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July 1, 2015

Don’t Give Up You Can still Achieve Your Goals and Dreams The Year is Not Over

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The new Year gives us a renew energy to achieve some lofty goals and dreams.  You started the journey earlier this year with a passion that is bigger than your heart desire.  The year is half way gone,  Are you on track for your goals? If you are not on track then some investigation is needed.  It is time to reassess, reevaluate and readjust your goals for the rest of the year.  The problem with not achieving our goals is that we psych ourself out.  We spend more time beating yourself up mentally and gave up on our dreams.  The fact remains is that you still have six months left in the years.  The last thing you want to do is waste torturing your mind that yuou are not where you want to be. Don’t drop the ball and lose your  focus.  The most race in our childhood was won by the least unexpected victor.

The hare and tortoise had a race, who do you think should win?   If my memory serve me it was the tortoise that won the race.  The hare was fast and cocky,but the tortoise was slow and steady.  It is not always the swift that wins the race.  The person who is consistent and steady in his or her actions on a daily basis.  If you are the hare, then let us slow down a little.  If you are the tortoise, then let make it more efficient in our actions.  The key to accomplishing your goals is adjusting your daily mode of operation.

What are some of things that you can change on a daily basis that will help you with your goals?   You must spend your time on money making activity.  If whatever you are doing does not help you achieve yuor goals then stop it or minimize it immediately.  For example, you start watching one movie on television and before you know it four hours goes by.  The stars on television are  living their goals and dreams and you watching them are only helping them more.  Turn off the television and focus on your goals.  The year is not over yet so let  travel to the finish line.


You are back on track with your goals and dreams for year.   The next thing that we must do is to never allow the fear of criticism to steal our dreams. The comments from your friend and family are not to be taken seriuosly as long as you stay focus.  Ignore it and use the negativity as a motivator for your attaining your achievements..



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