to make real profits.   Watch the video below to see the real and actual results that I am getting.


If you would like to have better results than me then visit watch video and join our team if you choose.  I am living proof that this opportunity is great to supplement or increase your income significantly.

P.S You may join as an affiliate if all you want to do is spread this opportunity to others.


 Zig Ziglar stated in See you at the Top that Education and intelligence is not the same thing

May 12, 2013

Swiping Emails and Making Them Your Own From Your Upline in EZ Money Formula Network is Not Illegal

Swiping emails and making them your own from your up line in EZ Money Formula is not illegal but is expected.  When you work with a team that wants everyone to be successful, then converting emails to represent you is encouraged.  The amazing is that the system is designed for you to do it easily.  It only requires that you change the affiliate links with your username at the end.  Your opt-in list is one of your most valuable asset in your home business.  You must definitely appreciate it, because it is very difficult to build a proper list.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is done for EZ Money Formula.

The rule of how many times you should keep in contact with your list varies.  It depends on which marketing expert you speak to.   Some recommend that you one a day is too many while others believes as many times as you want to sent one.  The leads have opted in to your leads and if it is too much then the unsubscribe button is on every email.  You must send the amount of emails that you feel comfortable with.   The more your list get to know you the better.  It is amazing but the people with the biggest list is not always the biggest income earners.   The more your list like, and trust you is a big determinant of the size your income.

The more you keep in contact with your list the better chance that you will grow your team.  It is all about growing your team and business.  The more personalize your email the better.  The generic auto-responder emails is designed to correspond to everyone.  The email that you broadcast is to attract your targeted business partner.  I leave you with this thought the more “real” you are to your list the more money you will make.

P.S To read more about the importance of your email opt in list visit here Marketing list is necessary to ensure success in your home based business



November 4, 2009

3 Critical Stages That The Ardyss’s Angel Bra Shaper Aids Your Health

There are 3 different stages of a woman’s life that the Angel Bra Shaper benefits your health.   Ardyss International has made the Angel Bra to perform at the best optimal level without aesthetic being the main reason.  The average bra is made with beauty in mind, but true support of the breast is non existent. This garment is made from quality material with the highest quality to make certain it does not become loose or get larger.  The quality construction allows this bra shaper to be an outstanding addition during pregnancy, post surgery and helping prevent breast cancer.  These different possible stages of your life will be easier with the use of the Angel Bra.

Pregnancy put a women’s body through the paces because of the amazing event that is about to take place.  Her body changes to accommodate the growing baby that is within her body. There are many special features on this bra shaper that you will not find on the average bra.  A nature occurrence during pregnancy is the gradual enlargement of your cup and thorax.  The Angel Bra provides 100% protection against the semblance of stretch marks. You may continue the use of this Angel bra shaper after pregnancy for even better benefits. The thing about life is that things happen so if ever have surgery this bra shaper will help in your recovery.

It is normally very important that the breasts are kept in a fixed position after surgery, this will aid in your recovery after surgery.  The average bra supports hardly any of your breast weight, while the Angel Bra supports 75%.  This will help your body to recover even faster.  The next and final stage that I will discuss is preventing Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths.  The cause of the cancer is unknown but lack of blood irrigation in the nipples has been a proven cause.  The odds are that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer while 1 in 35 would die.  The treatment for this cancer along with earlier detection have aided in lowering these statistics.  There are currently 2.5 million breast cancer survivors.  The Angel Bra allows adequate blood irrigation preserves the correct position and direction.  These 3 stages could be major events in the life of a woman, but the use of the Angel Bra could truly help.

The Angel Bra is a critical tool during a pregnancy, post surgery and helping prevent cancer.  A Maternity Panty Girdle provides optimal support during pregnancy in conjunction with the Angel Bra.  The Body Magic is a great addition with The Angel Bra Shaper to help in your recovery after surgery.

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October 21, 2009

How Does The Ardyss Panty Reshaper or Panty Remodeladora Measure Up?

This article is a review of the Panty Reshaper or Panty Remodeladora of Ardyss International.  Ardyss has a number of products, such as the Body Magic Reshaper, Angel Bra and The Panty Reshaper.  The Body Magic Reshaper and Angel Bra have a number of different attributes that help supports and reshape a woman to fantastic results.

The Panty Reshaper has many of the same qualities and when use in conjunction with The Angel Bra gives you even better benefits.  Ardyss purports that The Panty Reshaper offer protection as well as shape a woman’s body.  The needs of the woman are first and foremost the most important consideration in the design of this panty.  The highest quality and standards in workmanship and materials are put into each and every garment.

The average panty manufactured by other company is made with aesthetics in mind.  Panties with beauty in mind are definitely something that many women appreciate.  The needs for a panty that provides additional benefits, such as support and improved posture are sometimes needed. The practicality of Ardyss Panty Reshaper has 4 key benefits in mind.  The following 4 benefits are supported by an Orthopedic Surgeon as listed below:

  1. Improve Buttocks size and shape
  2. Helps the Lymphatic system
  3. Lifts sagging buttocks
  4. Favors a correct posture preventing tiredness

This underwear shaper helps correct your posture, lift your buttocks and improve buttocks shape.  It helps in avoiding injuries that may be caused by force transmitted by walking, running or jumping.  The Panty Reshaper is a perfect complement with the Angel Bra to get the greatest benefit possible. If the Ardyss Panty Reshaper performs as Ardyss International states, then this Panty Remodeladora is an excellent addition to anyone who is concerned about reshaping their body.

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October 8, 2009

What Are The Top 5 Reasons That Women Wear the Body Magic Shaper by Ardyss International?

Feel The Body Magic

Feel The Body Magic

The Body Magic Shaper by Ardyss International reshapes and reduces a woman’s figure by up to 3 dress sizes. The Body Magic Shaper may be used in conjunction with The Angel Bra which is a bra shaper for maximum result.  The reasons that a woman may use this waist shaper are too numerous to mention, but I have narrowed them down to the Top 5.

Angel Bra

Angel Bra

1. You can breathe now

I know you have an outfit that is way back in the closet that you refuse to throw away because “I am going to get back into those jeans again one day”  The one day never seems to come so your favorite jeans just sit in the closet collecting dust. The Body Magic allows you to breathe easy and reminisce about the places you visited and the things you did back in the days in those jeans.

2. See you in the full length mirror again?

When is the last time you looked the complete you in the mirror?  Stop looking at just your face and the upper part of your body.  If every time you look at you in the mirror and you are reminded of your unhappiness with your body and weight.  You may get ready to see the new you more often in your Body Magic Shaper in that full length mirror.

3. The one person missing at the gym.

You are wondering as you get out of your car, Why is the trainer at the gym is giving you strange looks?  Upon entering, she asked you, who are you?  We have many members but I have never seen you here before.  Don’t come up missing at the gym.  You can wear your waist shaper until you have the time to work out consistently.

4. Wow, you look great baby,

When was the last time you heard those words from the special person in your life.  Your underwear shaper will have your significant other showering you with compliments everyday.  Mona Lisa will not be able to compete with the massive smile on your face.

5. You can share it with your friends and make extra income.

The Body Magic allows you to make additional streams of income.  You have the opportunity to make extra income but you must learn how to market your business.  The Body Magic is a great product, but once you have sold all your friend and relatives, then what is the next step?  You have to join a team that can teach you market you properly online and not the Ardyss International’s products.

The Body Magic in conjunction with The Angel Bra will transform your body by 3 sizes.  You may use it for any of the previous 5 reasons discussed above or you may use another personal reason. You may have noticed that you are the main catalyst in all of the reasons to use The Body Magic Shaper so why are you missing in the marketing of the products of Ardyss.  The key to success is learning how to market you online before you exhaust all of your friend and family.

YouTube Preview Image

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September 25, 2009

Does The Angel Bra by Ardyss International Give Women The Support That They Need?

It supports Your Back and Lifts Your Breasts

It supports Your Back and Lifts Your Breasts

The Angel Bra by Ardyss International gives women the support that they are missing from all other bras.  The bra has been worn as a fashion statement by Madonna back in the eighties, but the fundamental function of the bra is to provide support.  The vast majority of bras are very beautiful and sensual.   The bra manufacturers have focused on the aesthetics as oppose to functionality of the bra.  What is the main reason that a woman wears a bra?  For the smaller breasted woman this might not be as much of a concern as their larger breasted counterparts.

The average bra is designed where the shoulders support 100% of the weight of the breast.  Ardyss International designed the Angel Bra with the needs of women in mind.  Imagine a bra that support 75% of the weight of a woman breasts while the shoulders support the rest.  It also helps alleviates back pains and aches. This Bra also reshapes the breast and improves the natural beauty.  It also preserves the spinal column in the back by helping a woman maintains the correct posture.

The Angel Bra by Ardyss International is made with the highest quality standards and does what most bras do not do.  The suspension system supports the breasts so a larger breasted woman will have some relief from the pain involved with supporting 100% of her breast weight.  The smaller breasted woman will see an increased breast size due to the inner working of the suspension system.  They are many other benefits of  The Angel Bra, but the most important benefit is the fact that it supports 75% of the weight of the breasts.

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September 20, 2009

Forum Marketing: Great Way to Generate Free Leads and Traffic For Your Work at Home Business Opportunity Money

Forum Marketing is one of the best methods to generate free traffic and targeted leads for your work at home business opportunity money. It is also a good way to create natural back links for you website or blog. The true benefit to posting in forums is developing and being perceived as a leader which leads people to want to know more about you. Forums are great places to gain and share knowledge and develop skill sets. Demonstrating leadership attracts people to you and the business that you are marketing. Some procedures must be followed when you participate in a forum.

YouTube Preview Image

Each forum has a different feel to it so spend some time checking out the post and the response to the posts. The first thing you need to do is set up your profile. The profile is a great place to give people the opportunity to get to know you.  Review the rules of the forum and also read any “sticky” posts will provide you with invaluable information. You are allowed a signature that will appear below every thread that you post in that forum.  Your signature is the only place that self serving links are allowed.  The body of the post may contain non-self serving links that adds value to the conversation. A back link is a link from another site that leads back to your own.

The appeal of setting up back links in the Forums tends to attract spammers. The back links that the search engine recognizes from Forums are normally rated well. The visitors in the forums reading the post are looking for the content in the post. The search engine are looking for original content on a regular basis, but if the forum is filled with nothing but spammers then the back links from that forum will be useless. The owners of the forum will police the forum for spammers as best as they can. If you are part of a forum that has a whole bunch of spammers, then it is better to find a different forum to actively participate in on a regular basis. The frequency of your post is determined entirely by you, but the bare minimum is two times per week

The best ways to actively contribute to a forum are listed below:

1. Ask a genuine question

2. Answer a question

3. Request a critique

4. Make a suggestion

5. Provide an opposing view with respect

6. Agree with a post

7. Provide a link to a relevant You Tube Video

8. Suggest a helpful resource or link

9. Provide a useful tip

10. Post summary of current news that is relevant.

You may interact in Forum but some rules must be followed as listed below:

1. I emphasize being genuine because your posts will reveal who you are truly.

* I have been part of discussions where the person asked for help but never responded to any of the advice given. If you going to ask for help at least have the decency to act like you care.

2. ‘I agree with you”

* This is not a blanket post that you should write every time. This statement makes the person who posted the leader not you.

3. Requesting a critique of a splash page, website etc. that you spent a total of 15 minutes working on it The forum give suggestions for free anything else you must pay.

4. There is a professional way to give a dissenting opinion so be tactful not rude

5. If the link you post in your thread is a self serving affiliate links at least get a domain name and forward it to your link.

Forum marketing is a viable way to generate free leads as well as generate natural back links. When Google searches for original and popular content back links is one that help determine how your website or blog gets rank. A forum overrun by spammers will not have original content.  The great thing about running a work at home business opportunity money is that if it does not help you then you do not have to participate in it.  If Google sees that a Forum’s content is inconsistent, then the spiders will visit that forum less and less. The back links from that Forum will become useless. The main point of forums is to gain and share knowledge,  if you are not receiving neither, then you should leave the forum.

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September 12, 2009

Are the Maternity Panty Girdle and the Postpartum Girdle Viable Products for Your Top Home Business Opportunity?

Ardyss International markets about 30 different reshaping products for both men and women to market in their top home business opportunity. The maternity panty girdle and the postpartum are geared towards servicing the needs of the expecting mother. This market segment has special needs because of the tremendous changes that a woman goes through especially during and after the pregnancy.  A woman’s body during the pregnancy goes through a lot of different changes while bringing the fetus to term. Her weight will increase to accommodate the growing fetus; therefore, she will have added pressure on the structure of her body.

The maternity girdle by Ardyss International is designed to support the weight of the fetus from the spinal column and helps balance the weight of the body. The wearing of this garment also keeps her vital organs in their respective places. Her derriere will have an enhanced feature due the natural and effective way that Lipo-transportation moves your fatty tissue towards the rear. If this does as it advertise in marketing in your top home business opportunity, then this product will be great to wear during a woman’s pregnancy. The needs after pregnancy are different because many of the organs are displaced.

The average woman is always in a hurry to get her body back to where it was before her pregnancy. The bundle of joy delivered is truly appreciated and loved, but looking into the mirror and seeing her previous body is even better. The next product, post partum girdle, in Ardyss International’s arsenal that is designed to aid in getting a woman pre-pregnancy body back as soon as possible. The post partum girdle helps in repositioning her displaced organs to their location and helps a woman’s body recover faster. It also redistributes her weight thereby helping the abdomen and back muscles. This allows her to be fully mobile in caring for her baby.

The maternity panty girdle and the post partum girdle are both great products and are indeed worth the extra effort and expense. The faster a woman recovers after pregnancy the better. When marketing your top home business opportunity these two products add greatly to increasing your distributorship. These products are great as a stand alone but with the proper diet and exercise while consulting your doctor, better and faster results will be achieved.

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