Does The Angel Bra by Ardyss International Give Women The Support That They Need?

It supports Your Back and Lifts Your Breasts

It supports Your Back and Lifts Your Breasts

The Angel Bra by Ardyss International gives women the support that they are missing from all other bras.  The bra has been worn as a fashion statement by Madonna back in the eighties, but the fundamental function of the bra is to provide support.  The vast majority of bras are very beautiful and sensual.   The bra manufacturers have focused on the aesthetics as oppose to functionality of the bra.  What is the main reason that a woman wears a bra?  For the smaller breasted woman this might not be as much of a concern as their larger breasted counterparts.

The average bra is designed where the shoulders support 100% of the weight of the breast.  Ardyss International designed the Angel Bra with the needs of women in mind.  Imagine a bra that support 75% of the weight of a woman breasts while the shoulders support the rest.  It also helps alleviates back pains and aches. This Bra also reshapes the breast and improves the natural beauty.  It also preserves the spinal column in the back by helping a woman maintains the correct posture.

The Angel Bra by Ardyss International is made with the highest quality standards and does what most bras do not do.  The suspension system supports the breasts so a larger breasted woman will have some relief from the pain involved with supporting 100% of her breast weight.  The smaller breasted woman will see an increased breast size due to the inner working of the suspension system.  They are many other benefits of  The Angel Bra, but the most important benefit is the fact that it supports 75% of the weight of the breasts.

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4 Responses to Does The Angel Bra by Ardyss International Give Women The Support That They Need?

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  2. Ardyssbraluvr says:

    The bra is absolutely great! I have read many iffy/not good reviews but got one anyway and love it. It's very comfortable, provides wonderful support and shaping. If you haven't tried one, you need to.

  3. innerpowerrevealed says:

    Thank you very much for your comment. Have a great day. A review of an actual wearer is always appreciated.

  4. ivory long says:

    They are a good bra in support but they do tear up fast. I have bought 4. 3 already broke and one holding on.

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