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November 16, 2009

Discovery Series: #1 Reason Why People Confuse Activity With Productivity?

The Discovery Series by LifePath on the Results CD discusses results and the importance of achieving results.  The main reason that people confuse activity with productivity is because of the way they handle their emotions. Impatient and frustration will only delay you in getting the results that you desire. Emotions are the main deterrent to achieving success in your life. Emotions may cause you to respond in a way that you did not expect and inadvertently sabotage your success.

You must manage your thoughts and feelings in a way to generate the results that you want.  Your thoughts determine your destiny so uncontrollable emotions will deter your success.  For example, your main income generating activity is connecting with potential business partners on the phone, yet you spend the whole day checking your e-mails. Your intense desires to read every single e-mail that when you are notified by the ping immediately.

Procrastination takes over which impacts your productivity and your results are nil temporarily. Whether you let it become a permanent conclusion is up to you.  The way you respond to circumstances within and beyond your control is very critical.  I myself like things to be a certain way and when it is not my response to the situation vary.  My reaction interferes with the goals I was trying to achieve in that time frame.  When I shut down emotionally my progress is impacted deeply.  Micheal Jordan is one the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball.

Micheal spent his time doing things that would improve different aspects of his game.  The average player only practiced when they were required Jordan practiced before and the main practice.  If the average player took a 100 free throw Jordan took 200 shots, so he outworked his fellow players.  Jordan mastered his emotions and did not let deter his goal to be the best that he could be.  He did not stop shooting at the basket even when he missed many shots in a row.  He controlled his emotions and kept on taking shots.

When Micheal Jordan was at his peak in the 1990’s he made as much as $80 million a year, while many other players made the NBA minimum of about $200,000.  Was Micheal Jordan 300 times better than the player who made the minimum?  Micheal knew the difference between activity and achievement and how to use his emotions properly.  Emotions are the #1 reason that people confuse activity with productivity.  The proper handling of your emotional reaction to different stressful situations will help manifests your goals and desires.  John Assaraf states that knowledge is not power but the proper application of knowledge at the correct time is power.

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