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March 18, 2016

Are You The POP in Your Business or Just The Fizzle That Brings It Down?

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The P.O.P is a critical element in your developing your business from a hobby to a full blown success.  If you are not a P.O.P, then the people you sponsor in your business will do the same thing you do.  The P.O.P or product of your product is truly about being committed  to your business endeavor wholeheartedly.  Being a product of your product is not the same as buying every single level of business opportunity that your company sells.  It is truly about leading by example,  if you are thoroughly engrossed in your business guess what type of people that you are going to attract.  If you are a person with “lukewarm enthusiasm” that you would truly attract people of the same mind.

The wishy washy person is never right for your business.  I have been in sales for many years and customers making decisions are very important.  I have always been able to live with a yes or no.  The most difficult answer to live with  is a maybe.  When a potential customer tells you that they would “maybe” buy your product it is very difficult to take that “maybe” money down to the bank.  The indecisive person who come into the business will maybe list that item for sale later today.  The crazy part is that later today never comes.  Obviously a “yes” makes it possible to make an eventful trip to the bank.  The finality of a “no” is music to your ears, because now you may move on to the next prospect without feeling like that previous customer will maybe call.  You may also look at other opportunities that may arise from the decision of “no” being made.  The person that is not a P.O.P like you would end up wasting you time and close the door for the right person to enter.

When you are the product of your product, then you would be able to be a true success in your business.  The added pleasure of having a mastermind of people that are just like you are an even greater reward.  The power of the mastermind is stronger when all involved are of like mind and goals.  Remember to always strive to be the best product of your product that you can be.


P.S  To learn more about the mastering with a mastermind group will help your home business .


October 28, 2015

Lemonade as it Relates to Success in Your life, Business or Relationships

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When life gives you lemons, you have a couple of different options either make lemonade or suck on lemons.  If you suck on lemons, then you might definitely take care of some old  world illnesses.  The better option  is to make lemonade in where you convert the lemons with a little sugar and water. This is a short lived solution but it is a sweet use of the lemon.  One other option is to plant the seeds to help grow more lemon trees, thereby ensuring that others will be able to use the lemons in the future.    This act of using what you have is similar to not accepting status quo, but having a desire to do better in your life.  You might be dealt a certain hand in life, but you don’t have to keep playing it.  It is one thing to want to put your life in a better position, but consistent actions are required to implement your desires.

You may relate this transformation of the lemons to your life.  The definition  of insanity  is continuing to do the same thing and expect different  results.  If you continue to accept life and complain about  making changes,yet never doing anything, then your life will continue to be the same.  The more you set goals and dream big the better your lemonade will taste once you gather the ingredients to make it.  The right amount of sugar and lemons is dependent on how much you put in.  Consistent effort is needed on a daily basis to help you achieve your goals.

The policy of only giving a new business opportunity a “try” will never work. The “try” normally last less than 30 days and most people quit and move on to the next “shiny object”.  It is much better to select a business that you like and feel good about. Once you have a business, then the next step is to write your goals, commit to them and go after them using consistent and deliberate effort.  The feeling of accomplishment is indescribable when you achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

Some people want to be a billionaire, millionaire, live with no money worries or just be the best teacher that they could become.  Success is not always about the amount of money that we want in our bank account.  Achieving success might be a professional, personal or even being the best dad that you can be.  The definition of success is different from person to person which is synonmous with the level of tartness in your lemonade. The perfect tasting lemonade is different for each individual person.  Your lemonade might be sweeter, than mine.  It does not mean that your taste preference is better or worse than mine.  The level of success(taste preference)  varies from person to person.  The key is to take what life give you and make it better for you.  I hate the taste of just sucking on lemons for the rest of my life, so transform your lemons.


P.S.  You have put off your goals and dreams for far to long.  Don’t let procrastination the deadly enemy of success keep you from achieving them any longer.  I wrote a blog post regarding procrastination a while back read about it here.


May 4, 2015

What Self Empowering Phrases Are You Using to Motivate You in Your Life, Business and Relationship

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Self empowering phrases that are used daily may be motivating in your life, business and relationships.  One of my favorites is that the universe is conspiring to bring everything that I desire to me.  It does not have to be a mantra, just a powerful statement that you recite on a daily basis.   The more you recite the more it will become an integral part of you.

When you were a kid you heard a lot of different phrases from you parent.  “If you lie down with dogs you will end up with fleas.”  You understand right away the point that they were trying to get across.  The best thing to do is make your empowering phrase simple, but powerful.  When you look at life they are many things that are easy to do, but there are not simple to accomplish.  It is easy like your parents warn you not to hang out with “bad company” and you do it anyway.  It is not simple to get out of prison or get the stink of distrust associated with your name and character.  The more these statements become part of your life the stronger it becomes a part of your psyche.

The universe is always conspiring to give me whatever I desire.  I am not limiting the Universe from bringing great things into my life.  I am allowing the Universe to do everything in its power to satisfy my hearts’ desires.  The key to any phrase that you use is that you must believe that it will happen.  If I allow any doubt, then the Universe will not conspire for my well being.  The other powerful statement that I like to repeat aloud or in my mind is the “everything is going to turn out all right,  I dont know how, but I know everything will turn out alright”.

This might seem like a simple statement, but when everything that can go wrong goes wrong and you see no way that you can get out of all the craziness.  It is good to know that as long as you believe everything will turn out alright.  The best self empowering phrase is one that you truly believe will happen and continue to happen.  The last thing makes it possible is to write the statement down on a daily basis.  The more it is written down the more it becomes part of you.


P.S Do you know where your acre of diamonds is located or is it where you think it is?




April 6, 2015

How to Unlock The Law of Attraction in No Time Flat by Checking This One Thing?

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The best way to unlock the Law of Attraction is check how you are feeling at the moment. It might seem magical, but you may unlock the Law of Attraction in no time flat by checking this one thing. How do you feel emotionally?  The Law of Attraction is one of the oldest law that works rather you are aware of it or not.  It works best when you keep track of how you feel. If you are feeling good, then everything that you send out to the Universe will come back to you positively.  The reverse is true also if you are feeling bad, then you would receive negative in kind. The law of attraction gives you more of what you want and also give you everything you don’t want.  You have to very specific about what you are focusing on.\


The vibration, whether positive or negative, that you send out is return back to you from the Universe.  If you send out a negative vibe, then negativity will come back to you.   Doing a self check of how you feel is the best way to know whether the law of attraction will align with you.  I was listening to my daily personal development tape the other day.  Micheal Losier stated that “if you want to know how you much you know about handling your finance open your wallet”.  The Law of Attraction works exactly the same if you want to see if it is working check your attitude.

The Law of Attraction is magical when you break it down to the simplest form.  Gravity works rather you are aware of it or not.  The Law of Attraction works the exact way how many times have you thought about a friend and the phone rings and it is that person.   “You can learn to mold the Energy that creates worlds through the focus of the mind.” as written by “Ask and it is Given”  by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  The better that you are at controlling your emotion the better you would be at having the Universe work for you in your life.


P.S  If you like to read more about #1 key to the law of attraction which I wrote back in 2009 on my blog.  The truth is that this law of attraction is very similar to the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed.


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February 7, 2015

One Degree Adjustment is What it Takes to be Successful in Your Business

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One degree adjustment is all it takes to be successful in your business.  When you are struggling in your business.  The best way to move your business in a positive direction is all about small changes.   Most of the races in a horse race is won be a nose. The winner gets about ten times the prize money of the second place horse.  The combination of the horse and jockey enjoyed the benefits of the small margin of victory.  This is synonymous   with making slight adjustments in your daily mode of operation in your business.

When you are doing a function in your business dont focus on the big picture.  If you send out ten mailing daily increase it to eleven daily mailing.  The one extra mailing might seem insignificant, but that works out to be 260 extra mailings.  If your open rate is ten percent, then you would have twenty-six more chances to make a sale.  The best way to turn everything in your favor is to change the way you do thing one step at a time.  Most people are paralyzed in fear when they make changes to every aspect of their business at the same time.

It is all about the action and adjusting accordingly.  When you make the move you will learn more about whether you are moving in the right direction or not.   If you are making the incorrect decision, then you make different choices. The beautiful thing about this time of year is that everyone are filled with New Year Resolutions.  The problem is that most resolutions only last about as long as a snowflake in the wind. Your long distance journey will never be completed until you make the first step.  You may put off the first step, but nothing happens until you do something.



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November 18, 2014

Gold Nugget #2: Neglected Mind Will Bring Forth No Seed from As A Man Thinketh

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A neglected mind will bring forth no seed without a doubt. The saying goes that you reap what you sow. The biggest mistake you could make is thinking you are going to get something out of nothing. “A man’s mind may be likened to a garden which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild;” from “As a Man Thinketh“. When your lawn is full of weeds, the less weeds you pull the worse your lawn would look. You would never be able to keep your garden free of weeds and maintain a healthy soil that is conducive for a beautiful garden at that pace. It is extremely critical that you follow all the necessary guidelines to maintain your lawn.

Personal development is one of the best way to prepare your mind for whatever your goals or dreams that you are trying to achieve. It is who you become in the journey that matters. The lotto winner that wins millions , but is financially broke in a few short years. Who did that lotto winner become in picking the winning number?

The lotto winner goal every time he or she played they favorite lotto numbers was to win the lotto. The only requirement that necessary was to make sure that you had a ticket in each lottery drawing. If you missed a drawing you might have a little stress, but once the numbers were drawn the stress goes away. The only thing you would learn is to make sure you played your numbers in a timely manner. Once the person wins the lotto how did they changed in the journey. The answer is not much, so it is no surprise when the money is gone in a short time. When you are committed to accomplishing your goals and dreams, every setback is an opportunity for a learning experience.
The difference between when a lotto player misses a lotto drawing and when you make a misstep in your business is substantial. The lotto player learns nothing while you can learn, adjust and correct your journey in accomplishing your goals and dreams. The more your mind is cultivated in preparing for success the better. The lawn of an abandon home is not as well manicured as one that is getting proper water, fertilizer, mowing and weed control.

P.S.  Your personal development is key component in achieving your goals and dream if you couple it with a mastermind group the sky is the limit for your achievement.

September 2, 2014

Gold Nuggets The Key Traits You Must Have To Be Successful from The Go Getter

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“Go Getter” by Peter B. Kyne is by far the shortest personal development book that I have ever read. You can still get some great gold nuggets from this book. The main points of this book is narrated throughout the entire forty five pages of the book. The point is simply that you should never, never give up on your goals and dreams. The “blue vase” that the Bill Peck searched for is the equivalent to the hopes and dreams that we want to achieve and realize in our lives.

Bill Peck was determined to find that “blue vase” no matter what obstacles came his way. You must be determine to achieve your goals no matter what kind of torpedoes oppose you on the way. If you stop following your dreams, then you will become just like the 95% of the people who fail. The people who fail are the ones that let life go by without attempting anything. The “Bill Peck” of the world keep going and going and moving towards his goals and dreams.

Bill Peck kept relying on his principles and will to keep on going and never giving up. He does not know what the “gold” he will get at the end of the rainbow. He only focused achieving it. Bill Peck with his “disabilities” represent the small percentage of people who become successful. It is amazing that what we may consider his short comings is actual his strength. He had the “disability” to never quit while the “normal” people quit and move on to the next shiny object. The normal people with their “ability” are the ones who are lacking in every aspect of their lives and are doomed to fail. Bill PecK did not let any thing deter him from achieving his objective. The name change of the store from Cohen to Cohn would have stop a many people in their tracks. He acknowledged that the name was different he just made more phone calls. Bill Peck kept going even though he faced obstacles after obstacles. At what point would you have quit or are you a “go-getter”?


The decision is in you hands the question is Which wolf do you feed?

April 9, 2014

Success Large and Small is Proof That You Can Achieve More

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“Every success be it large or small, is proof that you are capable of achieving more successes”.  Napoleon Hill made that previous statement in “Think and Grow Rich”.  I understood this to mean exacting as it is quoted from “Think and Grow Rich”.  You must take the time to appreciate the smaller things in life so that when times are rough you would look back at those small successes.

Success is defined as “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.”  The “prosperous termination of attempts”, it does not state how many attempts were made just that you achieved your goals.  When you are trying to make that first dollar online and you achieve that goal why did you not celebrate it.  Sam Cooke sang that “change is gonna come” and one thing that you can be sure is that you can never have highs without lows.

I think that most people focus on the big picture of success so when the little successes arrives that person tends to ignore them.  “You can recall it when you begin to lose faith in yourself”Napoleon Hill’s “think and Grow Rich”.  One thing you know is that when the small successes is few and far between you will want to quit.  I remember many years ago when a new business was opened the owner use to keep the first dollar that he or she made.  The owner would tape it to the wall as a reminder that the journey was started.

I have learn that it is better to celebrate the small accomplishment so that the large successes will be appreciated even more.  This might be the difference between quitting or continue towards your goals.  Celebrating small successes is sometimes very difficult for people that are not accustom to being successful.


P.S Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can, and finish what you start

November 9, 2013

Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Lesson #7: Self- Control is The Balance Wheel That Directs Your Action

Napoleon Hill writes in “Law of Success in Fifteen Lessons” Enthusiasm is a “vital moving force that impels action” and Self control is the “balance wheel that directs your action so that it will build up and not tear down.”  Self control is compared to a balance wheel which is a key component of mechanical watches.  It is very important that it returns to its original position.  When we are not in control of our action it is most likely that we will be lead astray.  Enthusiasm is contagious you may pass it on to the next person easily. Have you either watch a person who was so on fire that you found your self getting emotionally charged.  You were ready to do whatever the person wanted you to do  at the time.  When the person left how did you keep that enthused feeling up.  The odds are you did not, because it may have passed on without difficult.

Self control is the most important trait that you must possess when you are trying to stay on track.  The track is never cleared of obstacles, but  controlling one’s self allow your goals and dreams to come true.  When you continue to struggle daily in your business and your goals never come to fruition.  The desire to give up is a daily demon and it is very easy to give up.  the worse enemy that we face on a daily basis is the negativity between our ears.  The self defeating, self defecating and mental vomit that we feed ourselves on a regular basis.


The more control that you have over the space between the ears the greater the opportunity that you will succeed in your life, business and relationship.  It does not a strong belief in the Law of Attraction that “if you belief that you can’t that it is so”.  I have been in and around selling for most of my life and one thing I know is that if you believe that that person will not buy from you, it is no surprise when they don’t.  I am not saying that you will sell everyone that you present your product or services to, but if you don’t have self-control.  No sale. Self control is the key to continue your journey to become successful.

September 16, 2013

Gold Nuggets #4 From Zig Ziglar “See You At The Top”

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I am digging up more and more golden nuggets as I continue to  read Zig Ziglar’s “See You at The Top”.  I know that most of you reading this blog post have heard  about the term faking it until you make it. This is not the fourth gold nugget that I picked up from Zig Ziglar’s “See You at The Top”.  The actual nugget is  “you cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself”.  This ties into to faking it til you make it.  When I first heard this term it was mostly dealing with outward appearance.  If you dress to impress, then people will take you more seriously. If you want to be successful,then you must dress, act and carry yourself as if you are  successful right now.  What if it takes a while before you are a success?   It is inevitable that disaster will happen when your mind catches on to what you are doing before you achieve your dream.  You will either continue on your path to success or you will quit.  Whatever the mind can conceive you can achieve.  It is like you are racing against your mind to avoid a major setback.


You can pretend that you are successful, but how long can you truly fool yourself.  Zig Ziglar believe that you can fool yourself for the short term.  It is the long term that all the chinks will appear in your armor.  If you truly do not believe that you are successful, then it will never happen for you.  Micheal Jordan is a man who consistently believe in himself and his abilities.  When he was cut from the team as a kid he did not give up he practiced even more.  He knew deep down that he saw himself as a champion and he consistently perform in that manner as a profession in the N.B.A.  Imagine when he was cut from the team and he believed deep down in what the coaches were saying.  The outcome would have totally different, because he might have practiced, but he never deem himself worthy of being a champion.  Micheal Jordan’s self image was stronger that many of his opponents when he played in the NBA.  He imposed his will on many players to defeat them mentally as well as physically.  Your self image has to be strong enough for however long it takes to achieve success in your life, relationship and business.




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