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February 22, 2012

Law of Success- Lesson # 2 Self-Confidence Part 2

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“The Law of Success”  by Napoleon Hill starts with a key ingredient that must be present for success.  A  definite chief aim is required when your negative bubble is bigger than your positive bubble.  Self-confidence  follows the first lesson very closely.  The preamble to self confidence is overcoming one or all the six major fears.  Your belief in yourself may be eroded by one of the fears that Napoleon Hill feels will flatten you like a pancake.  The confidence that you develop within your being is critical to achieving success in your life. Self-confidence is a very close twin to perseverance and just as important.

Mother Nature is one the best place to watch self-confidence in action. The mighty lion walking through the jungle with a dominating presence that makes him the “king of the jungle”.  The lion did not wake up one day and automatically say I am king hear me roar.  The truth of the matter is that he inherits some of his confidence naturally and the rest is developed by his environment.  A lesson in a lion cub’s life might go like this.  The lion cub notices that most animals stay away from him as he travels through the forest.  The young cub would do what comes naturally, which is test the limit of just how far these animals would stay away from him.  This environmental training would help him determine his place in the world as a lion.  The rest of his education will come directly from his parents.  The combination of real world application and The finish product would be a mighty king of the Jungle.

The king(or queen) of self-confidence is an imposing character that accomplish all the goals that he or she set for themselves.  Napoleon Hill stated that “…ambition and Self-confidence, and without these essential qualities a man will be carried through life on the wings of uncertainty,…”.  The student who sit in the back of the class unless he does something drastic is destined to float on those wings.  Self-confidence is liken by Napoleon Hill to that of an electric battery, therefore keeping the mind recharged and positive. The more confident that you are the more positive you will be achieving your goals, thereby attracting people, places, and situations that aids you in your objectives.  The reverse is also true the more negative you are will attract in kind.  It is obvious that the real choice is developing your self-confidence.

Self-confidence would help you achieve success far quicker than a severe lack of it.  The more confidence that you possess inside the more likely with your definite chief aim that you will succeed.  Napoleon Hill stated that whatever the mind of man can conceive as long as he believe…..


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