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March 18, 2016

Are You The POP in Your Business or Just The Fizzle That Brings It Down?

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The P.O.P is a critical element in your developing your business from a hobby to a full blown success.  If you are not a P.O.P, then the people you sponsor in your business will do the same thing you do.  The P.O.P or product of your product is truly about being committed  to your business endeavor wholeheartedly.  Being a product of your product is not the same as buying every single level of business opportunity that your company sells.  It is truly about leading by example,  if you are thoroughly engrossed in your business guess what type of people that you are going to attract.  If you are a person with “lukewarm enthusiasm” that you would truly attract people of the same mind.

The wishy washy person is never right for your business.  I have been in sales for many years and customers making decisions are very important.  I have always been able to live with a yes or no.  The most difficult answer to live with  is a maybe.  When a potential customer tells you that they would “maybe” buy your product it is very difficult to take that “maybe” money down to the bank.  The indecisive person who come into the business will maybe list that item for sale later today.  The crazy part is that later today never comes.  Obviously a “yes” makes it possible to make an eventful trip to the bank.  The finality of a “no” is music to your ears, because now you may move on to the next prospect without feeling like that previous customer will maybe call.  You may also look at other opportunities that may arise from the decision of “no” being made.  The person that is not a P.O.P like you would end up wasting you time and close the door for the right person to enter.

When you are the product of your product, then you would be able to be a true success in your business.  The added pleasure of having a mastermind of people that are just like you are an even greater reward.  The power of the mastermind is stronger when all involved are of like mind and goals.  Remember to always strive to be the best product of your product that you can be.


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February 7, 2015

One Degree Adjustment is What it Takes to be Successful in Your Business

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One degree adjustment is all it takes to be successful in your business.  When you are struggling in your business.  The best way to move your business in a positive direction is all about small changes.   Most of the races in a horse race is won be a nose. The winner gets about ten times the prize money of the second place horse.  The combination of the horse and jockey enjoyed the benefits of the small margin of victory.  This is synonymous   with making slight adjustments in your daily mode of operation in your business.

When you are doing a function in your business dont focus on the big picture.  If you send out ten mailing daily increase it to eleven daily mailing.  The one extra mailing might seem insignificant, but that works out to be 260 extra mailings.  If your open rate is ten percent, then you would have twenty-six more chances to make a sale.  The best way to turn everything in your favor is to change the way you do thing one step at a time.  Most people are paralyzed in fear when they make changes to every aspect of their business at the same time.

It is all about the action and adjusting accordingly.  When you make the move you will learn more about whether you are moving in the right direction or not.   If you are making the incorrect decision, then you make different choices. The beautiful thing about this time of year is that everyone are filled with New Year Resolutions.  The problem is that most resolutions only last about as long as a snowflake in the wind. Your long distance journey will never be completed until you make the first step.  You may put off the first step, but nothing happens until you do something.



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August 26, 2013

It is The Little Things That Matter to Make Your Life, Relationship and Business Flourish

It is amazing how much the little things in your life, relationships and business really matters .  I was witnessed this week to the final part of three seemingly insignificant events that made a dramatic change in my friend’s life.   We might think that the little things does not matter, but in reality little things are more important than the big picture.  The saying goes that we must stop and smell the roses.  We stand from afar and admire the beauty of the rose, but how often do we stop to truly appreciate it up close.  The answer is not usually.

When I think of how this relates to my business it all about “modi operandi” that is the key to my business success.  If you treat your business like a “hobby” then guess what it will continue to be.  It is about the little things that we do everyday to propel our businesses forward.  Are you marketing, advertising and developing strategies daily in your business?  If not it is not too late to begin.  You may directs, contain and utilize the power of water, but you may never control or destroy it.  A continuous stream of water could destroy the biggest rock over time.  It might not happen for one, five or fifty but rest assure it will happen.  How could doing the little things impact your life and relationships?

If you don’t believe that it is the little things stop reading this post and send your love one an unexpected appreciative “love note”.  The reaction that you will receive will be surprising.  This note of gratitude will not only benefit your loved one, but will also benefit you also.  The series of little things is what make a great relationship.  When your significant other is complaining about you leaving the toilet seat up is it really about the toilet seat of something deeper that is bothering her. As men we are late to pick up on these little “subtleties” that will snowball into an avalanche that will bury us.

The quicker that we pick up on these little “disagreements”  the sooner we can work on finding the “solution”.  I have placed solution in quotation, because that is a whole new discussion about men and women differences.  It has come to me time and time again that it is the little things that make your life, relationship and business better.  This week I want you to focus on the little things, then give me some feedback.


May 2, 2013

Gold Nuggets #2 From Zig Ziglar “See You At The Top”

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I am discovering these nuggets as I read this book.  I am not surprised that I don’t know what I don’t know.   “The person who won’t read is no better off than the person who can’t read.”  What is the last book that you have read?  If you are scratching your head with a puzzled look, then this article is about you.  The power to be able read is available to most people.  The problem is that most people stop reading for recreational.   It is normal to read for a book report when you are in high school.    It just seems that once high school is finished most people stop reading.  The only book they read is a  magazine or the newspaper.

It is as if once that last book report is done, a switch goes off.  If you ever want to keep something a secret put it in a book.   I know that that is very harsh statement, but it very true.   It just seems like only a few people find and implement the secrets of success.  The average person never find out the secret or have no desire to look.  The saying is “seek and ye shall find”.  The secret to success is written in all the greatest books of the World.   You only have to open the book and apply the knowledge gain.  Knowledge is the key is a famous saying from the old days.  It should actually read that the application of knowledge is the key.  The  “person who knows but won’t use success principles and information is no better than the person who doesn’t know them.”

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April 22, 2013

Gold Nuggets From See You at The Top by Zig Ziglar

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The gold nuggets from the classic “see You at The Top” by Zig Ziglar are never ending and plentiful.  The gold nuggets that I am going to discuss today is “the price of success is much lower than the price of failure”.  This quote is a reminder of a blog post I wrote a few years back.  Read my blog post  it dealt with the pain of failure or the pain of regret.  Zig Ziglar say the same thing in a different way.  It all stem from the mindset of the person in charge of his or her destiny.  I don’t remember where I heard it but I remember a story of a wise man who was given a choice by an evil man.

The evil man had a bird in his hands that was hidden.  The wise man could not tell if the bird was alive or dead.  He asked the wise man if the bird was alive or dead. The wise man knew that if he stated that the bird was alive.  The evil man would have broken the bird’s neck.  He also knew that if he said the bird was dead, then the evil man would have open his head and let the bird fly away.  The wise man thought about for a few and told the evil man the fate of the bird is up to you.

Zig  concluded the meaning of this parable in a similar fashion “in your hands you hold the seeds of failure or the potential for greatness”.  The decision to be a failure or success is up to you and you alone.  If you point your finger at the person you feel is responsible for your failure.  It is only natural that 3 fingers point squarely at yourself.  Zig Ziglar’ statement is powerful in it own right even though it is simple stated.  The price of success does cost less than the price of failure.  When you fail you tend to live that failure over and over again.  It is if a 2000 pound elephant is weighing you down in a kiddie pool that is your life.


March 16, 2012

Law of Success- Lesson # 3: The Habit of Saving

The Habit of Saving may seem like the most simple lesson in Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success” fifteen lessons, yet it might be the most difficult. The fact that everything that is simple is not always easy. The current state of America dictates that the majority of the population does not even have $1000 in their savings account. The lesson is not about the amount that is saved, but in fact it gauges the discipline and character of the individual. When you are making less money it is easy to dream about what you would do when you have money. A wise man once said that it is not having money that gives you attitude, but in fact it is the attitude that allows you to acquire money.

A direct quote from the “Law of Success” states that “Expenses increased with every increase in my income, which is a habit,…”. This is not the habit that Napoleon wants readers to derive from this lesson. Many people live by this habit of being spendthrift to the fullest. The concept of keeping money for a rainy day is lost on deaf ears. I am reminded of a story that my mother told me as a child. The way I remember the story is that a man was waiting for a windfall. The time that he was waiting for the money to come he boasted about how much he would give to “charity”. The day came and he received his monies and the charity saw none of it. He was later heard saying that when he did not have the money he had the mind, but once he received the money he did not have the mind. The moral of the story is that you must always have the mind to save money.

I have read a number of different books told by storytellers far better than my mom. The knowledge gained from her has not been overshadowed by those of Og Mandingo and Napoleon Hill. Og Mandingo “The Richest Man in Babylon” discussed seven cures for a lean purse and it was very informative and enlightening. He told this story in the simplest narrative that you could not help, but learn his lessons. The one that stand out for me is the same concept that Napoleon Hill is highlighting in “Law of Success”.

Og Mandingo setting for his book was many hundred years ago. Napoleon Hill and Og Mandingo both believed that saving some of your earning is very important. Saving a percentage of your “salary” allowed you to be ready if any opportunity that required investing money. The opportunity to live your dreams comes unexpectedly. The saying is that when opportunity knocks many people are at the back door. The fact that you don’t have your investment ready could be detrimental to your success. The person with a saving is in a better position to invest than a person with no saving at all. The more disciplined you are in saving for the future the better you are view by others. The act of saving consistently is view as a very strong character trait. The people who do not save are view in a totally different light.

Napoleon Hill tells different stories about people who did not have the discipline to save money. The problem that plague many people is that the more they make the more they spend. This habit is sometimes very difficult to overcome. Napoleon Hill defines a habit as “any act indulged in a few times”. He further states that “the mind appears to be nothing more than a mass of motivating forces growing out of our daily habits.” I draw from this that if our habits are not controlled or directed to better acts, then your future may be ruin extensively. I am in concert with Og Mandingo, and Napoleon Hill, as we say save consistently no matter how small.

January 26, 2012

Law of Success- Lesson # 2 Self Confidence Part 1

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Law of Success

Self Confidence is lesson #2 in Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success and I will put my twist on it.  The concept of good and evil is a very easy concept to relate to.  We remember the old familiar picture of two beings resting on our shoulders whispering into our ears.  The one being dress in red is trying to get you to take evil actions, while the other being dress in white is trying to get you to do the right thing.  The one you listen dictates your destiny.  Our thoughts do determine our destiny most of the time.  This can be likened to building your self-confidence to achieve whatever your heart desires.  Fear is one the most detrimental opponent to achieving success in life.


The red dress being attacks your mind with a constant “you can’t do it-you are afraid to try—…” in your ear.  Fear can lead you to do some weird things in your life.  The telephone is a small instrument that can bring the strongest and biggest man to his knees.  It is amazing that when the telephone is your main source of your livelihood and just the thought of picking it up and dialing a prospect could lead you to failure.  Self-confidence is one of the greatest proponents to counteract fear.  The main six fears are listed below:

  1. Fear of Poverty
  2. The Fear of Old Age
  3. The Fear of Criticism
  4. The Fear of loss of  Someone
  5. The Fear of Ill health
  6. The Fear of Death

Most human beings are attacked by these fears in one way or another.  Napoleon Hill states “that nothing brings man so much suffering and humiliation as doe’s poverty.”  Napoleon Hill states that man gets satisfaction out of eating a fellow man out financially while animals eat each other physically.  The combination of these facts makes it one of the most dangerous fears.  You must have confidence in yourself to achieve your goals and aspiration in life, business and relationship.

I will continue with this topic in my next article.  Please comment or provide any feedback.

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October 5, 2010

Why is The Brain The Twelfth Step to Riches And Not The First Step?

The twelfth steps to riches in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich seem to be the shortest chapter in this book, yet it is the most important.  Napoleon Hill describes the brain as the twelfth step to riches. Why is the brain the twelfth step and not the first?  Desire is the first step to riches and originates in the brain.  Emotional feelings are normally associated with the heart.  Most people would say that your heart is where desire develops, but this desire started in the brain.  The seed to increase riches was planted in the brain and cultivated in the heart.

The Brain should truly be the first step and not the twelfth step.  The space between our ears is the true power of what we can achieve in life.  The better you are at using your brain the better chance you will succeed.  What we learn in school or synthetic imagination is taught at an early age would like to your true success.  A teacher teaches that 1+1=2, yet that is not the only knowledge you need to succeed.  Intangible concepts such as autosuggestion, the subconscious mind and creative imagination are used to stretch the power of the brain.

Micheal Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.  Some basketball enthusiast would think that record was what made him great.  I believe that it was his intangibles that made him the greatest.  Micheal practiced more than any other person on his team.  He truly mastered both imaginations to be one of the greatest basketball players ever.

Synthetic imagination works in conjunction with creative imagination to help you achieve your riches.  Your intangibles are useless until you take action.  The Winner’s Creed states that the person who wins is the one he thinks he can. The steps that Napoleon Hill outlines so far are stemming from thinking and growing rich but without action all thoughts are wasted.  Knowledge is said to be power, but it is actually the proper application of knowledge in the right order that is power.

September 15, 2010

The Eleventh Step to Riches The Subconscious Mind Per Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

The subconscious mind holds many mysteries for all of us yet Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich states that this is the eleventh step to riches.   The subconscious mind is the link between the conscious mind and implementation of any ideas and plans.  Have you ever waked up in the middle of the night with the solution to a problem that you had been wrestling with all day?  It could be a person name that for the life of you, you could not remember.  When you laid your head down the subconscious took over.  The fact that you gave attention to that problem was enough acknowledgments for your mind to go to work on the solution.  I might not know how the subconscious mind works, but I know that I work.

I enter a room and turn on the light switch and the majority of the time the lights comes on.  The average person might not know how electricity but they are not going to go out their way to learn why.  They will continue to enjoy these illuminations in total unknowing bliss; the subconscious mind is just like that.  When we tap into our subconscious mind we don’t need to know exactly how it works.  The main requirement is that we must tap into it.  The subconscious mind is a link between your conscious mind and your desires.  It is a medium that we know a small fraction of how it works, but we get evidence of it everyday.  The operation of the subconscious mind is a mystery, but left to its own vices will take your plan, desire or purpose to fruition.

August 11, 2010

The Tenth Step to Riches is Sex Transmutation Per Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

My initial understanding of Napoleon Hill describing the tenth step to riches, Sex Transmutation, in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” has evolved into a deeper understanding.  It is proven fact that when you read a book over and over again you will get different nuggets from it.  “Think and Grow Rich” is one such book.  I have now read this concept about six times now and my understanding is deeper. Transmute is the changing or transferring of one element or form of energy into another.

Watch the video below to learn more about my initial impression:

YouTube Preview Image

I thought originally that the tenth step to riches of Sex Transmutation was about abstaining from sex and using that power to achieve your goals.  I have expanded my thinking to include harnessing that power achieving a higher plane and then attacking your endeavors with a renew concentration.  I think that these concepts are similar to long distance runners and marathoners who push their bodies beyond what the average person can do.  Runners get into what is called a zone where they feel they can run forever.  These runners achieve a level where speed and comfort are maximized.

The runner has to fight internally when they reach the “wall” where the desire to quit becomes stronger and stronger.  As a runner you have to go deep to overcome ultimate failure.  Willpower is easier said than done, but the ultimate reward is substantial.  The stronger your power to will yourself to the finish line the closer you will be to being successful.  Sex transmutation is an excellent example of having to get into that “zone” to combat something that is so natural.

Sexual expression is a natural part of your life and can never be destroyed.  The choice is either finding a constructive outlet for it or indulging in the purely physical aspect of it.  An animal becomes docile after their sex organs are castrated so imagine a man without this source of power.  A transmutation of this energy will help you in the long term when you have the power to overcome the will to indulge in sexual activity.

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