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October 15, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing Tactic #1: Information Boxes

Guerrilla marketing tactic #1 are Information Boxes that you see on the side if the road, in supermarket, and everyplace you least expect them.  The equipment you will need are a pen, post it note and a mini ad copy.   The strategy is to placed a handwritten ad on the post it note and stick it to the free booklet.   The concept is simple the free guide are taken out one at a time.  The person is normally in the market for which ever booklet they pull out of the box.  You might find employment guide, homes for sale or truck shopper etc.  The odd are that if they are taking the free employment suggest might suggest that either they are looking for a job or someone they know is.   When you are prospecting you are looking for someone who put their hands up that they are looking for a business opportunity.  When you unemployed you might be more prone to look at anything that gives you the possibility of a job.  It could take you about an hour or so to visit a few boxes and leave your ad.

It is a very inexpensive way to build your business on a budget.  The key to any method that you use whether online or offline is consistency.  A personally written note adds that personal touch.  My handwriting is not the greatest so if you must visit Vistaprint for a stamp.  You must keep doing it until you achieve a target daily, weekly or monthly amount of leads.  Procrastinating will never help you achieve success, start some form of marketing now.  Keep a lookout for my next Guerrilla Marketing Tactic.

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