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July 15, 2009

Marketing List is Necessary To Ensure Success in Your Home Based Business

When I sold a home care system door to door we sold on average only one machine per household. We contacted our customers occasionally if we were in their neighborhood. We fixed minor service issues and sold them supplies. What if we could have had our customers opt in to our list?  How many more additional sales could we have made? The rapport and trust was already established so additional sales would have been much easier. The entry of the World Wide Web years later makes repeat business possible. The capability of the web makes it possible to develop this marketing list.

A marketing list is a database of people who have opted in to your “site” to receive information from you voluntarily. Your marketing list is equity in your business that you can take with you if you are terminated or leave your current home based business company. When I sold this home care system door to door a great relationship was established. I could stop by that home anytime I was in the neighborhood to say hello. Your list offers you the same benefits, because you may contact them anytime through your auto responder. The people on your marketing list will not opt out as long as a win-win relationship exists. They are following you not the company that you are working with.

You must abide by different rules and standards when you work for most home based business companies. For instance using the home based business company’s name in your advertising is prohibited. If you violate these rules the company may strip your rights to market their products without warning. Your company replicated website and all the leads that you had in your funnel would be gone forever. When you are placed in such a precarious position your financial future is very uncertain. Your marketing list is the best way to ensure continued success in your business. It does not matter the home based company you work with because your list allows you portability. Your success in your home based business is dependent on the relationship that you have with your subscribers.

Always remember that we become what we think about most of the time.

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