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May 26, 2010

How to Overcome the 6 Super Fears That Are Destroying Success in Your Life, Business & Relationships?

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” discusses the 6 six most common fears that are destroying our success in life, business and relationships.  These super fears may be the single most cause of many failing businesses or people never even attempting a business. These fears appear in many different forms such procrastination, staying within the box, easily influenced, etc. You may be ridden by one or more of the following 6 common fears as listed below:

1. Fear of poverty
2. Fear of criticism
3. Fear of Ill Health
4. Fear of loss of love of someone
5. Fear of old age
6. Fear of death.

All other fears are of minor importance and can be grouped under these six fears. The good thing is that we are normally not afflicted by all of them at once. These fears or in any combination could stop you in your tracks when it come to succeeding in your life and business. When you have fears that are paralyzing and hindering you from achieving success in your life, relationships and businesses, then you must overcome these fears to succeed. The fear of poverty is the very first one I will discuss in this article and the others in subsequent articles.

Poverty is a crippling fear that a majority of the masses suffers from. The current state of The Economy has everyone running scared. We are seeing an increased in violence, neglect and excuses among other things. If I had a dollar every time someone says to me I am not succeeding because of the economy, I would be a billionaire. Poverty is a state of mind, yet it has enough power to destroy a person chance to succeed in life and business. This state of mind fundamentally annihilates the ambition of a person before they even take his or her first step to riches.

There are a number of symptoms of this fear such as indifference, indecision, doubt, worry, over caution and procrastination. If you are stricken with all or some of these symptoms, then how are you going to make the necessary changes? The first step to riches is desire, but before that you have to the right mind set. Our thoughts determine our words, words determine our actions, actions determine our habits, habits determine our character and our character determines our DESTINY.

Our thoughts therefore control our destiny in life so therefore, the best way to overcome our fear of poverty is to control our thoughts. When you are in control of your state of mind, then you would be able to rejuvenate your ability to reason. You would therefore have a renewed enthusiasm towards succeeding and taking the initiative to change your state of mind aggressively. You would only take actions that will be conducive to your success in life and business; thereby indirectly you would be in control of your destiny.

Personal Development is another method that you can use to help you embark on your journey to control your state of mind. Personal Development will help you eliminate those limiting beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back from achieving your riches in life and business. Riches are defined on an individual basis from one person to the next. Some people define riches as money, status, power and for others it might simply be gratitude. The fear of poverty must be broken immediately to prevent future generation from being afflicted with it.

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May 20, 2010

The Law of Compensation Pays You For Your Service Exponentially Not Hourly

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The Law of Compensation states that your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.  The way it works normally is if you work for an hour, then you get paid for an hour worth of work.  Compensation is normally what we receive for performing a specific service at our job.  A server in a restaurant serves many people so you would expect them to be over compensated for their job.  .  The server is expected and requires pay and tips to perform her duties.  The Law of Compensation is all about helping others selflessness, without an expectation of something in return.

The simple act of doing for others is a tough concept for many people.  We live in a society where you are expected to be paid for everything that you do for someone. For many years Mother Teresa ministered to the poor, sick and orphans, an excellent candidate for the Law of Compensation.  The difference is that the “income” that she received was intangible.  Mother Teresa helped people because of her visibility and reputation.  The more people she helped the more she was able to attract people who believed in her cause.  As a nun she did not have a need for material or monetary things.

Do you work in a job that you feel that the Law of Compensation should apply?

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May 17, 2010

The Law of Reciprocity as it Relates to the Game of Basketball

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The Law of Reciprocity is about giving and being open to receive without expectations or obligations.  My two sons were part of the AAU Easter Classic which is a basketball tournament for ages 7 to 17 years old.  I witnessed the law of reciprocity in action live.  The “give and go” is a very great play that when use effectively add points to the overall team score.  The person bringing the ball up the court, with a defender on him, passes the ball to an open teammate on either side of the baseline.  The teammate immediately passes the ball back to him as he cut quickly to the hoop.  The final execution of the play is scoring the two points.  The better teams were the ones that the player did not have a problem passing the ball to the open man.  I think that sometimes we want to do it all alone, but in a basketball game that definitely defeats the purpose of having four other players on the court with you.

The teams that won consistently had no issue with passing the ball to someone else who did not have 3 defenders surrounding him.  The teams that lost had the underlying team of individuals not trusting their teammates and wanting to carry the team on his back.  No one player is better than the team working in unison.  The team is only as effective as the sum of all the parts working together for particular goals and objectives.  The game of basketball is just one area of life where this law is king, what other area of your life do you see The Law of Reciprocity in action?

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May 7, 2010

A Pleasing Personality – Leadership Qualities That Are Critical to Be Successful in Business

Leadership qualities that Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” book discusses to get phenomenal results in life and business. I have discussed unwavering courage, self control, definiteness of decision, definiteness of plans and the habit of doing more than paid for in previous articles. We will discuss a pleasing personality where Napoleon Hill believes that “no slovenly, careless person can become a successful leader”. Napoleon Hill wrote about approximately twenty different factors to describe a pleasing personality. He believed that the main key to this leadership style is do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

The factors of a pleasing personality are listed below:

1. Positive mental attitude
2. Tolerance
3. Alertness
4. Common courtesy
5. A fondness of people
6. Flexibility
7. Tactfulness
8. Personal magnetism
9. A pleasant tone of voice
10. Control of facial expressions
11. Sportsmanship
12. Sincerity
13. Sense of humor
14. Humility of the heart
15. Smiling
16. Enthusiasm
17. Control of temper and emotions
18. Patience
19. Proper dress

You don’t have to make all these factors a part of you leadership style, but any combination of them will make a better leader. There is no perfect leader so you can never be disappointed but a leader continuously tries to improve them self is by far the leader that I will follow. When you are trying to be successful a willingness to learn and adapt to new ideas are very crucial. Your success is based on how much you work on your inner self as opposed to the knowledge that you have.

When you first hear about this concept you automatically think of a leader without a backbone. A leader with this trait actually has an unwavering courage that allows him or her to lead their followers. When you look at the above factors you realized that that is not the case. When your team consist of many different people with different personalities being able to be flexible is required. A successful leader is one who is able to take these personalities and draw the best out of them. A positive mental attitude draws on the fact controlling your mindset is very important in all aspect of running your business. When you have the right mindset you are able to make the correct decisions where appropriate. Common courtesy goes a long way in making a person feel that they are respected by the leader. You tend to get better from people when respect is shown and a genuine sincerity is detected in your interaction with your followers.

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May 4, 2010

Leadership Philosophy That is Critical To Be Successful – The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For

The gems of knowledge that you get from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” are endless. The previous articles we discussed Napoleon Hill’s leadership’s philosophies of unwavering courage, self control, definiteness of decision and definiteness of plans.  We will discuss of a leader who has a habit doing more than he or she is paid for. This leadership philosophy in correlation with his other ideas gives you different ways to achieving success in life and business. The question of who makes a great leader is an idea that is dependent on the person. Leadership means different things to different people. A person who you respect is a leader in your eyes might be a nuisance to others.

People are more prone to keep following a leader that goes above and beyond the call of duty. The ideal world is prone to perfect execution and flawless execution of all plans. We don’t live in the ideal world so a leader who can roll with punches and succeed no matter the obstacles is truly appreciated.  Successful leaders do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. When you have goals that are not on track someone has to do extra work. Leaders sometimes take it upon themselves to put the extra time necessary to get back on track.

Michael Jordan was always the first one at practice and the last one to leave. Michael wanted to make sure that he was prepared to win every game. Michael work ethics made many of his team mates improve their game. He did so much more than was required of him that he inspired many others to do the same. Michael Jordan’s commitment to excellence led to many NBA Championships and the respect of millions of people. Some followers believe that it is their job to pick up the slack and don’t like to see the leader do the extra lifting.

A leader has to able to get down in the trenches and do the “dirty” work sometimes. When your subordinates know that you have no problem rolling up your sleeves and getting to work they have no issues doing more than is expected of them. We are not talking about the people who do it to further their own agenda. The followers who truly believe in the ideals of the leader and are committed to helping him or her accomplish these goals are the one deserving of the praise. If the habit of doing more than is expected of you becomes viral, then your business may explode beyond belief. If you start applying this leadership philosophy and the others in the previous article that Napoleon Hill writes about you will see a change in your business in a relatively short time.

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P.S Read my previous blog post on self control and how it relates to your success.  If you have not read Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow Rich then you need to purchase it right away.


May 1, 2010

Leadership Attributes That Are Critical in Leadership Development to Be Successful – Self Control

Napoleon Hill believed that people who cannot control themselves can never control others. A leader is placed under a microscope by your followers, his or her actions or inaction may be magnified to the extreme. Self-control along with unwavering courage could dictate whether someone believe in you as a leader or perceive you as a “fake”. The governing of one’s self and actions are indications of whether or not you have the ability to lead.  A follower will emulate a leader who stands by his conviction instead of the one who loses control of himself on a regular basis. For example, if you are an advocate against smoking cigarettes, but yet every chance you light up a cigarette.  This conflicting message will force many people to look at you in differently.

Most people are looking to succeed with as little amount of effort as possible to generate phenomenon results. We live in a world with many roadblocks and distraction opposing our ultimate goals and objectives. We live in a society of instant coffee, instant tea and instant gratification. When you live in the now with no concrete plans for the future, then you will have to suffer the consequences. The something for nothing mentality must be erased from your being and be replaced some of the attributes that Napoleon Hill wrote about.

The people who restrain themselves and put the necessary sweat equity into their endeavor are far more successful, than those who feel society owes them something. For example, Joachim de Posada, speaker and motivational coach, talks about an experiment where they took 4-5 year old kids, and left them in a room for 30 minutes. The kids were instructed that if you don’t eat the marshmallow that was in front of you, you would get another one when we return. Many of the kids did everything, but stand on their head to avoid eating the marshmallow.

The scientists then re-visited the kids 13-15 years later and found that the kids that ate the marshmallow before time was not as successful as the one who did not eat it. This experiment was about self control where you had a choice between instant gratifications or delayed gratification with a bonus. A true leader with self control may make the decisions that could impact the lives of many people and be trusted until the results come to fruition. The successful leader makes decision quickly, but changes slowly. Leaders must have unwavering courage and self control to build a network of followers who will trust them implicitly.

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April 25, 2010

Leadership Attributes That Are Critical in Leaders to Be Successful – Keen Sense of Justice.

Napoleon Hill’s” Think and Grow Rich” believed that a leader should possess a keen sense of justice. Any leader with this quality does the right thing even when no one is watching. A true leader follows his own set of codes that dictates his actions in any given situation.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK Jr.) was such a leader in his fight to end racial segregation and racial discrimination.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. accomplished these changes through civil disobedience and non-violent means. He fought for justice and fairness in the face of danger staying true to his beliefs. People followed and respected MLK Jr. based on a number of factors, but his keen sense of justice was the overshadowing factor that made him a strong leader. A fish stinks from the head down, so naturally his followers will imitate.

If you are truly committed to your beliefs system, then you will do what is right always.  It is very difficult to keep this core trait out of every aspect of your life.  It could seep into your business life as well.  Most businesses with a good grasp of right and wrong tend to have a very strong foundation.  A company that recalls a defective product after finding a defect will be respected.  The company that only does the recall after a whistle blower reveals it is viewed by many in a negative light. The goodwill that is generated by doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing can not be measured on a monetary basis.

The desire to make more profit is overshadowed by the desire to do what is right. If your business model is based on lying, cheating and hoodwinking people into coming into your business, then eventually the house of cards will implode. Leaders must true to themselves and respond in a way that ethical and fair and it does not matter whether he or she is under the microscope or not.

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April 22, 2010

Leadership Attributes That Are Critical in Leadership to Be Successful – Definiteness of Decision

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” wrote about eleven attributes of leadership that are critical to be successful. The leadership attributes that I will discuss in this article is definiteness of decision.  Napoleon Hill believed that “people who waver in decisions show that they are not sure of themselves.  This author d id not list these attributes in any particular order of importance, but he felt that all or a combination of these attributes will make you a leader that your business partners will respect and appreciate.  Successful people make decision quickly and change them slowly, while unsuccessful people make decision slowly and change them rapidly.

We must be steadfast in the decisions that we make and not change them even when nothing is going right.  Steven Spielberg is an excellent example of this he made the decision to be movie director from a very early age.  Steven Spielberg kept focused on his endgame and he did whatever it took to make his dreams come true.  “Jaws”, his second film, released in 1975 broke box office and Steven Spielberg went on to phenomenal success. He did not give on his dreams and did something else when he was turned down.

The turtle outran the hare in that famous nursery rhyme because he had made a decision to finish the race no matter what.  The hare on the other hand felt that it was an easy win so he took a rest and when he decided to finish the race the turtle had already won the race.  When you make decision slowly and change them quickly, then you are destined to be an unsuccessful person.

These unsuccessful people do not have the intestinal fortitude to hold fast to their dreams.   The beautiful thing about personal development is that if you identify the obstacles in your path to success you can figure out a way to overcome them.  If you are a starter but not a finisher in your decision making processes. One way to get around that is get a finisher in your mastermind group.  The synergy of you as the starter and having a finisher would help you achieve your goals.  Napoleon listed the eleven attributes of leadership and he knew with desire you can become this successful leader.  You can become successful by mimicking the habits of successful people. You can become a person who has definiteness in the decisions that you make to become the successful person that you want to be.

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December 14, 2009

Discovery Series: #1 Key to the Law of Attraction is Matching Vibration

The Luminaries on the Discovery Series by Life Path Unlimited discusses The Law of Attraction in depth on the path to Attraction.  I gained some insightful and definitive information that have led to a better understanding of this law.   Micheal Losier, Author of “Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t” states that the key ingredient to the Law of Attraction is matching vibrations.  Attracting more of what you want may be achieved by sending out vibes and statements into the universe attesting that fact.  Law of Attraction states that if you want positive results, then you must send out positive vibes.

Micheal Losier gives an example of people on a line trying to buy lottery tickets; everyone on line wants to win the lotto. These potential lotto winners are giving attention, energy and focus on the possibility of winning the lotto.  The Law of Attraction does not know if the vibes is negative or positive, it just match vibration.  Some of these lotto players while on line are thinking about reasons while they will not win. Everyone will not win the lotto visualizing yourself winning will work more in your favor.  The action of purchasing the lottery ticket is definitely required to have the opportunity to win the lottery.  They are many people who want to win the lottery, but never purchase a ticket.

The Law of Attraction as an entity by itself will never let you achieve success.  The Law of Attraction is useless without action because knowledge is not power but the application of knowledge in the right sequence is power. The people who use this law without action are just spinning their wheels.  The Law of Attraction is always trying to match your vibes so achieving the proper mindset is a major determining factor in getting this law to work for you.

October 22, 2009

What Is The True Path to Riches as Told by The Discovery Series by LifePath Unlimited?

I was listening to my Discover Series by LifePath Unlimited and no matter how matter how many times I listen to my CD set I always pick up something new.  I was listening to  The Path to Riches and when I first purchased the set I thought to myself I can’t wait to get that “Riches CD”.  It will finally tell me how to become immensely wealthy; I was in for a surprise because as it turned out The Path to Riches was gratitude.

I was like gratitude but as I listened to the CD I totally understood where the path to riches laid.  Patrick Combs, host Luminary, discussed “that the only time you are unhappy, is when you focus on what you don’t have.”  That is a deep statement because it is so true.  How do you feel when you are thinking about the money in your bank account?  Did I see a smile across your face or a sad look?  A perfect example of this is King Midas, most of us have heard about “The Midas Touch”.

King Midas was a great king and had many things to be grateful for such friend, family and especially his daughter.  King Midas longed to be the richest man in the World and he was granted a wish that everything he touched would turn to gold.  The only problem was that it came at a grave price because everything he took for granted turned to gold.  He was no longer able to appreciate the flowers, his friends, food or his daughter.  The Midas touch changed everything he should have been truly grateful for into gold.

When I heard this story as a child I thought that the story was about greed and being covetous.  As an adult I see so much more than that, gratitude is indeed the path to riches.  The one thing that I am grateful for is my time freedom.  I remember when I worked 12 to 14 hours workday and then get up in the morning to do it all over again.  What are you truly grateful for?

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