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January 2, 2012

Law of Success-Lesson #1- A Definite Chief Aim

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A definite chief aim may seem like a very easy concept to grasp.  The chief concern is not the ability to set goals and go after your goals, but how long will that desire last.  The author talks of writing down your goals and dreams so you will see it at least one a day.  This means that your conscious mind will be part of this journey everyday.  The actions you take daily towards your goals will be enters into the subconscious as  inevitable.  The mind and your actions are now in alignment so now you will be lead into achieving your goals.  The get rich scheming days are over, if you can’t commit to your goals and dreams for the long haul, then you will just jump to the next “shiny” opportunity.  The unsuccessful people are slow to decision and quick to change.   The most successful people are quick to decisions and slow to change them.

The most successful people are about making definite chief aim a part of his or her psyche no matter what.  When the days are going well and you are on track to achieving your goals nothing hurt.  It is when the first test of pain comes and it will come, that determines how committed you are to your objectives.  The problem is that when the first test comes most people fail and move on.  The annual new year resolution of weight loss is a prime example of this.  The first few days of the year the gym is packed to the rim.  The pain comes in many different forms, but it starts with missing one day to do something else.  The patrons are the beginning of the year are substantially more than by the end of the year.  The chief definite aim was weight loss, but it never got to the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like a magnet that once your intended purpose is known, it attracts all that you need to achieve it.  The saying is “fake it to you make it”, but this is not the case here, it is more along the line of set your goals, put forth the actions necessary,   subconscious engages, and autopilot kicks in.  The one thing that you must never do is give up.  The goal that you set for yourself may only be achieved if you keep doing the actions required to achieve your goals.

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