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October 5, 2010

Why is The Brain The Twelfth Step to Riches And Not The First Step?

The twelfth steps to riches in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich seem to be the shortest chapter in this book, yet it is the most important.  Napoleon Hill describes the brain as the twelfth step to riches. Why is the brain the twelfth step and not the first?  Desire is the first step to riches and originates in the brain.  Emotional feelings are normally associated with the heart.  Most people would say that your heart is where desire develops, but this desire started in the brain.  The seed to increase riches was planted in the brain and cultivated in the heart.

The Brain should truly be the first step and not the twelfth step.  The space between our ears is the true power of what we can achieve in life.  The better you are at using your brain the better chance you will succeed.  What we learn in school or synthetic imagination is taught at an early age would like to your true success.  A teacher teaches that 1+1=2, yet that is not the only knowledge you need to succeed.  Intangible concepts such as autosuggestion, the subconscious mind and creative imagination are used to stretch the power of the brain.

Micheal Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.  Some basketball enthusiast would think that record was what made him great.  I believe that it was his intangibles that made him the greatest.  Micheal practiced more than any other person on his team.  He truly mastered both imaginations to be one of the greatest basketball players ever.

Synthetic imagination works in conjunction with creative imagination to help you achieve your riches.  Your intangibles are useless until you take action.  The Winner’s Creed states that the person who wins is the one he thinks he can. The steps that Napoleon Hill outlines so far are stemming from thinking and growing rich but without action all thoughts are wasted.  Knowledge is said to be power, but it is actually the proper application of knowledge in the right order that is power.

August 19, 2009

How to Use the Ninth Step to Riches Which is The Mastermind to Translate Your Plans Into Action?

Napoleon Hill in “Think and grow Rich” presents the power of the mastermind as the ninth step to riches. Your definite plans are useless without enough power to translate them into action. Napoleon Hill defined power as organized and intelligently directed knowledge. The mastermind group is two or more people who with definite plans work in a spirit of harmony towards riches. The power of the mastermind group is infinite. Power is required for the accumulation and retention of money. When you are working a home business opportunity you must utilize information and knowledge that will make you very powerful.

There are three sources of knowledge:

1. Infinite Intelligence

-source of knowledge acquired through Creative Imagination

2. Accumulated Experience

-knowledge that you acquired from schools and colleges that have been classified and organized

3. Experiment and Research

-comes from people gathering, classifying and organizing new facts daily

The steps to riches will be very difficult if people depended on their efforts alone. You will not have great power without a Mastermind group. Like minded people will inject the necessary element of power that you need to succeed in your home business opportunity. You must use definitive plans with persistence and imagination that includes selecting the best mastermind group. This act in itself will bring you half way to your goals. The master mind has two characteristics which are economic and psychic.

The economic phase comes with the advantage of advice, counsel and personal cooperation of a group of people in perfect harmony. The amount of wealth that has been amassed using this method is unfathomable. The saying is that success is determined by who you know not what you know. The negative connotation of this statement is the visualization of the “old boys’ network”. The average income of your five closest friends is normally your income. The master mind group works best if you select the best possible candidates, not just your “best friends”. Your mastermind group will be your “old boys’ network” to help you succeed in your home business opportunity.

The psychic phase is more abstract and difficult to understand, because it deals with spiritual forces. Napoleon Hill believes that no two minds can come together without creating a third invisible and intangible force. He compared this force to a third mind. The human mind is partly spiritual in nature and is a form of energy. The spiritual unit of energy that is formed when two minds combine in a harmonious nature is the psychic phase.

Henry Ford is a great example of someone who surrounded himself with a great group of master minds. Henry Ford was not a learned man but he believed in having the best people to do the task that he was unable to do. Henry Ford was able to amass a fortune using this variation of the mastermind group. Your group in your home business opportunity will be about five people not fifty like Henry Ford. Your mastermind group may be just as powerful as Henry Ford so use it to the best of your ability.

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