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January 26, 2012

Law of Success- Lesson # 2 Self Confidence Part 1

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Law of Success

Self Confidence is lesson #2 in Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success and I will put my twist on it.  The concept of good and evil is a very easy concept to relate to.  We remember the old familiar picture of two beings resting on our shoulders whispering into our ears.  The one being dress in red is trying to get you to take evil actions, while the other being dress in white is trying to get you to do the right thing.  The one you listen dictates your destiny.  Our thoughts do determine our destiny most of the time.  This can be likened to building your self-confidence to achieve whatever your heart desires.  Fear is one the most detrimental opponent to achieving success in life.


The red dress being attacks your mind with a constant “you can’t do it-you are afraid to try—…” in your ear.  Fear can lead you to do some weird things in your life.  The telephone is a small instrument that can bring the strongest and biggest man to his knees.  It is amazing that when the telephone is your main source of your livelihood and just the thought of picking it up and dialing a prospect could lead you to failure.  Self-confidence is one of the greatest proponents to counteract fear.  The main six fears are listed below:

  1. Fear of Poverty
  2. The Fear of Old Age
  3. The Fear of Criticism
  4. The Fear of loss of  Someone
  5. The Fear of Ill health
  6. The Fear of Death

Most human beings are attacked by these fears in one way or another.  Napoleon Hill states “that nothing brings man so much suffering and humiliation as doe’s poverty.”  Napoleon Hill states that man gets satisfaction out of eating a fellow man out financially while animals eat each other physically.  The combination of these facts makes it one of the most dangerous fears.  You must have confidence in yourself to achieve your goals and aspiration in life, business and relationship.

I will continue with this topic in my next article.  Please comment or provide any feedback.

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March 7, 2011

Thoughts Whether Good or Bad Determines Your Altitude

Napoleon Hill writes in the book “Think and Grow Rich” that if you can conceive it you can achieve it.  If the path to riches was a marathon, then thoughts would be considered the first step.  Thoughts that are conducive to success will keep failure at bay.  Have you no matter how hard you tried could not remember a thought from a few minutes earlier?

The foundation of all success starts with a thought.  Your thoughts are important because your thoughts in turn become your words.  For example, if your mind is filled with negative self-talk, then your words will derail your success.  You must fill up your mind with positive thoughts through personal development.  Visualization is a co-partner to your thoughts because you have to be about to see yourself being successful.  There was an experiment conducted where basketball players were assigned two different tasks.  One set of the players were told to shoot free throw as soon as possible will the others were told to visualize themselves shooting the ball into the hoop before actually shooting it.  The players who visualize had a better shooting percentage.  The act of seeing in your mind eye the ball going to the hoop was far more powerful, then just continuously shooting at will.  Your thoughts will carry you through and will indeed determine your altitude.

I am not talking about the rah-rah pump it up positivity temporary fix; no I am talking about goal driven thoughts.  I remember when I sold a very expensive product door to door our supervisor always had these meetings that were purely rah-rah pump you up and send you out the door.  He really believed that these meetings were the highlight of the day.  This concept did not work because it was one to two hours before you got into your first home to present the product.  You had to be able to motivate yourself.

Your goals had to be big enough to overcome the negative thoughts swimming in your head on that long ride to your presentation.  The beauty of tasting success is that nothing hurt when you are winning.  When your sales are down, then every little thing is a major issue.  One on one selling is one of the most transparent forms of selling.

Your potential customers will pick up on your stinking thinking.  A critical part of the presentation was performing a mattress test in your prospect‘s bedroom.  I have closed many deals at this point of the presentation and the rest was just a formality.  If you are not confident enough, then you would never be able to accomplish this key part of the presentation.  Your words move you to action, moving you towards your goals for the future.

If you are unable to move to action to perform a critical part of the presentation, a bad habit will form.  The habit of not doing your best will lead to you taking shortcuts.  You will no longer attempt to get into the bedroom, your sales would decrease. When you are in a funk amazingly everyone else is to blame for your failure.  A habit is whether good or bad is formed anywhere from 21-59 days of action so pay close attention to your actions.

Your character of who you truly are to the core is developed by these habits.  Your character in turn determines your destiny.  Where you are in life can be traced back to actions or in-actions done by you.  These negative thoughts will become your future unless you make a conscious effort through personal development to change. Your destiny started from thoughts, so cultivate your thoughts wisely.

January 31, 2011

The Final Ingredient for Success:The Thirteenth Step to Riches is The Sixth Sense


The sixth sense is another intangible concept like The Brain, which is the twelfth step to riches that Napoleon Hill presented in “Think and Grow Rich”.  The thirteenth step to riches as dictated by Napoleon Hill is the Sixth Sense.  The Sixth Sense is truly a concept that cannot be put into words.  Have you ever felt something was not right with a situation but you could not put your fingers on why?  The worse that we can do with our sixth sense is ignoring it. Our normal five senses of touch, sight, taste, feel and  hear when worked in tandem with each other can make any situation tangible.  The mysterious sixth sense sends us signals that can’t be verified or confirmed by anything else.  The number of live testimonials from someone who did not get on a plane then inevitably crashed.  These people are alive because they listened to that “inner voice”.  The road to riches is paved with many unsuccessful people who fell to the wayside.  GAP did a very unsuccessful publicity campaign where they change their logo.  I don’t know what inner voice told tell that that is what people wanted.  The saying is that publicity is good whether negative or positive; if the cost to make new paraphernalia was less than the sales generated then it worked. 

The repercussion of not listening may be as minor as not turning off on a side street to avoid a major traffic jam or major in making an investment that could possibly send your family to ruins.  The fact remains that when we listen to this voice the next thought that goes through our mind is an affirmation of making the correct choice.  This sixth sense is about as intangible as any concept that we may encounter.  It is not for us to prove or disprove this concept but to know that it may help you in your steps to riches.  These riches may be financial, physical or mental.  The importance of your riches is truly up to you.  Napoleon Hill throughout this whole book is that “if it is to be it is up to me” The steps to riches are an abstract as well as a blueprint that may lead you wherever you want to go. The first step is truly up to you as a man much wiser than me have stated over and over again.

October 5, 2010

Why is The Brain The Twelfth Step to Riches And Not The First Step?

The twelfth steps to riches in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich seem to be the shortest chapter in this book, yet it is the most important.  Napoleon Hill describes the brain as the twelfth step to riches. Why is the brain the twelfth step and not the first?  Desire is the first step to riches and originates in the brain.  Emotional feelings are normally associated with the heart.  Most people would say that your heart is where desire develops, but this desire started in the brain.  The seed to increase riches was planted in the brain and cultivated in the heart.

The Brain should truly be the first step and not the twelfth step.  The space between our ears is the true power of what we can achieve in life.  The better you are at using your brain the better chance you will succeed.  What we learn in school or synthetic imagination is taught at an early age would like to your true success.  A teacher teaches that 1+1=2, yet that is not the only knowledge you need to succeed.  Intangible concepts such as autosuggestion, the subconscious mind and creative imagination are used to stretch the power of the brain.

Micheal Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.  Some basketball enthusiast would think that record was what made him great.  I believe that it was his intangibles that made him the greatest.  Micheal practiced more than any other person on his team.  He truly mastered both imaginations to be one of the greatest basketball players ever.

Synthetic imagination works in conjunction with creative imagination to help you achieve your riches.  Your intangibles are useless until you take action.  The Winner’s Creed states that the person who wins is the one he thinks he can. The steps that Napoleon Hill outlines so far are stemming from thinking and growing rich but without action all thoughts are wasted.  Knowledge is said to be power, but it is actually the proper application of knowledge in the right order that is power.

September 15, 2010

The Eleventh Step to Riches The Subconscious Mind Per Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

The subconscious mind holds many mysteries for all of us yet Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich states that this is the eleventh step to riches.   The subconscious mind is the link between the conscious mind and implementation of any ideas and plans.  Have you ever waked up in the middle of the night with the solution to a problem that you had been wrestling with all day?  It could be a person name that for the life of you, you could not remember.  When you laid your head down the subconscious took over.  The fact that you gave attention to that problem was enough acknowledgments for your mind to go to work on the solution.  I might not know how the subconscious mind works, but I know that I work.

I enter a room and turn on the light switch and the majority of the time the lights comes on.  The average person might not know how electricity but they are not going to go out their way to learn why.  They will continue to enjoy these illuminations in total unknowing bliss; the subconscious mind is just like that.  When we tap into our subconscious mind we don’t need to know exactly how it works.  The main requirement is that we must tap into it.  The subconscious mind is a link between your conscious mind and your desires.  It is a medium that we know a small fraction of how it works, but we get evidence of it everyday.  The operation of the subconscious mind is a mystery, but left to its own vices will take your plan, desire or purpose to fruition.

August 11, 2010

The Tenth Step to Riches is Sex Transmutation Per Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

My initial understanding of Napoleon Hill describing the tenth step to riches, Sex Transmutation, in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” has evolved into a deeper understanding.  It is proven fact that when you read a book over and over again you will get different nuggets from it.  “Think and Grow Rich” is one such book.  I have now read this concept about six times now and my understanding is deeper. Transmute is the changing or transferring of one element or form of energy into another.

Watch the video below to learn more about my initial impression:

YouTube Preview Image

I thought originally that the tenth step to riches of Sex Transmutation was about abstaining from sex and using that power to achieve your goals.  I have expanded my thinking to include harnessing that power achieving a higher plane and then attacking your endeavors with a renew concentration.  I think that these concepts are similar to long distance runners and marathoners who push their bodies beyond what the average person can do.  Runners get into what is called a zone where they feel they can run forever.  These runners achieve a level where speed and comfort are maximized.

The runner has to fight internally when they reach the “wall” where the desire to quit becomes stronger and stronger.  As a runner you have to go deep to overcome ultimate failure.  Willpower is easier said than done, but the ultimate reward is substantial.  The stronger your power to will yourself to the finish line the closer you will be to being successful.  Sex transmutation is an excellent example of having to get into that “zone” to combat something that is so natural.

Sexual expression is a natural part of your life and can never be destroyed.  The choice is either finding a constructive outlet for it or indulging in the purely physical aspect of it.  An animal becomes docile after their sex organs are castrated so imagine a man without this source of power.  A transmutation of this energy will help you in the long term when you have the power to overcome the will to indulge in sexual activity.

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June 21, 2010

How to Overcome The Fear of Loss to Succeed in Your Life, Business and Relationships

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Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich” discussed that the Fear of loss may derail you in your path to success.  This fear of loss can be detrimental to your business. They are always some degree of risk associated with every thing that you do.  When you are more worried about what you could possibly lose as oppose to gain, then you will not be successful.

Life gives us the opportunity to apply perfect theories to an imperfect world. If you go through life believing that success will come easy, then you are living in a fantasy world.  When you wear these blinders, then you will have great difficulty in seeing things the way there are actually.  If you continuously focus on loss, then you will lose sight of your goals and objectives. Some of the symptoms of this fear are low self-esteem and not acknowledging it.  Low self-esteem develops when you put someone ahead of your own success.

When you survive from low-esteem, then you are less prone to take changes in your life, business and relationships.  You must possess confidence in yourself that will allow you to take risks.  They are many different way to improve how you view yourself.  Personal development is a great way to improve your self esteem. When you continue to live in denial, your home based business will not succeed. Another symptom of this fear is not acknowledging it.

You may go through life ignoring it, but it is always just below the surface ready to explode.  If you ignore it, then it will go away but it never does because it takes different forms.  It may appear in the guise of you never take a chance in your life to be successful.  The key to defeating this symptom is by first acknowledging it. Acknowledge the fear of loss that you have within you. The good thing about fear is that you can outwit it before you become engulfed in the flames of failure.

The fear of loss may force you to become a person who you don’t even know. You can definitely defeat this fear and be successful in your life, business and relationship. If you feel that the system that you are using is all you need to generate riches, then it becomes reality. Feeling that you are missing something to increase your wealth is also valid. Controlling your mindset is a great way to overcome the fear of loss. Perseverance is the main determining factor that will help you overcome this fear.

June 8, 2010

Fear of Old Age May Stop You From Being The True You

The Fear of Old Age is a fear that encompasses most of the six major fears. The fear of criticism, fear of ill health and fear of dying are all symptoms of the Fear of Old Age. The Fear of Old Age has nothing to do with the level of success that you can achieve in business. Napoleon Hill writes about the six major fears in “Think and Grow Rich”. The other minor fears are all a subset of the six major ones. It is never too late to be successful in business no matter the age. When people become older society dictates that they should be a certain way. When you get older in our society you are expected to retire and travel the world.

They are some people that no matter the age there are always in the right mindset and are still parachuting out of a plane and don’t miss a beat. I am not discussing those people in this article I am talking about people who allow “old age” to interfere with them being the person that were always meant to be. These people as they are entering the era of “old age” might feel a combination of the six major fears. Your confidence might falter a little due to the fact that you might not be as active as you were a few years ago.

The fear of criticism might start to rear it ugly head, because now you might hear people say “you look good for your age”. You might tend to feel more self conscious about your physical appearance, sexual prowess and mental faculty. You are more concern about being ill health or diseases possible deteriorating your body. The older you get the closer that you feel you are to dying, so therefore you might not take as much chances as you did when you were younger. If you control your mindset all of these fears may be overcome. The opportunity to achieve the level of success that you want in your business of choice will open up. When you enter retirement it should because you want not, because you are expected or forced to retire.

The Fear of Old Age can defeated easily be being careful with the thoughts that manifest in your mind. You may have success at any age and any time period of your life. Our thought become our destiny; if you spend time thinking about death then guess what you will be that much closer to death. My grandma is eighty-nine years old and she sometimes makes me nervous when she speaks like if death is upon her. I would love her to live to at least a century, but I am obviously biased. If my grandma was not truly inflicted with illness I would love to know that if she wanted to be semi-retire and with the right attitude she would be able to do it. This fear has nothing to do with you continuing being a vibrant, contributing and outstanding member of society. Forget about it and live your life the way that you choose.

June 3, 2010

Reverse The Fear of Death And Use it to Succeed in Your Life, Business and Relationship

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The Fear of Death is the final major fear that Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill believed that this fear is the “cruelest of all the basic fears” because “we know not what to expect after death”. I look at the fear of death as a fear of living life to the fullest. If you are scared of living, then you would not try to succeed in your business. If you are fear death and keep your mind focused on it on a daily basis, then your desire to take risk will be gone. If you go through life not taking any chances, then your reward will be small and insignificant.

Napoleon Hill believed that “death will come, no matter what anyone may think about it”. Your fear of death is a useless emotion, so we should not be preoccupied with it. The time spent on this fear could be spent trying to figure out better ways to be more successful in your life, business and relationships. The fear of death encompasses all of the other major fears. As a human being we never know when death is coming so it is pointless to be consumed by it. It is a fear that you must choose to ignore and live your life. There are some occupations that fearing your death could be good or bad for you. Police officers who fear death could either over react or use this fear to make them a better officer.  A fire fighter runs into a burning building while the average person runs away from fire. What is it about fire fighters and police officers that they use fear to help people?

The reasons why might be unknown to us, but these fine men and women does the opposite everyday. We could relate these using fears of death to be successful in other areas of our lives.There are a number of reasons why we fail in business, both tangible and intangible in nature. We must control the things to the best of our abilities and let go of the ones we have no control over. Napoleon Hill consistently revisited the fact that our thoughts leads to our riches. We can control our thoughts and our reaction to any given situation.

The opportunity to expand your business requires that you have to fly to an island. When you get on an airplane to fly to another city, you are taking a risk. They say that you have a better chance of having a car accident, than a plane crashing. This is a situation where we can not control the flight, but we can control our thoughts. If you feel that you will crash on a plane, then you might let this opportunity slip right through your fingers. When the fear of death dictates your business decision, then you must overcome it. The best way to overcome it is to focus on living your life to the best of your ability.

May 30, 2010

You Must Never Allow The Fear of Criticism to Steal Your Dreams

The fear of criticism is a strong emotion that can bring a grown man to his knees. Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” listed this fear as one the six fears that cripples people from achieving success in life, relationship and business. Your sweaty palms and shaky knees may be overwhelming from doing something as simple as speaking in front of a crowd. This fear can be detrimental to anyone seeking success in business and cause them to reach only a fraction of their potential.

When you are in a crowd moving along with the masses in a non-descriptive mode you are great. Your name is the best thing that is bestowed upon you as a child. You love the sound of your name and you stand at attention when someone calls your name. Yet when someone calls your name to bring you out of the crowd and places you in a fish bowl the sweaty palms and beads of sweat rolling down your head makes you frightened. The fear of public speaking is only second to spiders in the top 10 phobias. Social phobias are the fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations.

A successful leader stricken with the fear of criticism would find it very difficult to succeed. A leader must be able to make decision about policy and not worry the negative chatter that might arise from it. You must overcome this fear if you are truly going to generate the riches that you want in your life. If Henry Ford was ever afflicted by this fear all he would have to do is push one button and have someone else’s take care of it. This method might only work for Henry Ford, but there are more practical and psychological ways to defeat the fear of criticism.

There are a number of simple and not so simple ways to overcome this fear. Three ways that you may use is to unlearn the fear is through therapy, Counter Conditioning and Behavioral Therapy. Counter Conditioning uses relaxation method to allow you to think of a better scenario that you are in as opposed to being on the stage in front of people speaking. We have all heard about the suggestion of imagining the people naked is a form of Behavioral Therapy.

The fear of criticism can do tangible and intangible damage to a person’s confidence and psyche. Tangible damage could be an inability to get on a public stage to talk to a group of people. Intangible damage might be stripping a person of their imagination, limiting individuality and destroying self reliance.  The fact remains that you must beat this fear to achieve success in your life, love, relationships and business.   The fear of Flying is the #3 phobias and once you get on the plane whether the plane crashes or not is beyond your control.  The fear of criticism is a fear that you do have control over.

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