Motor Club of America: One Phone Call and Actual Benefit in Motion

Motor Club of America(MCA) took only one phone call.  I witnessed actual benefit in motion, even though my car did not want to move.  It finally moved with the assistance of MCA.  My sons were driving my car and stopped by a friend.  The car did not want to start when they were about to leave.  You would think that I should have been distressed, but I was not.  It is one thing to market a business, but it is another thing to use the benefits.  It makes what you market very real.

Down for The Count

2005 Monte Carlo


I did not doctor the pictures, that is how dark it was.  My friends lives about five minutes away from a horse stable, so you know that street lights are not plentiful in a rural area.


Tow Truck MCA to the Rescue

Tow Truck MCA to the Rescue

When you are broke down on the road is good to see those bright lights reversing to tow away your car.  My sons were at a friend’s home, so they were in a safe place.


Hitch Me Up

Hitch Me Up

Hitch me up and secure me.  Zero dollar out of pocket for this benefit.


Strap Me In Ready to Go

Strap Me In Ready to Go

Let’s Go.

I have previously use another company for many years.  MCA did something that never happened before.  The other company picked me up before when I was stranded.  They came in a timely manner just like MCA.  The tow truck driver made a confirmation phone call.  MCA does the weirdest thing,  I received a followup call about an hour and half later to make sure everything went well.

P.S.  To watch video and learn about the MCA business opportunity click here

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