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October 26, 2009

Surprising Knowledge I Learned About Personal Branding from SEONetworkers Raymond and Ferny For my From Home Internet Business Opportunity

I listened to a webinar with SEO Net workers Raymond and Ferney the other day. It was all free knowledge and unlike many other webinar there was no sales pitch at the end. I gained some surprising knowledge that I did not realized before about Personal Branding for my from home internet business opportunity. Personal Branding is a big topic in the direct selling and Internet Marketing for your from home internet business opportunity.

I was amazed to learn out that many people don’t control what is being “Googled” about their name. It is so easy for anyone to jump on the internet and find out whether a person is legitimate business or entity. If the only piece of information on the internet about you is negative, then your potential business partner would use that piece of evidence to determine whether they should go into business with you or not. You have many different strategies of where you should market your from home internet business opportunity.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are by far the most popular methods that most people uses to grow their from home internet business opportunity. PPC does not require that your potential business partner know who you are personally. These potential partners are normally opting in for a free offer, information or some other benefit.

SEO on the other hand if you use Social Media to syndicate your content will require that you use your name in some form or the other. The key to marketing your business through Social Media is that at most of these sites your name and profile is the main medium to get to know you. A suggestion that the SEONetworkers suggested was that if you are marketing on Twitter, then you use your name and not some tagline. The average person likes to partner up with a person and not some odd names or tagline. The webinar went deeper into how to build your business on your name.

Raymond and Ferny just touch the surface about controlling what is said about your name on the internet, but it was enough to make appreciate the fact that I have marketing my name very effectively. The main topic was about using your name as the foundation for building your from home internet business opportunity. Watch The SEONetworkers Raymond and Ferny free Webinar, you might be surprise what you would learn.

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