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April 14, 2010

Why is Desire the First Step to Riches in Your Home Internet Business Opportunity?

Desire is the first step to riches as stated by Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. The pre-step to riches are thoughts.  Your destiny is determined by your thoughts.  Positive thoughts with action will help you achieve riches.  I have been in the home internet business opportunity industry for quite some time now. What I have found that many people are not happy with their current situation, but few are willing to do something about it.

Their minds are preoccupied with wanting change, but with no action they will be in the same position 5, 10 or 20 years from now.  The desire to succeed does not overshadow the desire to do nothing. You must have a strong desire with the commitment to follow through with your goals and objectives.

Desire is a requirement when it comes to succeeding in your life. If you don’t have a strong desire, then the foundation of your quest will be shaky and unstable. The path to riches is an easy system to follow, but when times get rough and your desire is weak, you will inevitably fall to the wayside. For example if you have a desire to run a marathon and the only time you can exercise is 6 a.m. every morning. When the alarm clock goes off you break it with a baseball bat. Your desire to sleep is significantly stronger than your desire to run the marathon. Your actions are therefore going to align with your desires. The only marathon that you will be able to run is only in your dreams.

Your determination and perseverance are developed from your strong sense of desire.  You home internet business opportunity will only succeed in direct relation to your desire. If the foundation is indeed weak from a lukewarm desire, then your building will crumble when things goes wrong. I will rather take eight people who are totally committed to their craft, than eighty with lukewarm enthusiasm. Your success is not dependent on the quantity of your endeavors, but in the quality of your desire to truly succeed. When you embark on your path to riches make sure that your desire is strong to help you overcome the obstacles in your path.  Why is your Why so important to your success?

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P.S The Second Step to Riches per Napoleon Hill is Faith.  Faith is believing in something that is not tangible but yet being totally steadfast and immersed in it.   Read more here…….

March 16, 2010

How Can the Proper Use of The Law of Value Impact Your Home Business Job Opportunity?

The sayings goes that the more you give the more you receive, but how does this truly relate to your home business job opportunity.  The amazing part is that you do not have to do anything other than continue to give to reap the rewards of this behavior. The Law of Value states that your true worth is determined by how much you give, than take in payment.  If the rewards are on autopilot, then why are most people setting up their home business job opportunity in the opposite way?

These marketers are trying to receive substantial more that they are giving in value.  The Law of Value may be applied in many different aspect of your life but I will discuss how it relates to your home business internet opportunity.  I have taken part of many webinar that promised secrets to no avail only to find that I have wasted a valuable hour of my time.

I have subscribed to many marketing list that promised value in the form of knowledge only to be bombarded with a sales pitch with every email I received, I automatically unsubscribed.  Where is the true value of acquired knowledge and skills being on these lists and webinar?  This concept of bait and switch has been around for many years. This tactic gives a business an influx of sales, but is it a good business practice?

The bait and switch might get a potential customer in the front door, but does not build relationships.  The fact that you came to the business meant that you were in the market for a product or service.  The sad fact the product or service came for is either not available or replaced with an inferior product.  The word of mouth advertising that you give this business might be very negative.  Word of mouth can make or break a business so therefore approach your subscriber from a place getting as much value that you can give them.

When marketing for your home internet business opportunity is truly geared towards developing relationships in the form of providing value, then your target market will stay on your list until they are ready to buy.  The sales cycle dictate that people are in the market at different interval.  .  The Law of Value will work in your favor every time for your home business job opportunity. The more value given the more trust develops and the better chance that a subscriber will purchase product(s) from you.  If you truly focus on giving value then your profits will truly be on autopilot.

February 9, 2010

What Do Chutes And Ladders Teach Us About Running a Home Internet Business Opportunity?

The simple act of playing a board game as a child could teach us tremendous concepts about running your home internet business opportunity.  One of my favorite game as a child was Chutes and Ladders where your goal was to reach the top of the board.  The person who got to the top first was the winner.  There were certain pitfalls or rewards that you could receive or be penalized.  You could either land on a square that took you closer to your goal as you traveled up the board.  The alternative was landing on a square that made you slide down the chutes or further away from your goal.  You either moved towards your goal very rapidly or very slowly.  The speed that we get closer to our goals in our home internet business opportunity is determined by a number of different factors.  The amount of targeted traffic that you generate to your website or blog is critical to your growth.

Google is always watching your website or blog and the activity of your blog or website to rank it appropriately.  SEO marketing is a method that is more towards slowly ranking your website while PPC marketing is for getting a more rapidly ranked website or blog.  The method that you use is dependent on your preference.  Chutes and Ladders can bring you very close to giving up and starting all over when you slide down a chute.  The actual throwing of the die determines whether you go up or down. Google can knock you back with a slap and the way you respond determine whether your home internet business opportunity will succeed or not.  Pitfalls versus rewards are evenly distributed on the Chutes and Ladders game board, but in real life you might encounter more pitfalls.  Rewards might come more few and far between so being persistence is very important in being successful in your home internet business opportunity.

The risk of not continuing for some people outweighs the possible rewards of succeeding in their home internet business opportunity.  Real life dictates that sometimes the risk is overwhelming while the reward is few and far between.  Chutes and Ladders does teach us about goal setting and achieving our objectives no matter the pitfalls.  The other alternative is reaching the top where you neither went up the ladder nor slide down the chute.  Does this make your journey less valid?

January 11, 2010

What Could a 1 Degree Adjustment Do For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity?

A 1 degree adjustment for your home internet business opportunity could take your business to the next level.  The New Year is here and everyone talks about New Year resolutions.  The most infamous one is losing weight by joining a gym.  The gyms are filled to the brim during January and February and a ghost town for the rest of the year.  The reason for the dismal failure rate of these resolutions may equate to one simple thing, too many life changes too soon.

The success rate for this new exerciser is dismal because the degree changes needed for success is a 180 degree change.  You are making a big lifestyle change that requires a very strong commitment.  The success rate will explode if everyone involved just tried to make a 1 degree change in what they were doing to achieve weight loss.  For example, instead of 7 days a week to begin with starts exercising once per week.  When exercising once per week become a habit then add one more day.   We may use this same concept to make our home internet business opportunity explode for the New Year.

If we were 10 miles apart and we started walking towards each other, but I was 1 degree off we would never arrive at the same location face to face.  It is a whole lot easier for your mind to accept a gradual change as opposed to major shift in your daily income generating activities.  For instance instead of posting 2 ads this week increase it to 3 ads and monitor the results.  The more you demand of your mind to achieve in short term the tougher it is for the mind to accept.  The key to success for 2010 is applying small changes to your home internet business opportunity and not trying to reinvent the wheel.



November 23, 2009

#1 Reason That People Don’t Partner With You In Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

The main reason why people don’t partner up with you in your home internet business opportunity is trust.  Logic opens the mind and emotions close the sale, but no sale occurs without trust.  I want you to think of a time when you made a purchase that you felt great about.  Now think of one where the pit of your stomach was screaming at you not to do it.  What was the underlying factor between these two transactions?   Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength of a person or thing. When you first meet someone whether you trust that person is determined immediately or may develop over time.  As an internet marketer for your home internet business opportunity you have no real control over instant trust.

Consumers are inundated with many sales propositions on a daily basis.  I was speaking to a merchant at a Uniform store the other day and the first thing he stated was “Why should I change my current vendor to save a few pennies when the services provided are great”  The fly by night high pressure salesman who come in with his smooth talking and empty promises are becoming extinct.  Trust is the determining factor of why people purchased your products or partner up with you in your home internet business opportunity. Personal branding is a great alternative to company branding in growing your home internet business opportunity in the right way.

Your marketing list is one of the most effective ways that you may develop trust over time.  The infamous marketing list of many of the top producers in the Internet Marketing Arena is a critical component.  A marketing list where great content is provided to the subscriber may be an invaluable resource for a very long time.  The subscriber may purchase at any time that they are ready without pressure.  The point at which a particular subscriber will trust you more than be skeptical of you is unknown.  You must continue to provide powerful and consistent content so you don’t need to know.  When you have faith in the process and the outcome will take care of itself.

November 19, 2009

Web Marketing Strategy #7: Outsourcing Your Content For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

Outsourcing is a viable web marketing strategy that is very necessary when your home internet business opportunity get to the point where you can’t do everything effectively and efficiently.  You may outsource almost every aspect of your home internet business opportunity, things as Writing, Linking, Accounting, Customer Support, Programming, Graphic Design etc.

For example you may write your “money” article and outsource the other articles that you need for your other keywords while linking back to the “money” article for SEO marketing.  You can therefore be more effective in writing and researching the “money” article for the main keyword that you are trying to rank on Google.

Outsource projects that you are not the best at and concentrate on the income generating activities that you are very proficient.  When I was growing up the teachers always told me to focus on my weakness to make them stronger.  What I really needed to do was focus on my strength to make them even stronger because I became mediocre at best for my weaknesses.

If everyone else was given the same advice then many of us have focused on the wrong thing.  The basic strategies for growing your home internet business opportunity have been to master one concept, and then move on to the next. When these strategies become numerous then how do we manage our priorities?  We have a limited amount of hours in any given day that we may market our home internet business opportunity.

We all have many different reasons that motivate us. Time freedom and spending time with my sons are my motivating factors.  My sons will have 23 basketball games this season not counting playoff games and I will attend at least 20 of them.  I have also committed to working in the concession stand for at least 5 games. Time management is very important after I add the other facets of my life.  Outsourcing is a great way to help you be more productive without having to be part of every step of your marketing strategies.

Listed below are a number of different websites that you may hire people for your

Outsourcing needs:

The number of web marketing strategies that you use for your home internet business opportunity may be very overwhelming.  Article Marketing, Social Media, SEO Marketing, PPC, Keyword Research, Market Research, and the numerous other things that you have to do for your home internet business opportunity may leave you paralyzed.  Outsourcing some of these assignments may help you operate your business at a greater operating efficiency level.  Leveraging your time by outsourcing projects may be the web marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level.

October 31, 2009

Web Marketing Strategy #3: Article Marketing For Targeted Keywords With Greater Competition For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

Web Marketing Strategy using Article Marketing to generate free leads for your targeted keywords that have greater competition for your home internet business opportunity is very aggressive.  Article writing is one of the most natural ways to generate traffic to your website or blog.  When you are competing against 100,000+ websites for your targeted keywords, then the strategies are the same but on a larger scale.  It is like you have to get your back links to become viral to break into a market that is so highly competitive.

You must use an auto submitter that allows you to spin your article into original content.  If instance, you wrote10 articles on your targeted keywords and submitted to over 100 Article directories you would have just placed 1000 back links leading back to your blog or website. You may use a service like to syndicate your content to over 20 Social Media sites for 200+ back links.  The search engines must know that you have new content on your blog so ping it on or some other directory.  Onlywire is great free or low cost service to social bookmark your articles on sites such Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon etc.  Squidoo and Hubpages because of their respective page rank are great places to put your original content also.

Leads are the bloodline of your home internet business opportunity so the more targeted leads that you generate the better.  The search engines rewards original content and originality and your articles may be re-published by publishers with your signature resource box intact. Article writing creates back-links to your website/blog for your home internet business opportunity. Article writing may be time consuming so the option to outsource your article writing is a great alternative.

You could write your money articles and outsource the rest of the articles that you require to rank on the search engine for your targeted keywords. The relationship that you have between the people who writes your articles with is very important.  You would want to give them the headline, targeted keywords and a little insight into your philosophy about said topic.  The strategies discussed above will help you penetrate into the highly competitive keywords arena.  The prime objective is to generate traffic and getting into your sales funnel for your home internet business opportunity. Highly trafficked keywords will put your blog or website in front of many more eyes as long as you know the web marketing strategies required.

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October 27, 2009

Web Marketing Strategy Tip #6: On Page SEO Is Critical to Your Home Internet Business Opportunity Success

Web Marketing Strategy #5 dealt more with the Off  Page Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques that you must employ to get you on the first page of Google for your from home internet business opportunity.   This Web Marketing Strategy Tip #6 will give you ways to complete the second part of SEO which is On Page SEO.  If you were given a 32 oz drink which would you prefer to have to drink it a 12″ straw or a 30′ water hose.  The answer is obvious because a straw makes it a whole lot easier to get that liquid into your body.

The On Page SEO is along the same line, you must organize your page so it is easier for Google to review your site for relevancy to a search.  If Google has easier access to your information, then you would have a better chance to get your page ranked higher.  The 30′ water hose with the suction, a water pump, would eventually give you a taste of the liquid, but would you go through that much trouble for a sip.  Google will not waste time going through your site or blog  if it is difficult to gather the information it needs.

On Page SEO is determined by a number of factors, Title and Meta Description and Organization and Internet Linking are probably the most important ones.  You must use relevant keywords in the title and Meta tags.  Your title tags must be unique to the page, only list the relevant keywords.  If you are using the Word Press blog, then the All in One Plugin is great way to list the title, description and Meta tags that are relevant to that blog post.

When you have the correct On Page SEO and Off Page SEO working together hand in hand then you have a great opportunity to rank your keywords on the first page of Google.  The key to being an expert at SEO is consistent and persistent actions.  The most cutting edge Web Marketing Strategies using SEO to  generate free leads for your from home internet business opportunity.

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October 26, 2009

Surprising Knowledge I Learned About Personal Branding from SEONetworkers Raymond and Ferny For my From Home Internet Business Opportunity

I listened to a webinar with SEO Net workers Raymond and Ferney the other day. It was all free knowledge and unlike many other webinar there was no sales pitch at the end. I gained some surprising knowledge that I did not realized before about Personal Branding for my from home internet business opportunity. Personal Branding is a big topic in the direct selling and Internet Marketing for your from home internet business opportunity.

I was amazed to learn out that many people don’t control what is being “Googled” about their name. It is so easy for anyone to jump on the internet and find out whether a person is legitimate business or entity. If the only piece of information on the internet about you is negative, then your potential business partner would use that piece of evidence to determine whether they should go into business with you or not. You have many different strategies of where you should market your from home internet business opportunity.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are by far the most popular methods that most people uses to grow their from home internet business opportunity. PPC does not require that your potential business partner know who you are personally. These potential partners are normally opting in for a free offer, information or some other benefit.

SEO on the other hand if you use Social Media to syndicate your content will require that you use your name in some form or the other. The key to marketing your business through Social Media is that at most of these sites your name and profile is the main medium to get to know you. A suggestion that the SEONetworkers suggested was that if you are marketing on Twitter, then you use your name and not some tagline. The average person likes to partner up with a person and not some odd names or tagline. The webinar went deeper into how to build your business on your name.

Raymond and Ferny just touch the surface about controlling what is said about your name on the internet, but it was enough to make appreciate the fact that I have marketing my name very effectively. The main topic was about using your name as the foundation for building your from home internet business opportunity. Watch The SEONetworkers Raymond and Ferny free Webinar, you might be surprise what you would learn.

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October 19, 2009

Web Marketing Strategy Tip #4: Blogging to Generate Free Leads For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

Blogging is an excellent way to develop a win-win relationship with your subscribers.  A win-win relationship is one where all the parties involved are benefiting.  The strategy of this type of blog is not to sell a specific product or service, but to develop relationships with the subscribers.  The premise is that you provide valuable content to your readers.

YouTube Preview Image

Your blog must truly provide an outstanding resource for your target market.  You could do a blog on sports, trivial, jokes or anything that you feel would be of interest to other people.  The main reason to make a great blog is the independence of owning and being in charge of your marketing list. The leads coming into your auto responder are not yours so if the company terminate the relationship. You would be temporarily without that stream of income until you find another home internet business opportunity.

The home internet business opportunity company that you are working with may be very restrictive at times. Your rights to market the product or service may be taken away at any time. A self hosted blog with a subscription list is the best way to prevent your income from being interrupted.  The majority of home internet business opportunity set you up with a replicated site and generic auto responder system. These tools are great for branding the company and do nothing for You Inc.

You may set up You Inc. very easily especially since the expenses required to set up your blog is minimal.  You will need a domain name, hosting company and an auto responder.  These costs are minimal in comparison to the value derived from owning your blog.  Your blog is your real piece of real estate on the web.  Your list is your only asset that is portable and the more your list grows the more valuable your asset becomes.

Attraction Marketing is based on the premise that if people trust you they would be more prone to business with you.  Your blog is a passive way to convert subscribers to sales.  The actual content of the blog must not be sale driven. The premise of the blog is to provide valuable content and if your blog becomes more sales oriented, then people might opt out of your list.

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