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July 9, 2009

How to Get Back on Track When a Mental Setback Occur in Your Home Based Business?

The results are not always rosy in your home based business opportunity everyday. Your income generating activities does not always equate into riches.  The best athletes in the World have a period where they are unable to hit the ball out of the park.  The main cause during this slump period is normally their mindset. Greg Norman lost a 6 stroke lead in the final round of the 1996 Masters because his confident deteriorated as he saw his dreams evaporating. We will discuss one method for turning things around and getting back to winning ways as soon as possible.

The fundamental thing that you must do first is recognize that you are in a slump.  Your masterminding group of your mentor, friends and family will be needed to help you re-think, re-energize and refocus.  The worse thing you could do is try to get back on track alone without any support.  We tend to be our worse critic so if we keep analyzing the situation in our mind.  We will end up over analyzing and over emphasizing the reasons why.  Visualizing is a great way to overcome the slump.

You must think back to a time when you were hitting the ball out of the park.  You may also look at your past achievement, rewards etc of your most positive memories.  This type of positive reinforcement is necessary to get you back to a level of success in your mind.  Thoughts manifest our destiny so forward thinking into future success is a great way to build your confidence.  Back to the basics is the next step to help overcome a slump in your home based business opportunity.

Doing the fundamentals is the best way to knock the ball out of the park again.  Using the system in your home based business opportunity is the best strategy.  You must do the things that brought you success in the past and not the easy things.  The main ways to succeed in your business are lead generation and making contact with your leads, yet you spend your time learning.  The acquired knowledge is great, but if you don’t apply then it is useless.  When you are mentally and physically drained, then taking a break is one the best way to get re-energized.  You will eventually work your way out of the slump because life is full of cycles that don’t last forever. You must focus on one goal at a time on a consistent basis to get your juices flowing again. You may easily get back on the road to success in your home based business opportunity.

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