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September 17, 2014

Offline Marketing:The Biggest Bandit Sign Fail of The Year

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Offline marketing is one of the best way to grow your business.  Offline marketing is all about advertising your online business while you are living your life.  You might not think about it but going to a restaurant, pumping, going on a road trip etc.  is great opportunity to advertise your business.  Imagine taking a vacation and by the time you return home your vacation is wholly or partly paid for because of your offline marketing.  The goal of the bandit sign is to bring offline people that might not see your ad online and therefore giving you an opportunity to increase your sales.  The thing that sucks is when your offline goes awry.  My bandit sign mishap is the biggest fail of the year.  I was out living my life and I decided I would put out my sign.  A bandit sign is an ad that you may place on poles, side of the road, on trees etc.  There is a whole strategy in the inner working of the bandit sign. I was rushing to put up the sign and I put it up up sided down. Hello you can see that I have a nice red color lettering and a decent size canvas, but how is a passing motorist going to read my phone number.  The phone number normally leads to a recording that is designed to inform the caller about your opportunity.  Call my number to see what is on mine.  The lesson learned here is never put your sign up in a hurry unless you verify that it is right side up.  There are many cheap offline marketing tactics but bandit signs is not one of them.  it is very important that whether you use offline or online marketing that you get a return on your money.  Am I getting a good return on my money?So never, never, never put up your sign in rush without first making sure that it is correct. Click here to  learn how to use blogging generate free leads for your home internet business opportunity   P.S To learn more about the online business that I am promoting offline click here Blog Marketing is also a great wat

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