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April 10, 2010

Is Your Farm on Farmville Indicative Of Your Personality?

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I was spending quality time with my family the other day.  My sister stated that she noticed our farm’s layout on Farmville was indicative of our personalities.  Her statement was obvious even before she said it, but it did make me think.  The truth is that when we play games we tend to be our self.  Farmville is a game that you may be becoming very addictive to it.

Farmville is a game that allows you to design an actual farm.  You may plant, and harvest many different cash crops and flowers. You can also keep a variety of animals such as pigs, sheep, horses etc.  You may visit other farms to help out for bonuses. This game is very interactive and cooperative because to get a number of things done you need your friends to help you.  The more active friends who play the game the better chance that you will finish these tasks.

I have been playing Farmville for about a couple of months.  My farm is totally based on optimization of my land to make as much money as possible.  I visited some of my friends’ farms to see if I could match the farm to the person. I did witness that the people that I knew well farms was indicative of who they were as person. My college friend had a hot air balloon and her trees lined up in a row.  When I went to school with her she was always meticulous in her behavior and actions.  My cousin’s farm was beautiful with a balloon but with every different animals in a bunch. My cousin has always love animals.  The more farms I looked at the more that this theory came to life.  What games do you play that you can’t help but be you?

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