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November 4, 2009

3 Critical Stages That The Ardyss’s Angel Bra Shaper Aids Your Health

There are 3 different stages of a woman’s life that the Angel Bra Shaper benefits your health.   Ardyss International has made the Angel Bra to perform at the best optimal level without aesthetic being the main reason.  The average bra is made with beauty in mind, but true support of the breast is non existent. This garment is made from quality material with the highest quality to make certain it does not become loose or get larger.  The quality construction allows this bra shaper to be an outstanding addition during pregnancy, post surgery and helping prevent breast cancer.  These different possible stages of your life will be easier with the use of the Angel Bra.

Pregnancy put a women’s body through the paces because of the amazing event that is about to take place.  Her body changes to accommodate the growing baby that is within her body. There are many special features on this bra shaper that you will not find on the average bra.  A nature occurrence during pregnancy is the gradual enlargement of your cup and thorax.  The Angel Bra provides 100% protection against the semblance of stretch marks. You may continue the use of this Angel bra shaper after pregnancy for even better benefits. The thing about life is that things happen so if ever have surgery this bra shaper will help in your recovery.

It is normally very important that the breasts are kept in a fixed position after surgery, this will aid in your recovery after surgery.  The average bra supports hardly any of your breast weight, while the Angel Bra supports 75%.  This will help your body to recover even faster.  The next and final stage that I will discuss is preventing Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths.  The cause of the cancer is unknown but lack of blood irrigation in the nipples has been a proven cause.  The odds are that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer while 1 in 35 would die.  The treatment for this cancer along with earlier detection have aided in lowering these statistics.  There are currently 2.5 million breast cancer survivors.  The Angel Bra allows adequate blood irrigation preserves the correct position and direction.  These 3 stages could be major events in the life of a woman, but the use of the Angel Bra could truly help.

The Angel Bra is a critical tool during a pregnancy, post surgery and helping prevent cancer.  A Maternity Panty Girdle provides optimal support during pregnancy in conjunction with the Angel Bra.  The Body Magic is a great addition with The Angel Bra Shaper to help in your recovery after surgery.

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October 21, 2009

How Does The Ardyss Panty Reshaper or Panty Remodeladora Measure Up?

This article is a review of the Panty Reshaper or Panty Remodeladora of Ardyss International.  Ardyss has a number of products, such as the Body Magic Reshaper, Angel Bra and The Panty Reshaper.  The Body Magic Reshaper and Angel Bra have a number of different attributes that help supports and reshape a woman to fantastic results.

The Panty Reshaper has many of the same qualities and when use in conjunction with The Angel Bra gives you even better benefits.  Ardyss purports that The Panty Reshaper offer protection as well as shape a woman’s body.  The needs of the woman are first and foremost the most important consideration in the design of this panty.  The highest quality and standards in workmanship and materials are put into each and every garment.

The average panty manufactured by other company is made with aesthetics in mind.  Panties with beauty in mind are definitely something that many women appreciate.  The needs for a panty that provides additional benefits, such as support and improved posture are sometimes needed. The practicality of Ardyss Panty Reshaper has 4 key benefits in mind.  The following 4 benefits are supported by an Orthopedic Surgeon as listed below:

  1. Improve Buttocks size and shape
  2. Helps the Lymphatic system
  3. Lifts sagging buttocks
  4. Favors a correct posture preventing tiredness

This underwear shaper helps correct your posture, lift your buttocks and improve buttocks shape.  It helps in avoiding injuries that may be caused by force transmitted by walking, running or jumping.  The Panty Reshaper is a perfect complement with the Angel Bra to get the greatest benefit possible. If the Ardyss Panty Reshaper performs as Ardyss International states, then this Panty Remodeladora is an excellent addition to anyone who is concerned about reshaping their body.

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September 19, 2009

9 Health Benefits of The Goji Berry And The Goji Juice

The Goji Berry, which is sometimes called the Wolf Berry, provides many health benefits for your body.  The Goji Berry (Goji) is a bright orange and red in color berry known to China and Southeastern Europe.  It comes from a shrub and may be eaten raw or cooked.  The Goji as a super fruit has had some surprising positive effect to the human body since ancient times.  Polysaccharides are classes of carbohydrates consisting of a number of mono-saccharides joined by glycosidic bonds.  Goji has 18 amino acids, Vitamin A, B & E.  Goji also has 21 mineral, proteins, fiber and Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils. Goji is also one of the richest sources of carotenolds and beta carotene.  One of the richest source of Vitamin C, even more than oranges.  Reduces the damage caused by free radicals to your cells.

This is actual breakdown of the nutritious values of the Goji, but for the average person all you care about are the health benefits.

Nine of the favorite health benefits of the Goji Berry:

1.         Help prevent night blindness and other eye problems

2.         Skin disorders

3.         Enhance immunity

4.         Protects against toxins and cancer formations, colds, flu, and infections

5.         Slow down the aging process

6.         Help lower high blood pressure

7.         Diabetes

8.         Fever

9.         Anti-cancer properties

The Goji Juice is outstanding as a stand alone product but when added with other super fruit such as pomegranate it is even better.  This blended juice also provides even better health benefits for your body.  Goji either as a juice or fruit that you should add to our diet on a daily basis.

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