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February 19, 2010

How Does Scrabble’s Strategies Relate to Your Home Business Job Opportunity Success?

Scrabble for most seems like you are just spelling words for points to outscore your opponent(s).  I did just that when I started playing many years ago. A strong vocabulary at face value would seem like the best way to win at this game.  If I got a “q” without a “u” I sweated something fierce. The thought of getting stuck with a 10 point “q” in your hand could be the difference between winning and losing a game.  Scrabble for those of you who have never played before the board has “double letter score”, “triple letter score”, “double word score” and “triple word score” to boost your score significantly.  These premium squares along with mastering two and three letter words are keys to getting a higher score in Scrabble.  When I went from just spelling words to using the strategies mentioned below my score and games I won increased significantly.

This reminds me of when I first started in my home business job opportunity I was like a sponge soaking up as much information that I could get my hands on.  I was on as many webinar as possible gaining knowledge from many different people.  I developed my business like if the more knowledge I learn the better it would be for my home business job opportunity, very similar to the initial way I started to play Scrabble.  I only found myself investing in concepts that never got my business off the ground.

An example of this was purchasing leads from different lead sources. I also brought into following the “experts” until I realized that most “experts” were just trying to sell inferior products.  I now follow and purchased from people who give me tremendous value in their teachings and products, amazingly most of the knowledge gained is free. I learned from my mistakes and like Scrabble I developed different strategies. I am at a point in Scrabble that I have no problem having a “q” without a “u”.  I now maximize the points that I may receive from the tiles I have in my hand at all times.

I reversed what I was doing in my home business job opportunity instead of just blanket marketing I focused on my target market.  Like Scrabble, I have gained so much experience after playing several games that I am now an expert at the game.  I started using different marketing strategies that allowed me to attract the ideal person who would join my home business job opportunity.  My income generating activities are based on a 1 degree adjustment on a daily basis to generate the necessary traffic I need.  My long term strategy in Scrabble is to continuously increase my vocabulary and look even harder for the most effective use of my premium tiles.  The best way to get even better is to play as often as possible just like in my home business job opportunity.

The keys to making your home business job opportunity successful is continuously and never ending commitment to improving your income generating activities and following the right mentors. The correlation between the strategies of Scrabble and that of a home business are very similar in nature.  These strategies may be applied to make you an expert at Scrabble and your home business job opportunity.

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