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October 5, 2009

Personal Development: A Little Snake Could Interfere With Your Success

I am committed to my Personal Development so I walk or run as part of my daily exercising regimen.  While we were walking on Tuesday last week we came across a little snake that was obstructing in our path.  The little snake was prohibiting us from moving forward.  I have a phobia about snakes whether big or small, but my girlfriend’s phobia is worse.  I kept trying to tell her baby let just go around it.

She said you don’t know if the mommy snake was in the grass with more babies so she was not going to do that.  We turn back and went on the hunt for rocks or anything we could use to get him out of the way.  It is amazing that when you need a rock that there are none to be found.  A long branch would have been nice to coax him out of our path no way, no such luck.  I kept on telling her that he was dead. I finally convinced her to go around the snake in the grass where according to her there was a possibility of the mommy snake.  This little snake delayed us for about five minutes; we could have progressed much further in our walk.

This little incident made me realized that they are many little snakes that we allow to delay us on our road to success.  There are a limited amount of options available to us to deal with this obstruction. Which are to go through, step over, go around the snakes or turn back?  The decision must be made without using your phobias as an excuse as to why you are not succeeding.  We would have saved time if we just went around the snake right away.  What little snake do you have in your path to success?

P.S That snake was on my girlfriend’s mind for the next couple of days when we walked.  She kept looking for that snake in the same spot.  Is there an acceptable time limit to get over the little snake in your path to success?

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