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June 25, 2009

Fear of Ill Health:A Hindrance to Your Success

Fear of Ill Health is one of the six fears that Napoleon Hill discusses in “Think and Grow Rich” and you might wonder how does this fear relates to business. Would it surprise you to know that it does impact your performance in the business environment?  The first step in achieving riches is desire, but you must first cultivate your thoughts and mindset.  .

Fear of disease is a subset of Fear of Ill Health and may affect people in profound ways. Fear of disease produces physical symptoms when there isn’t the slightest cause for fear. The thoughts that you develop in your mind may lead to an inferiority complex that limits your performance in business.  Hypochondriac are the main reasons why patent medicines is booming, the vast majority of people going to the doctor truly have nothing wrong with them.  This fear manifests into very physical and mental repercussions.  If you don’t feel like you are physically fit, then you might not push yourself to the limit to accomplish a major goal.

When you feel inadequate, and you become focused on what happens if death overtakes you, how do you overcome it? The best way to eliminate this fear is by taking care of yourself physically, mentally, eating right and using effective preventative medicine.  We must enjoy our lives and we can’t go through life fearing everything.  We must focus on the things that we can control and let go of those that we have no control over. The things that I can control are exercising regularly, eating right and going to the doctor for my annual checkup.  I also will take the tests that are for my age groups even if it is uncomfortable. You must overcome the fear of ill health to make your business successful.

Fear of ill health leads to a physical and mental laziness that could impact your business in a negative way.  If you are in the process of solving a problem, but just when you are close to solving it you stop to irrational fears.  Maintaining a positive mindset has a lot to do with feeling that you are physically and mentally ready to overcome all challenges.  Even Superman has a weakness of Kryptonite that once he was exposed to it, he was unable to performed superhuman feats. The slightest imperfection in your psyche may lead you to personally sabotaging your success.

You must be present mentally in your business to accomplish your goals and objectives. If you have anything holding you back, then your business will not grow to its’ full potential.  Napoleon Hill talks about definiteness of decisions as a leadership attributes that will help you improve your business but because of your fear of ill health you are  respond slow in your decision making process.  The successful leaders are quick to reaching a decision and slow to change it.  Another attribute is unwavering courage and if you easily influenced by others which causing you to make plans that does not work.  Your business will continue to suffer so you must eliminate the fear of ill health.

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