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August 26, 2013

It is The Little Things That Matter to Make Your Life, Relationship and Business Flourish

It is amazing how much the little things in your life, relationships and business really matters .  I was witnessed this week to the final part of three seemingly insignificant events that made a dramatic change in my friend’s life.   We might think that the little things does not matter, but in reality little things are more important than the big picture.  The saying goes that we must stop and smell the roses.  We stand from afar and admire the beauty of the rose, but how often do we stop to truly appreciate it up close.  The answer is not usually.

When I think of how this relates to my business it all about “modi operandi” that is the key to my business success.  If you treat your business like a “hobby” then guess what it will continue to be.  It is about the little things that we do everyday to propel our businesses forward.  Are you marketing, advertising and developing strategies daily in your business?  If not it is not too late to begin.  You may directs, contain and utilize the power of water, but you may never control or destroy it.  A continuous stream of water could destroy the biggest rock over time.  It might not happen for one, five or fifty but rest assure it will happen.  How could doing the little things impact your life and relationships?

If you don’t believe that it is the little things stop reading this post and send your love one an unexpected appreciative “love note”.  The reaction that you will receive will be surprising.  This note of gratitude will not only benefit your loved one, but will also benefit you also.  The series of little things is what make a great relationship.  When your significant other is complaining about you leaving the toilet seat up is it really about the toilet seat of something deeper that is bothering her. As men we are late to pick up on these little “subtleties” that will snowball into an avalanche that will bury us.

The quicker that we pick up on these little “disagreements”  the sooner we can work on finding the “solution”.  I have placed solution in quotation, because that is a whole new discussion about men and women differences.  It has come to me time and time again that it is the little things that make your life, relationship and business better.  This week I want you to focus on the little things, then give me some feedback.


August 1, 2013

Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success in Fifteen Lesson The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For is Revisited

Napoleon Hill’s The Law of Success in Fifteen Lesson revisits the habit of doing more than paid for, which was first introduced in “Think and Grow Rich”.  When I first read about this concept I saw it in a totally different light.  When I write my blog articles I always let them sit for a day or so.  I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I always revised it to reflect my feelings at that moment.  It should be no big surprise that as I read an article that I wrote on this same topic back in June, 2009 I am feeling differently about it.  The act doing more than is ask is the key to sending the right vibe out into the Universe.  If you send out positive vibes, then you would receive positive vibes in return.

It is like you are building a favor chest that will overflow the more you do thing without expecting something in return.  It is not only about doing more than is expected of you, but doing it without waiting for something in return.  Napoleon Hill has a way of getting to the crux of the matter without hesitation.  For example,  I was listening to my daily morning show the other day and Steve Harvey was using the example of a neighbor borrowing sugar to get his point across.  A new neighbor comes on day one to ask for a bowl of sugar, you would probably give it to him the sugar without hesitation.  The neighbor leave without a simple thank you. The neighbor comes  day two and the same thing happens,  no thank you again.  How do you react on day three when the neighbor appears at your door?

If you are in the habit of doing more than you are paid you would give the neighbor the sugar.  If you are like the average person in the world, you might give the sugar but not without a barrage of choice words.  There is no wrong way to respond to this attitude of ingratitude. The question is when do you stop being taken advantage of.  When I  managed restaurants back in the early part of my career,  I learned a few critical lessons.  You always will encounter people who want something for nothing.  It is how you react to these “freeloaders” that matters.  If you assume that everyone is like that then you will become jaded.  You will look at every customer complaint as someone looking for a free meal.  I treated each situation on a case by case basis,  because I realized that these “freeloaders” only accounted for a small percentage of our business.   I was in the habit of doing more than you are paid, so my decision was easy.

P.S.  There are some crucial character traits that you need to succeed and they are initiative and leadership.  Napoleon gets very deep into this subject in Law of Success in Fifteen Lesson.  Read my thoughts on this topic  here


March 25, 2013

Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Lesson #6: Enthusiasm is a Vital Moving Force That Impels Action

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Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Lesson #6: Enthusiasm is a vital moving force that impels action.  Napoleon Hill states that the greatest leaders are those who inspire enthusiasm in their followers. It is one thing for the followers to be pumped up it is even better when they have a definite chief aim. When the followers has a laser sharp enthusiastic belief system, then everything will explode. Enthusiasm is very contagious. The acronym for the last four letter is I.A.S.M is I am sold myself.

When you are sold about your life, business or relationships you feel no pain, require no sleep and barely require nutrients.  When you are enthuse it like you are walking on a cloud way above the trees. Your feet never touches the ground.  I know it sound mythical and almost unbelievable, but when you are sold on what you are doing it is so much easier to jump out of bed every morning.  If you don’t believe that then you might appreciate this fact most heart attacks occur early Monday morning.

The most popular time for heart attacks  is within the last three hours of getting up to go to work.  The heart stopped beating, because most people dreaded going into their job on Monday morning. Monday is the deadliest day of the week for a myocardial infraction. The weekend was fantastic, but the prospect of having to go into work is overwhelming. The flip side is Fridays, people are looking forward to the weekend.  The enthusiasm and the buzz about what you are going to do on the weekend is out of this world.  It is truly unnecessary to motivate anyone to race through the door. It is so much easier to get work done to complete the day. The least productive, but most enthusiastic is the last hour before quitting time.

We feel no pain just before going home for the weekend.  When we feel enthusiasm, we accomplish more. When I initially worked in the restaurant business I was gung ho and could not wait to get to work.  I was like that for many years until I realized a key important fact.  I could work from can to faint and no matter what the restaurant would continue, even if I left all of a sudden.  When I viewed time with my sons more it was easier to work a plan.  I never knew what it was to have a weekend off, without planning for months ahead of time.  When you are enthusiastic about your goals and dreams it is much easier to accomplish them.  Napoleon Hill ‘s “Laws of Success” are razor targeted on what you need to get where you ant to go.  You have to be selfish with your goals otherwise you will never achieve them.

P.S If you missed Law of Success #5 which is imagination read it here.  Imagination is a great tool in building your successful life, business or relationships.  watch my video below that i did when I READ “Think and Grow Rich” on imagination below:




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