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April 22, 2010

Leadership Attributes That Are Critical in Leadership to Be Successful – Definiteness of Decision

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” wrote about eleven attributes of leadership that are critical to be successful. The leadership attributes that I will discuss in this article is definiteness of decision.  Napoleon Hill believed that “people who waver in decisions show that they are not sure of themselves.  This author d id not list these attributes in any particular order of importance, but he felt that all or a combination of these attributes will make you a leader that your business partners will respect and appreciate.  Successful people make decision quickly and change them slowly, while unsuccessful people make decision slowly and change them rapidly.

We must be steadfast in the decisions that we make and not change them even when nothing is going right.  Steven Spielberg is an excellent example of this he made the decision to be movie director from a very early age.  Steven Spielberg kept focused on his endgame and he did whatever it took to make his dreams come true.  “Jaws”, his second film, released in 1975 broke box office and Steven Spielberg went on to phenomenal success. He did not give on his dreams and did something else when he was turned down.

The turtle outran the hare in that famous nursery rhyme because he had made a decision to finish the race no matter what.  The hare on the other hand felt that it was an easy win so he took a rest and when he decided to finish the race the turtle had already won the race.  When you make decision slowly and change them quickly, then you are destined to be an unsuccessful person.

These unsuccessful people do not have the intestinal fortitude to hold fast to their dreams.   The beautiful thing about personal development is that if you identify the obstacles in your path to success you can figure out a way to overcome them.  If you are a starter but not a finisher in your decision making processes. One way to get around that is get a finisher in your mastermind group.  The synergy of you as the starter and having a finisher would help you achieve your goals.  Napoleon listed the eleven attributes of leadership and he knew with desire you can become this successful leader.  You can become successful by mimicking the habits of successful people. You can become a person who has definiteness in the decisions that you make to become the successful person that you want to be.

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