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February 23, 2015

It is Time to be Uncomfortable With Your Life After Being Comfortable For so Many Years

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I read somewhere about an experiment about a frog and boiling water.  If the frog jumped into hot boiling water he would automatically jump out.  If he is in the water and you slowly raise the temperature he would never notice and would be cooked alive.  He died because he got more comfortable as the temperature became warmer.  I think this  is the equivalent of living your life without taking chances.  When we are young we are told to get a job at a company until we retire.

When you first start working most of the time you don’t have many responsibilities. We have the ability to make changes without as much discomfort.  The older we get the more responsibilties we accumulate and it is more difficult to make major shift in our life, business and relationships.  You must become accustomed to feeling uncomfortable to make significant changes in your life. If you are comfortable in your life, then you are not trying anything different.   A place of uncertainty is normally when we are doing, learning or achieving something that we have never done previously.  What is your level of comfort?

If your level of comfort makes you smile and you are contented, then no change is necessary.  If you are on the other spectrum like me, then you must make a decision to be uncomfortable in striving to make your life better.  Just because you have had your job for many years does not mean that you have to stay there until you die. It is never too late to make changes that will make you happier.  The law of attraction works better when you are in a better frame of mind.  The universe move mountains to help you achieve your goals when you send positive vibration.  Make the decision to be uncomfortable and watch how your life will change for the better.  I am talking about being the best you that you can ever be.  The only time that we coast is downhill, going up the hill takes a little work.


P.S.:  You don’t have to make major changes in your path to being uncomfortable.  All you need to make is a 1 degree adjustment in your life, business and relationship not big changes.


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