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June 30, 2009

Mastering Details is a Major Part of Business Success

Mastery of Detail is an excellent leadership attribute to have in developing a successful business. There are 5 fundamental principles that are essential to mastering the nuances of the detail. We must become skilled practitioners of the system that we use in our everyday business to get to the next level and beyond. I will use going through the process of focusing on your core business clients as a way to demonstrate the processes of becoming a true mastery of details.

They are 5 guiding principles in mastering the details in your business as listed below:

1. Initial Impact

You normally have a core segment of our clients that like clockwork always orders our products or use your service on a consistent basis. We sometimes take these clients for granted and instead focus on “new” business. We have these clients in our hip pocket so we “ignore” them.  When we ignore people sometimes our competitor come along and listens to this segment and you lose them as clients. If you had a system in place to counteract this minor detail, then loss of revenue would not have occurred.

We tend to spend our time on “new” business who tends to be people that are expensive to acquire whether they are asking numerous insignificant questions or taking up your time. They either order little or no business which makes acquiring new business a very risky investment. What kind of impact could we have if we changed our focus and invested in ways to pay attention to our core business?

2. Repetition

The key to running a marathon is the first step, so we must develop ways to keep our core clients happy.  Once we institute these methods we must make a conscious effort to use them on a regular basis. You should continue to chase new business, but you should only indulge in win-win relationship.  Repetition is the motherhood of learning so the more you repeat this practice the better chance it will become a standard practice in your business. When everyone in your organization is focuses on the simple detail of not ignoring your special clients.

3. Utilization

If you don’t use new ideas or concepts, then they will just die on the vine.  The old adage of use or lose is truly adaptable here.  The benefits of focusing on your core business will lead to referrals and increased revenues.  The main work is in the execution of the details but the benefits are unlimited.

4. Integration

We must repeat this process again and again and again until it is embedded in your business’s system.  When focusing actively on a certain detail, then it is integrating into the normal day to day operation of your business.  Once true integration occurs then we just have to follow up to make sure that integration is here to stay.

5. Reinforcement

The benefits of mastering this detail are in the follow up.  When you master one detail you must always make sure that your people continue to focus on this detail on a daily basis.  We inspect what we expect so if we don’t continually apply attention, energy and focus to reinforce this detail then it will just become ineffective

I use this example of tapping into an ignore resources in our business to show that to truly master detail is a commitment that you must make on a conscious level.  If you are able to identify the different areas of your business with this same focus there is no doubt that you will be successful in your business.  You must give attention, energy and focus to all the little details in your life and business to make the necessary changes.  Successful leader will use these 5 fundamental principles to become a true mastery of detail to take his or her business to the next level.

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