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November 9, 2013

Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Lesson #7: Self- Control is The Balance Wheel That Directs Your Action

Napoleon Hill writes in “Law of Success in Fifteen Lessons” Enthusiasm is a “vital moving force that impels action” and Self control is the “balance wheel that directs your action so that it will build up and not tear down.”  Self control is compared to a balance wheel which is a key component of mechanical watches.  It is very important that it returns to its original position.  When we are not in control of our action it is most likely that we will be lead astray.  Enthusiasm is contagious you may pass it on to the next person easily. Have you either watch a person who was so on fire that you found your self getting emotionally charged.  You were ready to do whatever the person wanted you to do  at the time.  When the person left how did you keep that enthused feeling up.  The odds are you did not, because it may have passed on without difficult.

Self control is the most important trait that you must possess when you are trying to stay on track.  The track is never cleared of obstacles, but  controlling one’s self allow your goals and dreams to come true.  When you continue to struggle daily in your business and your goals never come to fruition.  The desire to give up is a daily demon and it is very easy to give up.  the worse enemy that we face on a daily basis is the negativity between our ears.  The self defeating, self defecating and mental vomit that we feed ourselves on a regular basis.


The more control that you have over the space between the ears the greater the opportunity that you will succeed in your life, business and relationship.  It does not a strong belief in the Law of Attraction that “if you belief that you can’t that it is so”.  I have been in and around selling for most of my life and one thing I know is that if you believe that that person will not buy from you, it is no surprise when they don’t.  I am not saying that you will sell everyone that you present your product or services to, but if you don’t have self-control.  No sale. Self control is the key to continue your journey to become successful.

May 30, 2010

You Must Never Allow The Fear of Criticism to Steal Your Dreams

The fear of criticism is a strong emotion that can bring a grown man to his knees. Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” listed this fear as one the six fears that cripples people from achieving success in life, relationship and business. Your sweaty palms and shaky knees may be overwhelming from doing something as simple as speaking in front of a crowd. This fear can be detrimental to anyone seeking success in business and cause them to reach only a fraction of their potential.

When you are in a crowd moving along with the masses in a non-descriptive mode you are great. Your name is the best thing that is bestowed upon you as a child. You love the sound of your name and you stand at attention when someone calls your name. Yet when someone calls your name to bring you out of the crowd and places you in a fish bowl the sweaty palms and beads of sweat rolling down your head makes you frightened. The fear of public speaking is only second to spiders in the top 10 phobias. Social phobias are the fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations.

A successful leader stricken with the fear of criticism would find it very difficult to succeed. A leader must be able to make decision about policy and not worry the negative chatter that might arise from it. You must overcome this fear if you are truly going to generate the riches that you want in your life. If Henry Ford was ever afflicted by this fear all he would have to do is push one button and have someone else’s take care of it. This method might only work for Henry Ford, but there are more practical and psychological ways to defeat the fear of criticism.

There are a number of simple and not so simple ways to overcome this fear. Three ways that you may use is to unlearn the fear is through therapy, Counter Conditioning and Behavioral Therapy. Counter Conditioning uses relaxation method to allow you to think of a better scenario that you are in as opposed to being on the stage in front of people speaking. We have all heard about the suggestion of imagining the people naked is a form of Behavioral Therapy.

The fear of criticism can do tangible and intangible damage to a person’s confidence and psyche. Tangible damage could be an inability to get on a public stage to talk to a group of people. Intangible damage might be stripping a person of their imagination, limiting individuality and destroying self reliance.  The fact remains that you must beat this fear to achieve success in your life, love, relationships and business.   The fear of Flying is the #3 phobias and once you get on the plane whether the plane crashes or not is beyond your control.  The fear of criticism is a fear that you do have control over.

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May 20, 2010

The Law of Compensation Pays You For Your Service Exponentially Not Hourly

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The Law of Compensation states that your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.  The way it works normally is if you work for an hour, then you get paid for an hour worth of work.  Compensation is normally what we receive for performing a specific service at our job.  A server in a restaurant serves many people so you would expect them to be over compensated for their job.  .  The server is expected and requires pay and tips to perform her duties.  The Law of Compensation is all about helping others selflessness, without an expectation of something in return.

The simple act of doing for others is a tough concept for many people.  We live in a society where you are expected to be paid for everything that you do for someone. For many years Mother Teresa ministered to the poor, sick and orphans, an excellent candidate for the Law of Compensation.  The difference is that the “income” that she received was intangible.  Mother Teresa helped people because of her visibility and reputation.  The more people she helped the more she was able to attract people who believed in her cause.  As a nun she did not have a need for material or monetary things.

Do you work in a job that you feel that the Law of Compensation should apply?

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May 17, 2010

The Law of Reciprocity as it Relates to the Game of Basketball

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The Law of Reciprocity is about giving and being open to receive without expectations or obligations.  My two sons were part of the AAU Easter Classic which is a basketball tournament for ages 7 to 17 years old.  I witnessed the law of reciprocity in action live.  The “give and go” is a very great play that when use effectively add points to the overall team score.  The person bringing the ball up the court, with a defender on him, passes the ball to an open teammate on either side of the baseline.  The teammate immediately passes the ball back to him as he cut quickly to the hoop.  The final execution of the play is scoring the two points.  The better teams were the ones that the player did not have a problem passing the ball to the open man.  I think that sometimes we want to do it all alone, but in a basketball game that definitely defeats the purpose of having four other players on the court with you.

The teams that won consistently had no issue with passing the ball to someone else who did not have 3 defenders surrounding him.  The teams that lost had the underlying team of individuals not trusting their teammates and wanting to carry the team on his back.  No one player is better than the team working in unison.  The team is only as effective as the sum of all the parts working together for particular goals and objectives.  The game of basketball is just one area of life where this law is king, what other area of your life do you see The Law of Reciprocity in action?

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May 1, 2010

Leadership Attributes That Are Critical in Leadership Development to Be Successful – Self Control

Napoleon Hill believed that people who cannot control themselves can never control others. A leader is placed under a microscope by your followers, his or her actions or inaction may be magnified to the extreme. Self-control along with unwavering courage could dictate whether someone believe in you as a leader or perceive you as a “fake”. The governing of one’s self and actions are indications of whether or not you have the ability to lead.  A follower will emulate a leader who stands by his conviction instead of the one who loses control of himself on a regular basis. For example, if you are an advocate against smoking cigarettes, but yet every chance you light up a cigarette.  This conflicting message will force many people to look at you in differently.

Most people are looking to succeed with as little amount of effort as possible to generate phenomenon results. We live in a world with many roadblocks and distraction opposing our ultimate goals and objectives. We live in a society of instant coffee, instant tea and instant gratification. When you live in the now with no concrete plans for the future, then you will have to suffer the consequences. The something for nothing mentality must be erased from your being and be replaced some of the attributes that Napoleon Hill wrote about.

The people who restrain themselves and put the necessary sweat equity into their endeavor are far more successful, than those who feel society owes them something. For example, Joachim de Posada, speaker and motivational coach, talks about an experiment where they took 4-5 year old kids, and left them in a room for 30 minutes. The kids were instructed that if you don’t eat the marshmallow that was in front of you, you would get another one when we return. Many of the kids did everything, but stand on their head to avoid eating the marshmallow.

The scientists then re-visited the kids 13-15 years later and found that the kids that ate the marshmallow before time was not as successful as the one who did not eat it. This experiment was about self control where you had a choice between instant gratifications or delayed gratification with a bonus. A true leader with self control may make the decisions that could impact the lives of many people and be trusted until the results come to fruition. The successful leader makes decision quickly, but changes slowly. Leaders must have unwavering courage and self control to build a network of followers who will trust them implicitly.

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April 10, 2010

Is Your Farm on Farmville Indicative Of Your Personality?

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I was spending quality time with my family the other day.  My sister stated that she noticed our farm’s layout on Farmville was indicative of our personalities.  Her statement was obvious even before she said it, but it did make me think.  The truth is that when we play games we tend to be our self.  Farmville is a game that you may be becoming very addictive to it.

Farmville is a game that allows you to design an actual farm.  You may plant, and harvest many different cash crops and flowers. You can also keep a variety of animals such as pigs, sheep, horses etc.  You may visit other farms to help out for bonuses. This game is very interactive and cooperative because to get a number of things done you need your friends to help you.  The more active friends who play the game the better chance that you will finish these tasks.

I have been playing Farmville for about a couple of months.  My farm is totally based on optimization of my land to make as much money as possible.  I visited some of my friends’ farms to see if I could match the farm to the person. I did witness that the people that I knew well farms was indicative of who they were as person. My college friend had a hot air balloon and her trees lined up in a row.  When I went to school with her she was always meticulous in her behavior and actions.  My cousin’s farm was beautiful with a balloon but with every different animals in a bunch. My cousin has always love animals.  The more farms I looked at the more that this theory came to life.  What games do you play that you can’t help but be you?

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