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June 18, 2012

Procrastination, Deadly Enemy of Success Revisited

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Procrastination, deadly enemy of success is a blog post that I am revisiting.  Procrastination is the deadly enemy of your success.  Procrastination destroys your desire to succeed in your life and business.  When a decision is made all other choices are severed.   Procrastinating is the opposite of decision. When people procrastinate productivity becomes non-existent.  There are many reasons why people put off till to tomorrow what they can do today.  The amazing thing is for some reason tomorrow never comes.  The pain of discipline weighs ounces, while the pain of regret weight pounds. Overcoming procrastination is a much easier way to achieving success.   I will discuss six main reasons why people procrastinate in this blog post.

6 Reasons why people procrastinate:

1. You’re Bored.

When your life become routine and you just go through the motion. When the initial enthusiasm of operating a business wears off, most people need a new challenge.  You must ask yourself these simple questions.  Am I bored with what I’m Doing?  Why am I bored?  What would give me more energy?  You must recognize that you are bored and be very aware of your feelings.  The appeal of a routine business is never something they will settle for.  When the new shiny has lost it luster unsuccessful people move on to the new shiny opportunity.  Successful people are quick to make a decision and slow to change it.  The unsuccessful people are slow to make a decision and quick to change it.  The guise of boredom is just about a good enough excuse to move on.  Successful people look for bigger and better opportunities to keep their juices flowing.

2. You are overwhelmed with work.

When you see a juggler with a few balls in the air, you might noticed that nothing is being accomplished.  The juggler is so focus on making sure the balls don’t drop that he does not notice the moss under his feet.  The fact remains that as long as he is just keeping the balls in the air, he will never move forward.  When you let tasks pile up by putting it off to the next day, you are becoming a master juggler.  The chances are that the more tasks you put off till the next day the heavier those balls will become. Your arm will develop into powerful muscles, and ironically those muscles will help you throw the balls higher, therefore allowing you to add more balls into your routine. The best way to not be overwhelmed is to let a few of the balls drop.  When you pick it up off the floor evaluate it and either throw it back in the air or put it to the side.  It might seem simplistic at best, but you must lessen the load by doing a little bit at a time.

3. Your confidence has slipped.

Procrastination leads to fear and doubt.  A person who does not have confidence in themself is bound to plagued by it in different ways.   Indecision is one of the worst ways to succumb to fear.   There are some major fears that keep people from achieving success.  The fear of death, criticism, and ill health are a small selection of those fears.  The mind is a powerful thing and when it is hitting all cylinders there is nothing that can’t be achieved.  When the mind is not right then procerastination can set up a bed there.  When you are not sure that you have the ability to do a job, inaction occurs.  Doubting yourself makes your confidence slip.  When your confidence lessen, then those old beliefs systems start to creep into your mind.   Your thoughts dictate your destiny.  If your thoughts are negative then your future will be negative.

4. You have a low self-worth.

Low self esteem is a fall out from your confidence slipping.  When you have low self-worth you sometimes sabotage your success the closer you get to it. The Law of Attraction is a power thing.  When your vibrations is always negative, then you should never be surprised at what comes your way.  You feel like you don’t deserve success which may be due to a negative beliefs system or a traumatic past. If you have a self fulfilling prophecy, then the words you give attention, desire and focus will come back to you. Success in your life and business is only for those who truly want it.  Napoleon Hill state that you must first have a goals and then have a burning desire to its achievement.  Self-worth will truly become a non factor when you follow Napoleon Hill.s mantra.

5. You are doing work you don’t really enjoy.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t do.  Your business sometimes requires that you do mundane tasks, such as paperwork.  These tasks are sometimes a necessary part of your business.  The best thing to do is focus on the things that you are great at and outsource the rest.  You will never enjoy everything that you do so you focus on the things that you truly like to do.  The concept of finding balnce is obsolete,  it is about doing what you love.  When you do what you love, then the Universe will find a way to help you achieve all your goals.

6. You are easily distracted, or just downright lazy!

This is the number one proponent for procrastination.  If you looking for an excuse not to do something, then you have no problem procrastinating.  Success takes consistent and persistent action and laziness has no rightful place in the equation.

Procrastination is a major killer to growing your business and your personal development.  The previous 6 things discuss are the main reasons why people excel in procrastination.  When people become proficient in procrastinating, then they are guaranteed to fail in their life and business.  There are many ways to overcome procrastination, but the best way is to apply consistent and persistent actions without reservation.  Personal development is only as good as the effort that you put into it.

March 16, 2012

Law of Success- Lesson # 3: The Habit of Saving

The Habit of Saving may seem like the most simple lesson in Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success” fifteen lessons, yet it might be the most difficult. The fact that everything that is simple is not always easy. The current state of America dictates that the majority of the population does not even have $1000 in their savings account. The lesson is not about the amount that is saved, but in fact it gauges the discipline and character of the individual. When you are making less money it is easy to dream about what you would do when you have money. A wise man once said that it is not having money that gives you attitude, but in fact it is the attitude that allows you to acquire money.

A direct quote from the “Law of Success” states that “Expenses increased with every increase in my income, which is a habit,…”. This is not the habit that Napoleon wants readers to derive from this lesson. Many people live by this habit of being spendthrift to the fullest. The concept of keeping money for a rainy day is lost on deaf ears. I am reminded of a story that my mother told me as a child. The way I remember the story is that a man was waiting for a windfall. The time that he was waiting for the money to come he boasted about how much he would give to “charity”. The day came and he received his monies and the charity saw none of it. He was later heard saying that when he did not have the money he had the mind, but once he received the money he did not have the mind. The moral of the story is that you must always have the mind to save money.

I have read a number of different books told by storytellers far better than my mom. The knowledge gained from her has not been overshadowed by those of Og Mandingo and Napoleon Hill. Og Mandingo “The Richest Man in Babylon” discussed seven cures for a lean purse and it was very informative and enlightening. He told this story in the simplest narrative that you could not help, but learn his lessons. The one that stand out for me is the same concept that Napoleon Hill is highlighting in “Law of Success”.

Og Mandingo setting for his book was many hundred years ago. Napoleon Hill and Og Mandingo both believed that saving some of your earning is very important. Saving a percentage of your “salary” allowed you to be ready if any opportunity that required investing money. The opportunity to live your dreams comes unexpectedly. The saying is that when opportunity knocks many people are at the back door. The fact that you don’t have your investment ready could be detrimental to your success. The person with a saving is in a better position to invest than a person with no saving at all. The more disciplined you are in saving for the future the better you are view by others. The act of saving consistently is view as a very strong character trait. The people who do not save are view in a totally different light.

Napoleon Hill tells different stories about people who did not have the discipline to save money. The problem that plague many people is that the more they make the more they spend. This habit is sometimes very difficult to overcome. Napoleon Hill defines a habit as “any act indulged in a few times”. He further states that “the mind appears to be nothing more than a mass of motivating forces growing out of our daily habits.” I draw from this that if our habits are not controlled or directed to better acts, then your future may be ruin extensively. I am in concert with Og Mandingo, and Napoleon Hill, as we say save consistently no matter how small.

February 22, 2012

Law of Success- Lesson # 2 Self-Confidence Part 2

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“The Law of Success”  by Napoleon Hill starts with a key ingredient that must be present for success.  A  definite chief aim is required when your negative bubble is bigger than your positive bubble.  Self-confidence  follows the first lesson very closely.  The preamble to self confidence is overcoming one or all the six major fears.  Your belief in yourself may be eroded by one of the fears that Napoleon Hill feels will flatten you like a pancake.  The confidence that you develop within your being is critical to achieving success in your life. Self-confidence is a very close twin to perseverance and just as important.

Mother Nature is one the best place to watch self-confidence in action. The mighty lion walking through the jungle with a dominating presence that makes him the “king of the jungle”.  The lion did not wake up one day and automatically say I am king hear me roar.  The truth of the matter is that he inherits some of his confidence naturally and the rest is developed by his environment.  A lesson in a lion cub’s life might go like this.  The lion cub notices that most animals stay away from him as he travels through the forest.  The young cub would do what comes naturally, which is test the limit of just how far these animals would stay away from him.  This environmental training would help him determine his place in the world as a lion.  The rest of his education will come directly from his parents.  The combination of real world application and The finish product would be a mighty king of the Jungle.

The king(or queen) of self-confidence is an imposing character that accomplish all the goals that he or she set for themselves.  Napoleon Hill stated that “…ambition and Self-confidence, and without these essential qualities a man will be carried through life on the wings of uncertainty,…”.  The student who sit in the back of the class unless he does something drastic is destined to float on those wings.  Self-confidence is liken by Napoleon Hill to that of an electric battery, therefore keeping the mind recharged and positive. The more confident that you are the more positive you will be achieving your goals, thereby attracting people, places, and situations that aids you in your objectives.  The reverse is also true the more negative you are will attract in kind.  It is obvious that the real choice is developing your self-confidence.

Self-confidence would help you achieve success far quicker than a severe lack of it.  The more confidence that you possess inside the more likely with your definite chief aim that you will succeed.  Napoleon Hill stated that whatever the mind of man can conceive as long as he believe…..


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January 26, 2012

Law of Success- Lesson # 2 Self Confidence Part 1

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Law of Success

Self Confidence is lesson #2 in Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success and I will put my twist on it.  The concept of good and evil is a very easy concept to relate to.  We remember the old familiar picture of two beings resting on our shoulders whispering into our ears.  The one being dress in red is trying to get you to take evil actions, while the other being dress in white is trying to get you to do the right thing.  The one you listen dictates your destiny.  Our thoughts do determine our destiny most of the time.  This can be likened to building your self-confidence to achieve whatever your heart desires.  Fear is one the most detrimental opponent to achieving success in life.


The red dress being attacks your mind with a constant “you can’t do it-you are afraid to try—…” in your ear.  Fear can lead you to do some weird things in your life.  The telephone is a small instrument that can bring the strongest and biggest man to his knees.  It is amazing that when the telephone is your main source of your livelihood and just the thought of picking it up and dialing a prospect could lead you to failure.  Self-confidence is one of the greatest proponents to counteract fear.  The main six fears are listed below:

  1. Fear of Poverty
  2. The Fear of Old Age
  3. The Fear of Criticism
  4. The Fear of loss of  Someone
  5. The Fear of Ill health
  6. The Fear of Death

Most human beings are attacked by these fears in one way or another.  Napoleon Hill states “that nothing brings man so much suffering and humiliation as doe’s poverty.”  Napoleon Hill states that man gets satisfaction out of eating a fellow man out financially while animals eat each other physically.  The combination of these facts makes it one of the most dangerous fears.  You must have confidence in yourself to achieve your goals and aspiration in life, business and relationship.

I will continue with this topic in my next article.  Please comment or provide any feedback.

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