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August 8, 2009

Persistence, The Eighth Step to Riches, is Required to Succeed

The majority of people are ready to throw their dreams overboard with the first sign of opposition. If the journey to success was easy, then everyone would be successful.  The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill states that persistence is the eighth step to riches. Combining willpower and desire makes an explosive pair. The perfect example of this is Hollywood.  Many “actors” go to Hollywood to find fame, fortune and success.  Hollywood is not easily conquered and it pays off and once in a while someone famous emerges.  The one recurring trait of successful people is persistence.

Persistence with definite plans will lead you to succeed in your home based business. Lack of persistence is a common trait among unsuccessful people, but it may be overcome with effort. The first step to riches is desire so if your desire is weak, then your persistence will follow suit. One remedy to strengthen your persistence is to increase your desire. Your mastermind group is also a great resource to help you be more persistent. The careful selection of your mastermind group will help in your road to riches.  The synergy created by like minded people getting together in a mastermind group is phenomenal.

Persistence is based in part on the following definite causes:

1. Definiteness of purpose

2. Desire

3. Self-Reliance

4. Definiteness of Plans

5. Accurate Knowledge

6. Cooperation

7. Willpower

8. Habit

The list above is a valid assessment of what it takes to be persistence in your road to riches.  You probably could get by with just willpower and desire, but the stronger the other six are in your life the simpler your journey will be.  Your journey may be simple, but it never will be easy.  We must take a personal inventory of ourselves to determine where our strengths and weakness lies in the definite causes above. You must rate yourself honestly and the analysis might surprise you. You might be stronger in places that you thought were weak. If you are weak in any particular area, then you must master it to accumulate wealth. Willpower is the key thing that stands out for me with persistence. The road to success is lined with many people with good intentions.  They are going to good intention you to give up your dreams.  Naysayers are always going to try to deter you from achieving your goals. Naysayers are easier to handle when it is someone else.  What if the naysayer is you?

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