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December 16, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics: Making Your Content Viral

Making your content viral is the new catch phrase of the Social Media age. How many times have you heard that video went viral on YouTube? The views are over a million and you wonder to yourself how until you see the video. Guerrilla marketing tactics are about using the best low cost traffic generator that is at your disposal. What could be better than totally free views for a video that took you a short time to produce? The way to make money on these views is a different topic all in itself. The more eyes that sees this content the better chance you have to advertise your business or products.

Viral is just word of mouth to the million fold. Traditional word of mouth is your trusted friend telling you that a certain dentist or doctor is great. Viral is more like you are passing on something that is very contagious. My sons are always showing me the latest funniest video on YouTube. I was watching one the other day where the repo-man was trying to repossess a car and the short owner did some acrobatic kicks and knocked down this big guy. I watched that videos a few times, because it was so funny. I then shared it on the #2 ranking website in the World. It is no wonder why Google would own YouTube. When the funny bone is engaged it is almost an instant hit. The stronger that you have a foothold on the top websites in the World the better for your business will be as long as you can convert them to a buyer.

It does not matter if you more views ever in the history of YouTube if you can’t convert them.  The first thing is to get them to  sign into your list.  The next step would be building a relationship with your auto-responders and eventually a paying customer or business partner.  The odds are that you will have to use one or more of the top 4 sites in the World.

The top 4 sites on the web according to Alexa are listed below:
1. Google
2. Facebook
3. YouTube
4. Yahoo


There are a number of factors in making your content worthy of re-post on the number #2 and #3 website in the World. You may do it the natural way or you may use sites, such as where you may pay for your views or likes to jump start your campaign. The faster your video shows up in the number one spot the better. Guerrilla marketing tactics that could help make you content viral is listed below:


1. Write a blog posts on a relevant blog
2. Ping it on sites such as Onlywire, Pingomatic etc.
3. Syndicate it on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media sites
4. Make a video upload to YouTube with a link pointing back to the blog post
5. Write an original Article post it on top site such as linking back to the blog post.
6. Make a Squidoo lens about the same topic linking it back to the YouTube Video and blog post.


It sounds like a long process, but the key is making it something that people will want to share.

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