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April 28, 2010

Mastery of Detail – Leadership Attributes That Are Critical to Your Success in Business

Mastery of detail may seem very complicated, but it is a key leadership quality that you must develop. Your choice is to either master the detail or let the detail master you.  Napoleon Hill‘s “Think and Grow Rich” write that this as one of the eleven critical attributes in leadership development. For example, if we were 6 miles apart and started walking towards each other, but we were one degree off. We would never end up in the same location because of that slight deviation.  If that slight detail continued to be overlooked, then how far will we truly be apart?

The sooner we adjust our journey the less chance that it would become a major flaw in your plans. The big picture is normally easier to handle overall, but sometimes you must get down to the nitty-gritty of most situations.  If this quality is not part of you, then find the right person to handle that task. A true leader knows his weakness and uses his resources to overcome it.  One minor detail might put a hole in the boat, but a combination of neglected details might sink the Titanic. A businessperson will fail in the long run if he or she always overlooked the minor details.

For example, if you have the following 4 step system in place to increase your business

1. Generate leads using different lead generation  methods

2. Have a discussion with potential business partner
3. Invite potential business partner to get the information needed to make discussion
4. Follow-up for final decision

You will fail in this model if you had no leads to call which is a major detail. You might be a little successful if you only did only 1 to 3 on a consistent basis. The follow-up even though a minor detail could be the difference between being truly successful and unsuccessful. The leader who masters the details in a business transaction will truly have more success, than the one who just wings it.

For instance if your client is a vegan, but you order a meat entree for lunch that little detail might be the difference between keeping or losing that person as your client.  The chances that your business will grow under these circumstances are slim to nil. Napoleon Hill highlighted mastery of detail as one the key leadership qualities.  What other qualities do you look for in your leaders?

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