Role Model by Sunshine

Like many of us today, there was that one person we epitomized and worked assiduously to stay focus on what we believe in. As a child, we used to believe in fairy tales, only now as adults we are cognizant that fairy tales were only fantasies.

The true meaning of life lies within the opportunities ahead of us; but opportunities on the other hand is “luck waiting to happen”. So in order to gain opportunities set your goals, stay focus and think optimistically.

There are times in life when we get what we didn’t wish for, is it fairy tale or opportunity?

This is a question we often ponder, however true; the latter would be more significant if you are thinking positively. Whatever life throws at you, it is your responsibility to work with it and to make the best of it. Nothing in this world is ever “too downgrading” for one to lift himself up. Let’s face reality, in order to achieve, you have to face hurdles, road blocks, high waves and even terrible consequences. The thing though is that big step: DECISION. Once you have made the decision to achieve, you will to its fullest and when you have completed your race, you can look back and proudly say: “I have been epitomized by many”.

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About Shirland Carrington

I am originally from Barbados and have lived in America for a very long time. I have done most of my school years here and I am always constantly trying to learn something new everyday. I have two sons who like to keep me busy, so I work from home. I work with a personal development company that has product that is unsurpassed by any other, excellent compensation plan and outstanding community.
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