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September 17, 2014

Offline Marketing:The Biggest Bandit Sign Fail of The Year

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Offline marketing is one of the best way to grow your business.  Offline marketing is all about advertising your online business while you are living your life.  You might not think about it but going to a restaurant, pumping, going on a road trip etc.  is great opportunity to advertise your business.  Imagine taking a vacation and by the time you return home your vacation is wholly or partly paid for because of your offline marketing.  The goal of the bandit sign is to bring offline people that might not see your ad online and therefore giving you an opportunity to increase your sales.  The thing that sucks is when your offline goes awry.  My bandit sign mishap is the biggest fail of the year.  I was out living my life and I decided I would put out my sign.  A bandit sign is an ad that you may place on poles, side of the road, on trees etc.  There is a whole strategy in the inner working of the bandit sign. I was rushing to put up the sign and I put it up up sided down. Hello you can see that I have a nice red color lettering and a decent size canvas, but how is a passing motorist going to read my phone number.  The phone number normally leads to a recording that is designed to inform the caller about your opportunity.  Call my number to see what is on mine.  The lesson learned here is never put your sign up in a hurry unless you verify that it is right side up.  There are many cheap offline marketing tactics but bandit signs is not one of them.  it is very important that whether you use offline or online marketing that you get a return on your money.  Am I getting a good return on my money?So never, never, never put up your sign in rush without first making sure that it is correct. Click here to  learn how to use blogging generate free leads for your home internet business opportunity   P.S To learn more about the online business that I am promoting offline click here Blog Marketing is also a great wat

May 12, 2013

Swiping Emails and Making Them Your Own From Your Upline in EZ Money Formula Network is Not Illegal

Swiping emails and making them your own from your up line in EZ Money Formula is not illegal but is expected.  When you work with a team that wants everyone to be successful, then converting emails to represent you is encouraged.  The amazing is that the system is designed for you to do it easily.  It only requires that you change the affiliate links with your username at the end.  Your opt-in list is one of your most valuable asset in your home business.  You must definitely appreciate it, because it is very difficult to build a proper list.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is done for EZ Money Formula.

The rule of how many times you should keep in contact with your list varies.  It depends on which marketing expert you speak to.   Some recommend that you one a day is too many while others believes as many times as you want to sent one.  The leads have opted in to your leads and if it is too much then the unsubscribe button is on every email.  You must send the amount of emails that you feel comfortable with.   The more your list get to know you the better.  It is amazing but the people with the biggest list is not always the biggest income earners.   The more your list like, and trust you is a big determinant of the size your income.

The more you keep in contact with your list the better chance that you will grow your team.  It is all about growing your team and business.  The more personalize your email the better.  The generic auto-responder emails is designed to correspond to everyone.  The email that you broadcast is to attract your targeted business partner.  I leave you with this thought the more “real” you are to your list the more money you will make.

P.S To read more about the importance of your email opt in list visit here Marketing list is necessary to ensure success in your home based business



December 30, 2012

Online Market Research For Blogging or Various Internet Marketing Paid Methods

Online market research for blogging or various internet marketing paid methods is one that should not be taken likely.  When you are looking for keywords that your potential market might be entering into a Google or other search engine it is critical that you are as exact as possible.  The concept of throwing the biggest net that you can get your hand on is an out of date strategy.  You must have a specific target market in mind.  Everest University knows exactly the type of students that they are trying to attract.  When I watch their commercials on television, I have no doubt that they are targeting single women with a family who need a break in life.   I am quite sure that they are successful at that, because it is clear and precise.  Your online market research must be as targeted as Everest University.

When I see their ads I know who they are trying to attract.  If your internet marketing method is vague and diluted then you might occasional get a signup once in a while but you will never have that phenomenal success.  The cost of your marketing will be over inflated and you will never recoup your losses.  If you use a big net and you are totally off base how accurately can you adjust.  When you cast a smaller net, you have an advantage over a big net.  You can reel it in, adjust slightly and recast quickly.  Napoleon Hill stated that unsuccessful people are slow to decision and quick to change and successful people are quick to a decision and slow to change it.  Successful people do not go after the most recent shiny object.

When you are doing online market research to setup a blog so you may generate leads for your primary business.  Search Engine Optimization(SEO)  is a great internet marketing strategy even though it is slower than paid methods.  The difference is that most of your SEO leads are acquired at very low cost.  Google External Keyword Tool is a great resource to use whether you are using paid or SEO strategies to grow your internet marketing business.  A blog is well liked by Google and as long as you keep your content fresh and original it is seldom that you are giving that famous slap.

Market research for your internet marketing business may be done inexpensively by using free tools.  The key to success is to make you continue the conversation that is going on inside your target market.  If I on your ad about dog lovers and as soon as I click on you link I see nothing but cats.  I am not only going to run away quickly(bounce rate) which signals to Google that you are a spammer.   Read more about Online Marketing Strategies, such as using Video Marketing.

YouTube Preview Image
P.S Watch this video to see how to use Online Market Research For Blogging Using Google Keyword External

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December 16, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics: Making Your Content Viral

Making your content viral is the new catch phrase of the Social Media age. How many times have you heard that video went viral on YouTube? The views are over a million and you wonder to yourself how until you see the video. Guerrilla marketing tactics are about using the best low cost traffic generator that is at your disposal. What could be better than totally free views for a video that took you a short time to produce? The way to make money on these views is a different topic all in itself. The more eyes that sees this content the better chance you have to advertise your business or products.

Viral is just word of mouth to the million fold. Traditional word of mouth is your trusted friend telling you that a certain dentist or doctor is great. Viral is more like you are passing on something that is very contagious. My sons are always showing me the latest funniest video on YouTube. I was watching one the other day where the repo-man was trying to repossess a car and the short owner did some acrobatic kicks and knocked down this big guy. I watched that videos a few times, because it was so funny. I then shared it on the #2 ranking website in the World. It is no wonder why Google would own YouTube. When the funny bone is engaged it is almost an instant hit. The stronger that you have a foothold on the top websites in the World the better for your business will be as long as you can convert them to a buyer.

It does not matter if you more views ever in the history of YouTube if you can’t convert them.  The first thing is to get them to  sign into your list.  The next step would be building a relationship with your auto-responders and eventually a paying customer or business partner.  The odds are that you will have to use one or more of the top 4 sites in the World.

The top 4 sites on the web according to Alexa are listed below:
1. Google
2. Facebook
3. YouTube
4. Yahoo


There are a number of factors in making your content worthy of re-post on the number #2 and #3 website in the World. You may do it the natural way or you may use sites, such as where you may pay for your views or likes to jump start your campaign. The faster your video shows up in the number one spot the better. Guerrilla marketing tactics that could help make you content viral is listed below:


1. Write a blog posts on a relevant blog
2. Ping it on sites such as Onlywire, Pingomatic etc.
3. Syndicate it on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media sites
4. Make a video upload to YouTube with a link pointing back to the blog post
5. Write an original Article post it on top site such as linking back to the blog post.
6. Make a Squidoo lens about the same topic linking it back to the YouTube Video and blog post.


It sounds like a long process, but the key is making it something that people will want to share.

Read Guerrilla Marketing Tactics: Information Boxes

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October 28, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics #2: Poster Board

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics such as using Poster Board which are low cost and effective.  The key to this tactic is being where your ideal prospect frequents.  If you are marketing a high tier opportunity, then your ideal prospect will probably not be in a coin operated laundromat.  The low end opportunity is perfect for this type of marketing.  It is better to cast a special niche net, than to cast a wide net to capture everyone.  The more targeted your prospects the better results.

The average person in a laundry mat spend the time waiting as creatively as possible.  When you are waiting them on more than likely you will walk the building aimlessly.  The poster board is great option to kill time while you wait.  A captive audiences give you the ideal scenario to acquire a business partner.  Guerrilla marketing tactics are great for the low budget marketing.  You may also post in Community bulletins board, businesses that allow you to leave your business card or flyers.  The key is that you are marketing during the time that you are doing in your everyday normal life.

The Offline to Online marketing is a great avenue to acquire more business partners.  The personal touch that a real person who lives locally placed that flyer might the major influence in getting them to take a look at your opportunity.  The worse thing you could do is procrastinate from doing any marketing at all.  Procrastination is the assassination of motivation,  don’t wait start marketing now.   It is better to market consistently everyday than to not do anything at all.  Watch my Guerrilla Marketing Tactics #2 video on YouTube.

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October 15, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing Tactic #1: Information Boxes

Guerrilla marketing tactic #1 are Information Boxes that you see on the side if the road, in supermarket, and everyplace you least expect them.  The equipment you will need are a pen, post it note and a mini ad copy.   The strategy is to placed a handwritten ad on the post it note and stick it to the free booklet.   The concept is simple the free guide are taken out one at a time.  The person is normally in the market for which ever booklet they pull out of the box.  You might find employment guide, homes for sale or truck shopper etc.  The odd are that if they are taking the free employment suggest might suggest that either they are looking for a job or someone they know is.   When you are prospecting you are looking for someone who put their hands up that they are looking for a business opportunity.  When you unemployed you might be more prone to look at anything that gives you the possibility of a job.  It could take you about an hour or so to visit a few boxes and leave your ad.

It is a very inexpensive way to build your business on a budget.  The key to any method that you use whether online or offline is consistency.  A personally written note adds that personal touch.  My handwriting is not the greatest so if you must visit Vistaprint for a stamp.  You must keep doing it until you achieve a target daily, weekly or monthly amount of leads.  Procrastinating will never help you achieve success, start some form of marketing now.  Keep a lookout for my next Guerrilla Marketing Tactic.

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June 24, 2010

Top 3 Article Marketing ‘s Secrets That Are Simple to Implement For Your Home internet Business Opportunity

The best article marketing’s secrets are very easy to implement.  You must be able to write on a consistent basis.  The best way to counteract writers’ block is use the 3 methods discussed in this article.   The ability to spin your original article in different version is available, but content is truly king. The writers who produce the best content are more likely to see their subscription grow.  The art of generating a lead for your home internet business opportunity is numerous.  Article marketing is one of the best lead generation techniques. It is possible to learn these methods, but if you don’t use the following 3 secrets, then mastering article marketing will be next to impossible.

Love your topic

It is much easier to write articles for your home internet business opportunity, when writing about topics that you love.  A simple test is the ability to write an article every day for a very long time.  If you are having difficulties by the second day, then you may have to re-evaluate your topic.  The more passionate you are about your topic the more likely that you will be able to write for an infinite amount of time.

Just Write

Perfect grammar and syntax are not required, because the best writers write directly to their target audiences.  You do not have to be an expert writer to write articles. When you select your target market and you are in tune with them, then writing becomes a pleasure instead of a chore.

Have Fun.

When you have fun, then your writing will not become boring or dull.  A dry spell normally may be trace to the fact that you are not well verse in your selected niche.  When you write about things that you enjoy, then your readers will feel and appreciate it.  The main objective is to engage your readers to encourage them to come back to your blog again and again.

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February 9, 2010

What Do Chutes And Ladders Teach Us About Running a Home Internet Business Opportunity?

The simple act of playing a board game as a child could teach us tremendous concepts about running your home internet business opportunity.  One of my favorite game as a child was Chutes and Ladders where your goal was to reach the top of the board.  The person who got to the top first was the winner.  There were certain pitfalls or rewards that you could receive or be penalized.  You could either land on a square that took you closer to your goal as you traveled up the board.  The alternative was landing on a square that made you slide down the chutes or further away from your goal.  You either moved towards your goal very rapidly or very slowly.  The speed that we get closer to our goals in our home internet business opportunity is determined by a number of different factors.  The amount of targeted traffic that you generate to your website or blog is critical to your growth.

Google is always watching your website or blog and the activity of your blog or website to rank it appropriately.  SEO marketing is a method that is more towards slowly ranking your website while PPC marketing is for getting a more rapidly ranked website or blog.  The method that you use is dependent on your preference.  Chutes and Ladders can bring you very close to giving up and starting all over when you slide down a chute.  The actual throwing of the die determines whether you go up or down. Google can knock you back with a slap and the way you respond determine whether your home internet business opportunity will succeed or not.  Pitfalls versus rewards are evenly distributed on the Chutes and Ladders game board, but in real life you might encounter more pitfalls.  Rewards might come more few and far between so being persistence is very important in being successful in your home internet business opportunity.

The risk of not continuing for some people outweighs the possible rewards of succeeding in their home internet business opportunity.  Real life dictates that sometimes the risk is overwhelming while the reward is few and far between.  Chutes and Ladders does teach us about goal setting and achieving our objectives no matter the pitfalls.  The other alternative is reaching the top where you neither went up the ladder nor slide down the chute.  Does this make your journey less valid?

December 12, 2009

Web Marketing Strategy #8: Pay Per Click Marketing For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most popular lead generation method used by most internet marketer. The goal of PPC marketing is to capture your prospect contact information initially.  Once a prospect opts in to your marketing list then you may start to build a relationship through personal contact or auto responder. The way you set up your PPC campaign is the single most determining factor in whether your results are futile or not.

PPC may also be the most expensive marketing strategy if done incorrectly. Google can go through a $5,000 credit card in about one hour whether it is a good or bad campaign.  Google is not concern with whether your campaign works as long as the information seeker clicks on your ads.  The amazing part is that your $5,000 might not net you any leads at all.  The effectiveness of your PPC campaign to produce targeted leads is dependent on a number of factors.

Google’s campaigns tend to be more expensive while campaigns on Yahoo and MSN tend to be more inexpensive.  The most critical initial step is determining your target market. Your target market will determine all of your web marketing strategies whether you are using PPC, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or any other marketing tactics. Research the keywords that you will bid on for your campaign.

You must think carefully about your marketing budget and how much you are willing to pay for a click.  The minimum is always the easier to figure because everyone would love to pay the least amount as possible for a click.  Your maximum that you would be willing to pay is critical especially the more competitive the keyword.  The ultimate goal is to be on page one of Google, Yahoo or MSN.    Impressions are how many times your ad is seen which is determined by a number of factors such as bidding the right amount, writing a good ad that is relevant to your keywords and page.

The foundation of your marketing is built on your target market and knowing what they are looking for. The better you are at getting into the mind set of your target market the greater chance that your campaign will succeed.  PPC as a web marketing strategy will help you generate some targeted leads to your website.  It is an art to getting the right people to click your ad, one of the best resources to learn advance PPC is Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to
Google Adwords.

November 19, 2009

Web Marketing Strategy #7: Outsourcing Your Content For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

Outsourcing is a viable web marketing strategy that is very necessary when your home internet business opportunity get to the point where you can’t do everything effectively and efficiently.  You may outsource almost every aspect of your home internet business opportunity, things as Writing, Linking, Accounting, Customer Support, Programming, Graphic Design etc.

For example you may write your “money” article and outsource the other articles that you need for your other keywords while linking back to the “money” article for SEO marketing.  You can therefore be more effective in writing and researching the “money” article for the main keyword that you are trying to rank on Google.

Outsource projects that you are not the best at and concentrate on the income generating activities that you are very proficient.  When I was growing up the teachers always told me to focus on my weakness to make them stronger.  What I really needed to do was focus on my strength to make them even stronger because I became mediocre at best for my weaknesses.

If everyone else was given the same advice then many of us have focused on the wrong thing.  The basic strategies for growing your home internet business opportunity have been to master one concept, and then move on to the next. When these strategies become numerous then how do we manage our priorities?  We have a limited amount of hours in any given day that we may market our home internet business opportunity.

We all have many different reasons that motivate us. Time freedom and spending time with my sons are my motivating factors.  My sons will have 23 basketball games this season not counting playoff games and I will attend at least 20 of them.  I have also committed to working in the concession stand for at least 5 games. Time management is very important after I add the other facets of my life.  Outsourcing is a great way to help you be more productive without having to be part of every step of your marketing strategies.

Listed below are a number of different websites that you may hire people for your

Outsourcing needs:

The number of web marketing strategies that you use for your home internet business opportunity may be very overwhelming.  Article Marketing, Social Media, SEO Marketing, PPC, Keyword Research, Market Research, and the numerous other things that you have to do for your home internet business opportunity may leave you paralyzed.  Outsourcing some of these assignments may help you operate your business at a greater operating efficiency level.  Leveraging your time by outsourcing projects may be the web marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level.

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