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June 3, 2010

Reverse The Fear of Death And Use it to Succeed in Your Life, Business and Relationship

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The Fear of Death is the final major fear that Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill believed that this fear is the “cruelest of all the basic fears” because “we know not what to expect after death”. I look at the fear of death as a fear of living life to the fullest. If you are scared of living, then you would not try to succeed in your business. If you are fear death and keep your mind focused on it on a daily basis, then your desire to take risk will be gone. If you go through life not taking any chances, then your reward will be small and insignificant.

Napoleon Hill believed that “death will come, no matter what anyone may think about it”. Your fear of death is a useless emotion, so we should not be preoccupied with it. The time spent on this fear could be spent trying to figure out better ways to be more successful in your life, business and relationships. The fear of death encompasses all of the other major fears. As a human being we never know when death is coming so it is pointless to be consumed by it. It is a fear that you must choose to ignore and live your life. There are some occupations that fearing your death could be good or bad for you. Police officers who fear death could either over react or use this fear to make them a better officer.  A fire fighter runs into a burning building while the average person runs away from fire. What is it about fire fighters and police officers that they use fear to help people?

The reasons why might be unknown to us, but these fine men and women does the opposite everyday. We could relate these using fears of death to be successful in other areas of our lives.There are a number of reasons why we fail in business, both tangible and intangible in nature. We must control the things to the best of our abilities and let go of the ones we have no control over. Napoleon Hill consistently revisited the fact that our thoughts leads to our riches. We can control our thoughts and our reaction to any given situation.

The opportunity to expand your business requires that you have to fly to an island. When you get on an airplane to fly to another city, you are taking a risk. They say that you have a better chance of having a car accident, than a plane crashing. This is a situation where we can not control the flight, but we can control our thoughts. If you feel that you will crash on a plane, then you might let this opportunity slip right through your fingers. When the fear of death dictates your business decision, then you must overcome it. The best way to overcome it is to focus on living your life to the best of your ability.

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