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July 25, 2009

Personal Development And The Third Step to Riches Per Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill in the book “Think and Grow Rich” writes that autosuggestion is the third step to riches. Autosuggestion is all self administered stimuli that you receive through your five senses. They are very simple ways that you can develop this skill to help you in your personal development.  The following steps are very easy to implement, but its takes discipline to do it on a daily basis.

You must see yourself as already achieving your goals.  Visualization is a key to autosuggestion. The more you visualize your goal as if you accomplished it already, the better chance you have to achieve it.  The first thing is find a quiet and relaxing background with minimal distractions.  It is great to do this before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning.  Turn off the cell phone, computer and any other distractions that could interrupt you.  You must have a written statement of your goal, time frame you want to achieve it, and what you will give up to accomplished it.  Repeat this statement aloud so that it goes from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind.  Repetition is the motherhood of learning so repeat this statement everyday until it is accomplished.  Keep your statement in different locations that you can see it morning and night.  Once it had been memorized, then you will be able to truly internalize it.

These instructions may seem simplistic in nature, but if you follow these instructions your skepticism will be replaced by belief.  When you invest in your personal development the greater your wealth will grow.  Your thoughts determine your destiny and learning and acquiring different knowledge will help your personal development.  When you have the power to influence your subconscious mind then you will gain control of yourself and your environment.

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