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October 28, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics #2: Poster Board

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics such as using Poster Board which are low cost and effective.  The key to this tactic is being where your ideal prospect frequents.  If you are marketing a high tier opportunity, then your ideal prospect will probably not be in a coin operated laundromat.  The low end opportunity is perfect for this type of marketing.  It is better to cast a special niche net, than to cast a wide net to capture everyone.  The more targeted your prospects the better results.

The average person in a laundry mat spend the time waiting as creatively as possible.  When you are waiting them on more than likely you will walk the building aimlessly.  The poster board is great option to kill time while you wait.  A captive audiences give you the ideal scenario to acquire a business partner.  Guerrilla marketing tactics are great for the low budget marketing.  You may also post in Community bulletins board, businesses that allow you to leave your business card or flyers.  The key is that you are marketing during the time that you are doing in your everyday normal life.

The Offline to Online marketing is a great avenue to acquire more business partners.  The personal touch that a real person who lives locally placed that flyer might the major influence in getting them to take a look at your opportunity.  The worse thing you could do is procrastinate from doing any marketing at all.  Procrastination is the assassination of motivation,  don’t wait start marketing now.   It is better to market consistently everyday than to not do anything at all.  Watch my Guerrilla Marketing Tactics #2 video on YouTube.

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