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May 12, 2013

Swiping Emails and Making Them Your Own From Your Upline in EZ Money Formula Network is Not Illegal

Swiping emails and making them your own from your up line in EZ Money Formula is not illegal but is expected.  When you work with a team that wants everyone to be successful, then converting emails to represent you is encouraged.  The amazing is that the system is designed for you to do it easily.  It only requires that you change the affiliate links with your username at the end.  Your opt-in list is one of your most valuable asset in your home business.  You must definitely appreciate it, because it is very difficult to build a proper list.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is done for EZ Money Formula.

The rule of how many times you should keep in contact with your list varies.  It depends on which marketing expert you speak to.   Some recommend that you one a day is too many while others believes as many times as you want to sent one.  The leads have opted in to your leads and if it is too much then the unsubscribe button is on every email.  You must send the amount of emails that you feel comfortable with.   The more your list get to know you the better.  It is amazing but the people with the biggest list is not always the biggest income earners.   The more your list like, and trust you is a big determinant of the size your income.

The more you keep in contact with your list the better chance that you will grow your team.  It is all about growing your team and business.  The more personalize your email the better.  The generic auto-responder emails is designed to correspond to everyone.  The email that you broadcast is to attract your targeted business partner.  I leave you with this thought the more “real” you are to your list the more money you will make.

P.S To read more about the importance of your email opt in list visit here Marketing list is necessary to ensure success in your home based business



August 19, 2009

How to Use the Ninth Step to Riches Which is The Mastermind to Translate Your Plans Into Action?

Napoleon Hill in “Think and grow Rich” presents the power of the mastermind as the ninth step to riches. Your definite plans are useless without enough power to translate them into action. Napoleon Hill defined power as organized and intelligently directed knowledge. The mastermind group is two or more people who with definite plans work in a spirit of harmony towards riches. The power of the mastermind group is infinite. Power is required for the accumulation and retention of money. When you are working a home business opportunity you must utilize information and knowledge that will make you very powerful.

There are three sources of knowledge:

1. Infinite Intelligence

-source of knowledge acquired through Creative Imagination

2. Accumulated Experience

-knowledge that you acquired from schools and colleges that have been classified and organized

3. Experiment and Research

-comes from people gathering, classifying and organizing new facts daily

The steps to riches will be very difficult if people depended on their efforts alone. You will not have great power without a Mastermind group. Like minded people will inject the necessary element of power that you need to succeed in your home business opportunity. You must use definitive plans with persistence and imagination that includes selecting the best mastermind group. This act in itself will bring you half way to your goals. The master mind has two characteristics which are economic and psychic.

The economic phase comes with the advantage of advice, counsel and personal cooperation of a group of people in perfect harmony. The amount of wealth that has been amassed using this method is unfathomable. The saying is that success is determined by who you know not what you know. The negative connotation of this statement is the visualization of the “old boys’ network”. The average income of your five closest friends is normally your income. The master mind group works best if you select the best possible candidates, not just your “best friends”. Your mastermind group will be your “old boys’ network” to help you succeed in your home business opportunity.

The psychic phase is more abstract and difficult to understand, because it deals with spiritual forces. Napoleon Hill believes that no two minds can come together without creating a third invisible and intangible force. He compared this force to a third mind. The human mind is partly spiritual in nature and is a form of energy. The spiritual unit of energy that is formed when two minds combine in a harmonious nature is the psychic phase.

Henry Ford is a great example of someone who surrounded himself with a great group of master minds. Henry Ford was not a learned man but he believed in having the best people to do the task that he was unable to do. Henry Ford was able to amass a fortune using this variation of the mastermind group. Your group in your home business opportunity will be about five people not fifty like Henry Ford. Your mastermind group may be just as powerful as Henry Ford so use it to the best of your ability.

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August 8, 2009

Persistence, The Eighth Step to Riches, is Required to Succeed

The majority of people are ready to throw their dreams overboard with the first sign of opposition. If the journey to success was easy, then everyone would be successful.  The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill states that persistence is the eighth step to riches. Combining willpower and desire makes an explosive pair. The perfect example of this is Hollywood.  Many “actors” go to Hollywood to find fame, fortune and success.  Hollywood is not easily conquered and it pays off and once in a while someone famous emerges.  The one recurring trait of successful people is persistence.

Persistence with definite plans will lead you to succeed in your home based business. Lack of persistence is a common trait among unsuccessful people, but it may be overcome with effort. The first step to riches is desire so if your desire is weak, then your persistence will follow suit. One remedy to strengthen your persistence is to increase your desire. Your mastermind group is also a great resource to help you be more persistent. The careful selection of your mastermind group will help in your road to riches.  The synergy created by like minded people getting together in a mastermind group is phenomenal.

Persistence is based in part on the following definite causes:

1. Definiteness of purpose

2. Desire

3. Self-Reliance

4. Definiteness of Plans

5. Accurate Knowledge

6. Cooperation

7. Willpower

8. Habit

The list above is a valid assessment of what it takes to be persistence in your road to riches.  You probably could get by with just willpower and desire, but the stronger the other six are in your life the simpler your journey will be.  Your journey may be simple, but it never will be easy.  We must take a personal inventory of ourselves to determine where our strengths and weakness lies in the definite causes above. You must rate yourself honestly and the analysis might surprise you. You might be stronger in places that you thought were weak. If you are weak in any particular area, then you must master it to accumulate wealth. Willpower is the key thing that stands out for me with persistence. The road to success is lined with many people with good intentions.  They are going to good intention you to give up your dreams.  Naysayers are always going to try to deter you from achieving your goals. Naysayers are easier to handle when it is someone else.  What if the naysayer is you?

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An Occasional Distraction is Good in Your Personal Development

Distraction is defined the dictionary as an interruption, confusion or madness. An obstacle is defined as an impediment, hindrance or barrier. Your path to personal and financial development may have different roadblocks.  You must determine whether you should run over, sidestep or jump over the roadblock. You must recognize a distraction for what it is, an interruption, and not let it become an obstacle.

A “Google slap” is an example of an obstacle. You did not have any control over what Google did with your ad. Google for some unknown reason decided that your ad violated their rules. You did not write the rules and probably can’t find a copy of the rules written anywhere on the internet. You may waste your time investigating reasons why or take it in stride and move on to the next task at hand. The degree to which an obstacle hinders your home business on line is determines by how you react to it.  Your available options are to either knock down, side step or climb over an obstacle. You must handle a distraction differently otherwise your personal development efforts will be for nothing.

An example of a distraction is the latest Harry Potter starts on Wednesday night at a special screening time. You are in charge of whether or not you go to this movie. This screening does not help you in your financial development.  This distraction will interrupt your personal development temporarily.  The combination of a few distractions could make it very difficult for you to succeed in your personal development. These activities are in direct correlation to your income.  The more your personal development increases the more your income will grow.  The less time you spend on your personal development activities the less your income will grow.  A distraction unlike the “Google Slap” is totally up to you on how you let it interfere with your financial development.  If you allow distractions to overrun you, then your failure will be imminent.

The way you tackle an obstacle or distraction is up to you. One distraction by itself might not hinder your success.  This mole might become a mountain if you don’t differentiate between a distraction and an obstacle.  Distractions not handle appropriately leads you to procrastinate.  When procrastination takes over, then your personal development income will be affected.  You are allowed some form of distractions in your personal and financial development, but you must not let it interfere with your destiny.

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July 28, 2009

Ask Effectively to Win in Your Home Based Business

You are running a home based business that is direct sales marketing vehicle. The presentation aspect of your product or service is great. The problem that you are having occurs at the end of the presentation. At the end of the presentation like 60% of the salespeople fails to ask for the sale. You might have we call “lay down” occasionally in your home based business.  The majority of your sales are going to come from asking for the sale.  There are a number of ways to effectively ask your potential business partners to ensure that your asking gets results.

Effective ways to get the best results when you ask for the “sale”:

1. Ask clearly.

Your choice of words is critical because words are very extremely powerful. Your request must be well thought out and coherent. If you are saying thing but you body language is saying something else then the message will be twisted. Your mastermind group would be a great resource if you have someone who is great at asking.

2. Ask with confidence.

You don’t have to speak loudly to project confidence. Confidence comes from being prepared and knowing your product or service well. The quiet strength of your confidence is clear to your potential business partners. The confident person tends to be better off then people who are hesitant and uncertain.

3. Ask consistently.

You have to ask at least three times just worded a different way. My sons ask me again and again when they want something. Kids are probably the best salesperson in the world.  A successful person will ask consistently and will not shy away from the first no.

4. Ask creatively.

You must let your creativity work in your favor to get great results in your asking.  Out of the box thinking is sometimes required to show your product or service to your hard to reach potential business partners. The internet is great for growing your home based business online, but they are still many offline ways to generate leads.

5. Ask sincerely.

The best way to show sincerity is to just be you. When you are being truthful, then your potential business partner will feel it and respond to you in kind. For instance, your video marketing does not have to perfect in your home based business opportunity. Your business partners will open up to you when they know that you are a “real” person.

They are many people who have changed the world simply by asking. Winston Churchill asked the people of the United Kingdom to “never, never, never, never give up” and Great Britain was saved from invasion. Your head down with your hat in your hand is not the proper way to ask.  When you are in a business that truly helps people, then there is no reason for you to hang your head low.  You must boldly ask for what you want. You must ask using the ways that we discussed to achieve success in your home based business.

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July 25, 2009

7 Ways to Simply Ask For Help to Improve Your Home Business

There are many advertisements on the internet that states grow your home business on autopilot with a system. These companies seem to be selling a “lazy” way to increase your wealth.  You can grow your home business by using some simple strategies.  You might have a great website, capture page, blog etc. but if you don’t have a call to action.  You must ask your potential business partner to do business with you.  You may ask your potential business partners for their business using seven different methods.

The 7 different ways to ask are listed below:

1. Ask for information.

The best way to find out information is to ask questions, and then listen attentively to the answers.  You must not anticipate what you think the person is going to say and answer as soon as possible.  Listening is a dying art that we must all revive.  The main objective here is to focus on helping the person that you are meeting with and not have dollars signs in your eyes.  The type of questions you asked should begin with who, why, what, where, when and how to acquire the information you need.

2. Ask for business.

There are a vast majority of salespeople who are scared to ask for the order.  The actual number of salespeople is 60% that after doing a complete presentation of their product or service never attempt to “close” the sale.  A kid is the best salesperson that you will ever meet.  When kids want something they will ask you again and again until the end of time to get it.

3. Ask for written endorsements.

Testimonials are one of the best ways to give yourself instant credibility.  These testimonials state that you are a trustworthy person who delivers what you promise.  People always want to feel like the person they are about to enter a partnership with is tried and true.

4. Ask for top-quality referrals

Referrals are automatic testimonial that state that a “friend” have looked at your product or service and they felt that you were worthy enough to give you another “friend” name.  They will look at your product or service more readily, than if you had cold call them.

5. Ask for more business.

You must have different things for sale.  It is always cheaper to keep a client, than it is to go out and acquire a new one.  The Business  Model of people like Tony Robbins is to bring you in at lower level products and then offer you an incremental higher cost seminar on a regular basis.

6. Ask to renegotiate.

When you think you are getting the best deal, you come to realize that it can be better.  For example if you think are paying the best rate on your car insurance for many years does not mean you can’t pick up the phone and ask for a better rate.

7. Ask for feedback.

This is probably the scariest one of them all because people fear criticism.  When you ask for feedback you are trying to find out how you can improve your company.  You may be surprise how many new ideas could come from your clients.

You will improve the revenue of your home business simply by applying the 7 ways above.  People are using the internet to move further away from the selling process but asking is the way that some of the greatest corporations have been built.  No sale is made until someone asks for the order.  If you don’t ask then your potential business partner will continue to do what they have always done.  If you continue to do the same thing you have always done then you will get the same results.

The people who are looking for a get rich quick scheme will continue to do so.  The people who will improve their home business the true and tried ways will continue to strive way ahead of the others.  You may use the above 7 ways to increase your bottom line revenue in your home business.

July 17, 2009

Mastering With a Mastermind Group Will Help Your Home Business Income Opportunity

A mastermind group is needed  to help you with your home business income opportunity.  Your mastermind group is a sharing of the minds of like minded people.  The main purpose of this group is to support each other professionally, personally and emotionally.  You may also share ideas and information that will help each other in your home  business income opportunity. There are four main actions steps that you need to go through to bring your mastermind group to life.

The 4 Action Steps are listed below:

1:  Select the right people

The importance of the people selected is very essential to the overall success of the mastermind group.  You should limit your group to six people.  The power of 6(yourself+5) is phenomenal and selecting them must not be taken lightly.  You are looking for individuals that are likely to create a synergy and provide positive energy to each discussion.  The negative people who just want to dump negativity are not welcome.

2: Everyone must make a commitment

Your mastermind group is for long term supporter so short timers are not welcomed.  If your meeting is set for once per month then each member must be there on a consistent basis.  You must set up an exit strategy and procedures ahead of time to eject a member who is not working out.

3:  Decide when, where, how often and for how long you want to meet

A good rule of thumb is two to three hours every month.  You should select either a breakfast time frame or one at the end of the business day for meeting time.  You must choose a location that you consistently go to every month.  If is very important that you maximize your time to tackle the issues at hand.  Setting up your rules about turning cell phones and other distractions will help your meeting be more productive.

4:  What will you talk about?

You must elect a chairperson to help keep the conversation going in a positive way.  You should start the meeting off with positive comments about something great that occurs in your life or business since the last meeting.  You must give everyone the chance to talk about what is happening in their personal life and business life.  If a particular member has a crisis or other problem that must be addressed, then reserve time to discuss it.

Your Mastermind Group is not only for helping you keep a positive mindset in your home  business income opportunity, but also in your personal life.  You must not take this group lightly because many successful people have they own power of 6.  Billionaire Warren Buffet donates billions of dollars to Microsoft giant Bill Gates for his charities.  We might from the outside looking in think that is crazy, but who are billionaires going to have in their power of 6.  The rule of thumb is that if you take your 5 closest friends’ income divide total by 5 that your income may be accurate predicted. Your mastermind group will help you make your home  business income opportunity a success, so select the individuals in it very carefully.

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July 16, 2009

Use These 6 Effective Confidence Building Strategies in Your Home Based Business

There are 6 confidence building concepts that are simplistic in nature.  These concepts will give you outstanding results in your home based business.  A lack of confidence can make even the strongest person weak.  Samson’s strength was in the length of his hair, therefore giving him the confidence to lift any object placed before him.  When his hair was cut off, his amazing strength was gone.  He lost his strength even though he had the same physical body structure.  When you look back at this story was the strength in his hair or his mind.  “The Power of Focus” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt discusses 6 confidence building strategies to implement in your life and business.

These 6 strategies are listed below:

#1:  Focus on your past accomplishments and not your failures. If Samson looked at the things that he lifted in the past, then he would never have had a problem lifting the same items the same day his hair was cut.  You could coach yourself the same way you would if your had a friend with a challenge.

#2: Our personality is formed due to the books that we read and the people who we meet.  You must read inspirational stories in the form of biographies and autobiographies.  You may always find comfort in knowing that you are not the only one that faces challenges.  You will always have ups and downs in your life so accept that fact.  A life without challenges is a life that is not worth living.  The right mindset will allow to win challenges more than you lose.

#3: Gratitude is something that is very difficult to have when the chips are down.  You must be thankful because no matters how badly off you are there is always someone in a worse predicament than you.  If you don’t believe that then go and volunteer in a hospital.  Your issues will pale in comparison to the ill fortune of other people you meet in your life.

#4:  A masterminding group of mentors, friend and family will be instrumental in regaining your confidence.  The people who know you will be able to remind you of the accomplishments that you have achieved in the past.  It is not bragging if someone other than you is giving the praises.  This will even further emphasizes the people who you remain in your inner circle and the ones that you should let go.

#5:  The best way to get back on track is to get things done.  You should start by first setting some short term goals and finishing them.  The one thing that will defeat you is self talk, don’t beat yourself up if everything does not go as planned.  You must continuously focus on the overall picture of success in your home based business opportunity.

#6:  We must celebrate our accomplishment every week to add continuity to gaining our confidence back.  When you accomplish a goal on your goal sheet instead of crossing it off highlight it.

If after going through these 6 steps and your confidence is not fully restored, then go back to step #1 and start all over again.  Life is made of cycles so when you are in the valley you must do whatever it takes to get to the mountains.  When you are working your home based business you will face similar circumstances.  You must have an attitude of a continuous and never ending desire to be successful.

Give and the law of value will multiple your profits automatically amd exponentially.

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July 10, 2009

Which One do You Prefer to Live With Regret or Discipline?

“The fear of failure is a very powerful thing, but regret is even stronger. We must not give into this fear because our whole life will be filled with regret.” this is a quote from the Discovery series in Life Path Unlimited. Fear of the unknown is an irrational fear that is paralyzing too many people.

This fear could simply be something such as making that first phone call to follow a program that will make your life better. This fear is so crippling that the phone may feel like it is over 200 pounds, therefore you fail before you start. The fact remains that no matter how much other busy work you find instead of picking up the phone to call you will eventually regret your inaction.

Procrastination is a direct result of irrational fear, the ringing of the phone might make you pray to the phone god, hoping nobody answers. The conversations that you have might be so strained that you can’t wait to get off the phone. The beautiful thing about these fears is that the more you pick up the phone, dial the numbers and talk to your prospects the easier it gets.

Habits are a behavior that you keep repeating whether good or bad. If you continue to refuse to pick up the phone then it will become a very bad habit. This bad habit will lead you to closing the door on an opportunity that might be the one thing to make you financially sound.

“Successful people have successful habits and unsuccessful people don’t”, so overcome those fears that inhibits your growth as an individual.  You must not allow the fear of failure phobia to set in; otherwise you will be in dire straits. We will succeed from consistent and persistent actions that are taken on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. If you don’t perform these actions, then you life will be filled with regret, because “failure offer no alibis’.

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July 9, 2009

How to Get Back on Track When a Mental Setback Occur in Your Home Based Business?

The results are not always rosy in your home based business opportunity everyday. Your income generating activities does not always equate into riches.  The best athletes in the World have a period where they are unable to hit the ball out of the park.  The main cause during this slump period is normally their mindset. Greg Norman lost a 6 stroke lead in the final round of the 1996 Masters because his confident deteriorated as he saw his dreams evaporating. We will discuss one method for turning things around and getting back to winning ways as soon as possible.

The fundamental thing that you must do first is recognize that you are in a slump.  Your masterminding group of your mentor, friends and family will be needed to help you re-think, re-energize and refocus.  The worse thing you could do is try to get back on track alone without any support.  We tend to be our worse critic so if we keep analyzing the situation in our mind.  We will end up over analyzing and over emphasizing the reasons why.  Visualizing is a great way to overcome the slump.

You must think back to a time when you were hitting the ball out of the park.  You may also look at your past achievement, rewards etc of your most positive memories.  This type of positive reinforcement is necessary to get you back to a level of success in your mind.  Thoughts manifest our destiny so forward thinking into future success is a great way to build your confidence.  Back to the basics is the next step to help overcome a slump in your home based business opportunity.

Doing the fundamentals is the best way to knock the ball out of the park again.  Using the system in your home based business opportunity is the best strategy.  You must do the things that brought you success in the past and not the easy things.  The main ways to succeed in your business are lead generation and making contact with your leads, yet you spend your time learning.  The acquired knowledge is great, but if you don’t apply then it is useless.  When you are mentally and physically drained, then taking a break is one the best way to get re-energized.  You will eventually work your way out of the slump because life is full of cycles that don’t last forever. You must focus on one goal at a time on a consistent basis to get your juices flowing again. You may easily get back on the road to success in your home based business opportunity.

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