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July 25, 2009

Completing your Unfinished Business is a Major Step in Your Personal Development

Personal development is continuous and never ending process. You must look at the good, the bad, and the ugly part of your personality.  The bad part might be how you deal with issues in your life.  The vast majority of people put off things to be done the next day.  Unfinished business in your life, health, relationship and business may lead you to become very overwhelmed. The thing to do is to resolve these issues as soon as time permits. The main reason people don’t tackle unfinished business is because of fear.  Unfinished business is all the things in your life that you have not dealt with for whatever reason.  If left unchecked a downward spiral occurs until life is totally out of control.  This may take an extraordinary amount of energy to maintain.   Opportunity knocks on the front door but you are on the floor wrestling with the heavy burden of unfinished business. You must figure out a way to deal with it.

There are three ways to handle this:

1. You can play the denial game

If I don’t acknowledge it, then it does not exist.  Your expenses are spirally out of control every month and you just stack the bills in a neat pile on your desk.  You feel like if you do not open the bill then your debt is not real.  Denial only leads to a huge check that you definitely will be unable to cash.

2. You can go into limbo

You are treading water neither going forward nor falling back just staying in limbo.  You are stuck in a neutral position that will not help you resolve your unfinished business issues.  Procrastination is a killer of productivity and efficiency.

3.  You can confront the issue head on.

There is risk in this action while the other two requires none so most people choose the latter.  You must step into your fear otherwise the repercussions will be severe.  Fear holds us back and sometimes strips us of our confidence.  You must take care of your unfinished business head on or live with the consequences.  The ringing of the telephone brings you so much dread because you think it is the creditor on the other end.  Answer the phone you might be surprised what you may be able to work out.  The solutions are so simple that it amazes us, especially when we make a mountain out of a mole hill.  Your energy will come back to you miraculously and all things that you put off will no longer fester inside of you.

You will be closer to your personal development goals, when your mind is free and clear on a continuous basis of  your unfinished business.  You have three choices on how to deal with unfinished business so choose wisely.  Electrical current takes the path of least resistance but that does not mean it is the best path for you.

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